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Beautiful manicure on short nails: ideas + photo

For some reason by much it is thought that women have to have long nails. Therefore such wide circulation was gained by building procedure which very much harms to a natural nail plate. But much more esthetically and at all isn't less womanly the manicure executed on short nails, especially if to make it looks accurate, conforming to the simple rules.

There is a set of professions where to girls it is inconvenient or even is somewhat vulgar, to appear with the long increased nails where it will be more natural and more beautiful to look taking into account a situation manicure on short nails.

Short nails — it is convenient, practical and it is beautiful

Beautiful manicure on short nails: ideas + photo

Well-groomed short nails can become not your smaller ornament, than long "cat's claws". However pluses it is possible to count much more.

And it only some them them:

  • essential economy of money because it isn't necessary to spend many funds for regular campaigns to the master
  • full freedom in work or household chores
  • safety, after all you don't risk to tear stockings or incidentally to scratch whom - or

Besides, there is a set of types of manicure on short nails that will always allow you to look fashionably and fabulous.

Beautiful manicure on short nails: ideas + photo

Types of manicure

Beautiful manicure on short nails: ideas + photo

  • The dry
    Before this procedure it isn't necessary to kill fingers. It is necessary to process area round a nail plate special oil. To remove the softened cuticle with an orange stick. Then by means of a soft file to give the necessary form. To apply on a basic covering, then, at will, a color varnish.
  • The wet
    To prepare a tray with warm soap water. For 10 - 15 minutes to lower fingers there. Then accurately to cut off a cuticle nippers and slightly to process leather pumice. After procedure carefully to wipe hands and to grease them with the softening cream. Only after it it is possible to start a covering a varnish.
  • French (service jacket)
    The traditional look means a harmonious combination of gentle beige or pinkish shades to the white edge - "the line of a smile". Before to do it it is necessary to put nails in order and to give them the correct oval form. Further the main shade is applied on a surface, then the edge of a plate becomes covered by an opaque white varnish. After full drying become covered by a fixer.
  • The wedding
    At first it is necessary to put a marigold in order, to give them the correct roundish form. And further it is possible to take technology of a service jacket as a basis, having added it with elegant drawings, or already ready stickers. It is necessary to observe the main rule - the design has to be unostentatious and be combined with a dress.

Manicure on short nails

Beautiful manicure on short nails: ideas + photo

Step-by-step management

  • to remove a cuticle
  • carefully to degrease a surface
  • by means of a file (it is desirable, diamond or glass) to give the desirable form
  • to put a basic covering
  • accurately to cover with a color varnish
  • at desire to put drawing or to paste ready jewelry (pastes, pictures, fimo — fruit and so on)
  • to cover with a fixer
  • to wait for full drying

Ideas of manicure for short nails

Beautiful manicure on short nails: ideas + photo

  • Manicure with Ombre's effect.
    Represents unostentatious transition from one tone of a varnish to another: from dark to light, from one shade to another, more contrast. For this purpose nails become covered by primary color after which drying by means of a small sponge or a sponzh the second is put.
  • Manicure" Beverley - Hillz".
    Basis — nacreous varnishes of bright shades. The tone of a varnish, but approximately from one color scale is caused on each finger.
  • The flower
    The main covering after which drying the flower ornament is put is put (by means of a cliche and acrylic paints, either a needle or a special brush). Drawing is fixed by a transparent varnish.
  • The romantic
    Varnished a pastel shade, are decorated with images of hearts, rosettes, laces. Already ready stickers are most often used.
  • The graphic
    Design of nails on the basis of straight lines of black and white flowers: parallel, crossed, passing each other. A basis — a bright shade of a varnish, for example: orange, pink, blue.

Step-by-step instruction of fast manicure

It can be executed in 15 - 20 minutes.
Stage-by-stage sequence of actions:

  • to file a nail plate a nail file the movements directed to one party
  • to remove a cuticle a stick
  • to put a basis
  • to cover with a desirable shade of a varnish in one - two layers
  • to put a fixer

Beautiful manicure on short nails: ideas + photo

House manicure on short nails

Beautiful manicure on short nails: ideas + photo
The stylish and beautiful manicure can be made quickly in house conditions. Some councils which will help you to cope with this task easily:

  • In advance decide on a choice of a shape of nails. Best of all the classical oval form looks. It will be ideally suited for any length of fingers.
  • Soften a cuticle special oil then remove it.
  • Process all surface liquid for removal of a varnish without content of acetone.
  • Put a basic covering.
  • Cover with a color varnish.
  • Apply on a surface drawing by means of a brush or a toothpick.
  • Wait for drying of a pattern.
  • Cover with a transparent varnish.

The fashionable manicure is ready.

Basic rules of creation of faultless manicure.

  • It is necessary to delete a cuticle in time.
  • On fingers there shouldn't be agnails.
  • All nails should be made identical length.
  • It isn't necessary to do convex drawings on short nails — it will ridiculously look.
  • Visually the dark or bright varnish will help to extend nails.
  • Grease hands and a nail plate with the moisturizing cream more often — it will give them a well-groomed look.

Generally, short nails can quite look attractively and unusually. The main thing — not to forget to do accurate manicure in time.

Video how to make beautiful manicure on short nails