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Blue nails on hands, the reasons and treatment. Why nails become blue

Nail plates on hands can "tell" the skilled doctor everything about your state of health. Any changes from a form, emergence on them of impregnations, deepenings or strips indicate existence of various infectious and inflammatory processes in an organism. But to what blue nails on hands can testify?

Emergence of blue nails on hands is most often connected with various injuries. The blow or a bruise provokes developing of a hematoma under a nail plate, as leads to emergence of a cyanotic shade.

However if you weren't traumatized hands soon, the posineniye of a nail plate can occur for a blood-groove cause of infringement in fingers. Such phenomenon pathological processes in bodies respiratory and cardiovascular systems quite often provoke, emergence of atherosclerotic plaques, and also violation of exchange processes which is quite often observed at development of diabetes.

All these pathologies lead to damage of small vessels, result of that is the posineniye of nails on hands. In case in an organism there are the in exchange processes, at the person besides this symptom fragility of nail plates and dryness of skin round them can be also observed. Perhaps also emergence of agnails which cause to the person strong discomfort.

Blue nails on hands, the reasons and treatment. Why nails become blue

Remember that blue color of nails on hands is only a symptom of some violations in an organism. Therefore for a start it is worth finding out the level of your health and to eliminate all pathological processes. Only after that you will be able to return to the marigold attractive and healthy appearance.

And for this purpose it is necessary to address to the doctor and to pass a number of medical examinations to define the exact reason of emergence of this illness. Also don't postpone the solution of your problem as such symptom can indicate development of heart failure which, in a consequence, can lead to a heart attack or others to diseases from heart.

How to eliminate a blue shade on nails of hands?

If you were traumatized a nail, it is necessary to put a cold compress to it at once. It not only will reduce pain, but also to prevent emergence of a blue shade on a nail plate.

If the nail after all became blue color, it is necessary to address to the surgeon. He will make careful survey of the injured finger and will appoint to you the corresponding treatment. In certain cases procedure for removal of a nail plate can even be demanded. It isn't necessary to be afraid of it. It though painful, but quickly will relieve you of your problem. Besides on a place of removal of a nail plate the new healthy nail is shortly formed.

If cyanotic color of nails appeared at once on all fingers of hands, you need to go to the therapist, and it is even better to the cardiologist as such symptom already speaks about existence of pathologies which need urgent treatment. As soon as you complete a therapeutic course of treatment, color of nails has to be normalized independently.

Elimination of cyanotic color of nails on hands folk remedies

If at you it wasn't revealed pathologies and you didn't get any injuries which could lead to change of color of nails, most likely, the blue shade of nail plates appeared as a result of violation of local blood circulation.

Blue nails on hands, the reasons and treatment. Why nails become blue

To correct a situation, you can use some folk remedies, which directed on improvement of inflow and outflow of blood to fingers of hands.

  1. Trays for hands with sea salt not only stimulate blood circulation, but also promote strengthening and food of nails therefore they start growing better and get natural beautiful color. Simply to prepare a tray – it is necessary to stir 1 tsp of sea salt in a small amount of warm water and to keep hands in the received solution about 15 minutes.
  2. The contrast shower promotes improvement of local blood circulation and strengthening of walls of vessels. It is very simple to spend it at home – direct at first a stream of cold water on nails, wait a couple of minutes, and then sharply include hot water. And so serially change water temperature for 10-15 minutes.
  3. Massage with use of essential oil of a lavender also well influences blood circulation and promotes strengthening of nails. Drip to steam of drops of oil on a nail and start it rubbing until it completely is absorbed.

Why nails on hands become blue and how to deal with this problem, we already found out. However you remember that here health is about yours. Therefore don't experiment better, and ask for the help the qualified specialist.

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