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Bright manicure gel varnish

Bright manicure gel varnish

The beautiful and bright manicure is one of basic elements of a fashionable image. It is capable to place accents and it is fine to finish onions. Pledge of successful manicure is not only its design and color, but also durability. For this reason gel varnish is an excellent decision for stylish and practical women. To be in a trend, it is necessary to consider fashionable councils for creation of beautiful manicure gel varnish.

This year the bright manicure which combines the most various bright and at first sight even incongruous tone is very fashionable. The unusual manicure the gel varnish applied on a beautiful and well-groomed marigold is the key to success of any woman of fashion.

Now the most trend are such colors, as blue, claret, red, emerald, mustard, yellow, turquoise and many other bright shades.

Besides, some requirements gel varnish are imposed to manicure depending on length of nails. So, now in fashion not too long marigold. Stylists recommend to apply a bright covering of any of shades on short nails lilac, claret, violet and red. And these colors can be combined and combined. But the monophonic bright covering still remains in a trend.


This kind of manicure differs in the simplicity, but thus such drawing very beautifully and stylishly looks. For creation of lunar design it is only necessary to pick up two contrast gel varnish, and then by means of a special cliche to represent a semicircle at the basis of a nail plate, and other part of a nail needs to be covered in other color.

Very popularly to paint over a half moon at the basis white or another neutral in the color, and to paint over all remained space of a nail brighter shade.


The French manicure, the applied gel varnish can become the interesting and bright even. The service jacket is a skillful combination of both light, and bright shades. Though the classical French manicure means only coloring of the ends of nails, it doesn't exclude possibility of drawing on them the most various flowers and interesting drawings.

Such colors, as white, caramel, pink and even red, claret or orange perfectly will be suitable for french-manicure. Everything depends on on what event you plan to make this manicure.

On several marigold it is possible to represent interesting plots, for example, florets or hearts. Very favourably the classical French manicure with white tips and natural color of a nail plate if thus such manicure is raznoobrazhen bright accents, for example, beautiful patterns on several fingers which from above become covered with transparent gel looks. Very beautifully the service jacket looks with the image of bright volume roses and other flowers.

Besides, such manicure can be decorated with an interesting gold or silvery ornament, and also spangles or pastes, all depends only on your imagination.

The opaque

In this season very actually opaque gel covering. It can be combined skillfully with the most various patterns and drawings. Besides, the combination of both an opaque, and glossy layer very beautifully looks. The opaque varnish with a nacreous basis as is impossible by the way it is necessary to a beautiful evening image. By means of it it is possible to make up accurately nails in one tone, and thus such manicure won't look very simple, the main thing – truly to pick up color.

Very beautifully the opaque varnish in combination with a velvety ornament or a pattern, also with spangles of the same color looks. At such design the most part of nails becomes covered in one quite bright opaque tone, and one or two nails are decorated with beautiful, but not striking drawing of more imperceptible color.

The water

Covering gel varnish with a fashionable water pattern also very actually this year. Such manicure is quite bright and draws attention because each nail looks in own way originally and has a unique pattern which is created by means of beautiful bends and interlacings. This manicure can be made both in beauty shop, and in house conditions, having truly picked up combined tone gel varnish. As a rule, for such manicure shades blue, blue, violet and sometimes even are used pink or lilac flowers.

The nail plate can also be decorated with the beautiful waves, circles, scales, lines and other unusual patterns executed in equipment of water design.


Ombre is a type of manicure, very popular among women of all age, which represents a gradient, that is transition of shades on one nail. Masters stretch color on a nail plate, thus the result is very bewitching. For this purpose it is possible to use some different flowers one of which smoothly will pass into another, for example, a modulation lilac and blue, pink and beige, yellow and blue, violet and white and other interesting combinations. It is also possible to use one shade which on a marigold will be gradually clarified to a tip or to the basis of a nail plate.

Such manicure gel varnish looks very brightly and thus is reserved, it perfectly will be suitable for any solemn event. The main advantage of such manicure is that it is very universal and will approach practically under any clothes style.

The summer

Any summer design of nails has to include bright and extraordinary paints, and the most courageous and unusual combinations will approach even. Many girls at a covering of nails gel varnish for a summer season very often give preference to manicure with the image of bright and juicy fruit or berries. The water-melon segment, a cheesecake, a coco or pineapple will look very coquettishly and unusually. Such "tasty" design can lighten mood during a summer season and perfectly will be suitable for summer holiday. And such pictures can be represented as on light and unostentatious coverings of beige or pink tones, and on bright and defiant flowers gel varnish.

So, the combination of a gold background of a nail on which the juicy water-melon segment is represented very brightly looks. Such design of nails can also be added with bright and unusual pastes. Or water-melon manicure with a pink basis.

For those who wishes to represent bright fruit on a marigold, it is possible to pick up quieter, but not less bright option – the image of leaves in yellow and green shades. Such floristic print looks very beautifully, it is possible to add on one nail, besides leaves, some not striking florets, and it is possible to leave only leaflets. Such ornament can be independent part of manicure, and can supplement, for example, quiet French manicure or other option of a covering gel varnish.

Green color is especially actual during a summer season, it is perfectly combined with beachwear and any sundresses therefore it very opportunely is necessary to all women of fashion in summertime of year.

One more option of a bright pattern gel on a marigold are beautiful palm trees or drawings on sea subject. So, the image of a palm tree will allow to approach rest and will make your manicure more unusual and playful. Besides, it is possible to diversify a classical covering gel varnish with strips in sea style or cockleshells, anchors and other similar elements. It is possible even to represent the patterns reminding sea waves.

Such covering gel varnish with this pattern perfectly will be suitable for those who gathers in a holiday on a seashore. This manicure will perfectly lighten mood.

Very unusually the animal ornament on a marigold looks, it is quite bright both emphasizes thus manicure and finishes an image.

The leopard print is a choice of extravagant beauties which will be actual during any season. Besides, it is possible to represent on nails gel of beautiful butterflies with bright wings or gentle birdies. Such drawings diversify design of nails gel varnish, will make it brighter and attractive.

With pastes

Pastes were not always festive option of design of nails. They look very lovely and attract to themselves all eyes, being poured on the sun. This element of a decor on a marigold reminds precious pebbles.

Pastes are capable to make any manicure brighter and unusual. They can become a highlight of your design of nails and will help to finish perfectly an image.

Thus the main thing governed – not to use many paste as in this case the design can become too bright and tasteless. It is possible to use both standard transparent strazik, and color pebbles, and also their combinations. As a rule, when do manicure gel varnish with use a paste, at first choose design of nails which can be as a classical service jacket, as a monophonic covering or a gradient, and already then a marigold decorates with pastes. And it can be the most various combinations.

Besides, pastes are perfectly combined with gentle small beads or with volume patterns in the form of florets, butterflies and other unusual drawings. The transparent covering gel which fixes this element of a decor is finishing.

How to make bright manicure gel varnish you look in the following video.