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Beautiful manicure for every day

The faultless manicure for every day is meta each girl. An accurate and well-groomed marigold will always be the focus of attention irrespective of the fact which drawing or color is chosen for a daily image.

Daily manicure

Well-groomed nails became a peculiar business card of the person for a long time. On hands judge neatness, taste of the person, his sense of style and the attitude towards themselves. For this reason it is so important to look after hands and nails regularly. Independently to look after claws and skin round them each woman, and not so difficult to do it in house conditions can. However and it happens sometimes insufficiently – from time to time there is a wish that hands and design of nails supplemented directly all image, and also became an integral part of image.

Beautiful manicure for every day

The daily manicure is a special type of design of nails which will be pertinent in any situation. The main thing at its creation - not to allow the bright, shouting flowers and vulgar impression.

Long or short?

Eternal problem of modern girls. Fortunately, each person can afford claws "a la a female cat", and time for it will leave not so much – only 60 minutes in salon, and the manicure for every day is ready. But that is the problem: long nails – very disputable phenomenon. There is an opinion that most of men prefers short, but accurate nails, but not fingers with edges on the ends. Nevertheless, even long nails allow to make modest manicure for every day. The photo eloquently testifies what the even slightly extended nail plate can look rather modestly and harmoniously.

Beautiful manicure for every day

Short nails are not a reason for frustration. Modern technologies allow to create original design which can be at the same time both not striking, and creative. So, for example, shellac proved as fine alternative to artificial nail extension for a long time. Besides, this right decision which allows to create manicure for every day. Gel has no negative impact on a nail plate, and also allows to create unusual design for daily carrying.

Rules of faultless manicure

As it was already told, beautiful nails are well-groomed nails. Therefore first of all it is necessary to take care of beauty and an ukhozhennost of hands, and only then to dream about unusual design.

  1. To create beautiful manicure for every day, it is necessary to choose the correct shape of nails. The square form is now popular, however rather harmoniously it looks on long fingers. If ladies' fingers not so musical, it is better to give preference to an oval or almond-shaped form.
  2. It is necessary to delete unnecessary skin round a nail plate. There are some ways of disposal of a cuticle: by means of trays or the special means softening the coarsened skin.
  3. All claws have to be one length, differently the manicure for every day will look asymmetrically.

In addition, it is necessary to pick up correctly looking after means behind skin of hands. Wrinkled, coarsened or exposed to the wind, it will be that spoon of tar which will spoil faultless manicure for every day. The photo clearly demonstrates, the simplest design can be how refined.

Beautiful manicure for every day

Short, but very attractive

To create harmonious daily design of nails, it is necessary to adhere to some recommendations which will help to create rather beautiful manicure.

  • The volume design with a set of fine details will harmoniously not look on short nails. Laconic drawing in style feng shui (a decor only on a ring finger) – the optimum decision. All other claws have to be varnished neutral shades.
  • Drawing on a short marigold has to occupy no more than 1/3 parts of a nail plate. It is worth avoiding difficult geometrical patterns.
  • You shouldn't forget about magic of color. So, some shades are capable to extend a nail plate visually. If a nail in itself wide, you don't paint over in details its side edges – better to leave them without varnish. Vertical drawings will also help to make claws slightly more long.
  • Creating laconic design for daily carrying, it is better to be limited to two shades. Otherwise the simple manicure for every day will ridiculously look.

Ideal options for creation of not striking manicure are: a monophonic covering, a classical service jacket or a refined pattern on one finger.

Beautiful manicure for every day

All palette of color

The monophonic manicure is isn't always boring and banal. The present industry of fashion offers tremendous shades which will give odds to any molding on nails. Metal, opaque, an ombra and many other things are by means of modern varnishes it is possible though every week to flaunt with bright and unusual claws. Besides, you shouldn't forget about classical shades which allow to create refined manicure for every day.

The gel varnish which became popular in recent years reliably keeps on a nail plate, allows to perform freely any homework, and also not to worry for safety of nails.

French manicure

This design is many-sided and allows to create original variations which will be suitable and for daily carrying, and for secular action. The master the manikyurnykh of salons and creative girls create really unique masterpieces on nails based on the French manicure. Even the simple opaque covering is capable to bring a certain highlight in a usual service jacket.

Beautiful manicure for every day

This tendency enjoys popularity for several years. Experts claim that the French manicure will form a basis for creative flight of design thought for a long time.

Even the classical service jacket will become the optimum decision for those who was already tired to think out the most various options of creative design. Besides it is quite good idea which will allow to create classical manicure for every day.

You shouldn't forget as well about the last tendency of the French manicure – its lunar variation. Here it is already possible and to play on contrasts, and also to create original compositions which will emphasize identity and will become harmonious end directly all image.

The most fashionable and freshest shades of the current season

The classics is classics. It always remains in a trend. Therefore modern women of fashion can paint very quietly the nails in classical shades. Deep black color, all palette red and dullness of the white – safe decisions for daily manicure.

Beautiful manicure for every day

50 shades gray are not the name of the sensational movie and the book of the same name, it is a palette of fashionable shades of the current season.

Gentle and romantic girls can continue to paint the claws with pink and pastel tones – nobody will be able to reproach them with discrepancy to fashionable tendencies.

Whatever was the daily design of nails, it is necessary to be guided only by one rule – naturalness and an ukhozhennost. And all the rest is a matter of taste.