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Fragile nails on hands: the reasons what to do, what vitamins aren't enough

Well-groomed and beautiful nails are a sign of wellbeing of the owner and his care of themselves. If they become rough, weak, both to men, and women it is the fact gives uncertainty in itself and testifies that in work of an organism there were failures. Fragile plates – a problem not only cosmetic and esthetic, but directly concerning health of the person therefore it is necessary to solve it immediately.

Fragile nails on hands: the reasons what to do, what vitamins aren't enough

The medicine carries such state to one of types of an onikhodistrofiya. Signs following:

  • dim color;
  • roughness;
  • stratifying of tips;
  • considerable delay of growth;
  • splitting of a plate on scales.

Of what the nail consists?

The plate consists of keratin horn scales skintight to each other. Between them water layers settle down, it is necessary for elasticity, adds gloss and pleasant color. Growth happens as follows: in the basis (a matriksa – the white half moon adjoining directly skin) there is a division of germinal cages which push out old forward. If between plates there are microgaps or cracks, it and leads to that nails break and exfoliate.

External factors:

  • Wrong equipment of manicure or pedicure.
  • Regular use of varnishes which contain formaldehydes.
  • Building.
  • Violation of technology of correction and removal of an artificial nail.
  • Use of liquid for removal of a varnish with acetone, cultivation of old varnishes by it.
  • Frequent use of alkaline means for cleaning without protection of hands gloves. It is characteristic for female housewives.
  • Injuries.
  • Regular long stay on cold or in the conditions of the lowered humidity.
  • Professional deformations. Are peculiar to musicians, especially guitarists and representatives of other professions who involve nail plates during the work.

Fragile nails on hands: the reasons what to do, what vitamins aren't enough

Internal factors:

  • One of the main reasons for fragile nails – unbalanced food. Occurs similar at shortage in food of protein, vitamins A, D, E, such microcells, as sulfur, phosphorus, selenium, magnesium, calcium.
  • Pathologies of endocrine system, zhelchevyvodyashchikh of ways, digestive tract or liver. At them there is the wrong distribution of microcells in an organism, the metabolism is broken.
  • Anemia.
  • Dermatological diseases at which the nail or the fabrics adjoining to it is surprised. It both a fungus, and red flat deprive, both eczema, and psoriasis.
  • Hormonal imbalance in an organism. It can be observed and at men, especially during the pubertatny period, but is more characteristic for women. Often meets in the period of a climax.
  • Pregnancy and feeding by breast milk. In these situations the priority in distribution of useful substances and microcells is given to the child.
  • Intoxication consequence harmful elements, especially heavy metals.

Besides these reasons both the depression, and addictions or nervous pathologies can cause such state: obkusyvaniye of plates, destruction of their integrity. It demands visit of the psychotherapist.

Fragile nails on hands: the reasons what to do, what vitamins aren't enough

What to do and than to treat?

If the person realizes that he has fragile unhealthy nails, any therapy has to begin with a campaign to the doctor. For a start it is necessary to visit the mycologist, the dermatologist. In certain cases consultation of the endocrinologist, gastroenterologist or immunologist is required. The expert will advise to make blood test – biochemical or on hormones that is most often actual not for men, and for women. If the reason in a disease of internals, it is necessary to treat first of all it.

1. Food normalization.

What was the reason of problems, treatment has to include food correction. It is obligatory to eat proteinaceous food regularly. This meat (it is more preferable to take white, fowl), dairy products (they, in the same, are rich with calcium), eggs, fish. Don't neglect also vegetable protein which contains in vegetables, and especially in lentil, peas, haricot.

If nails on hands break, it will be obvious to any expert that isn't enough for your organism: these are vitamins A and E, and also ascorbic acid. Regularly eat vegetables, fruit, berries, not refined vegetable oils.

Fragile nails on hands: the reasons what to do, what vitamins aren't enough

Cottage cheese as source of high-quality protein, the sesame rich with calcium, nuts and spinach which is desirable for eating in the raw are especially distinguished from a large number of products.

Shortage of vitamins and microcells isn't stopped at once. The considerable period of time after which the organism will be able to cope with the trouble reasons is required.

2. Vitamin complexes and bioadditives.

Any expert will advise to make the following: to go to a drugstore and to buy these or those vitamin preparations which it is necessary to accept houses regularly. Receipt of useful substances from food isn't so great to help if fragility of a marigold is strongly started therefore the medicamentous help will be required.

Treatment in house conditions

To put in order nails on hands and to eliminate the reason of their stratification really, rubbing in them nutritious cream. Often in their structure there are valuable oils and vitamins that will strengthen effect. In drugstores or specialized shops it is possible to get wax. They are quite good and more available alternative to similar saloon procedures.

Fragile nails on hands: the reasons what to do, what vitamins aren't enough

Replace habitual varnishes medical. They contain the growth activators strengthening and feeding components. Often they are used in the decorative purposes, independently doing themselves manicure.

Fragility of nails can be eliminated houses by means of special natural dirt. For this purpose the preparation bought in a drugstore is parted in warm it seems to a viscous state and do a compress on hands approximately for 15 minutes. Plates have to be completely closed by mix. To wash away in podsolyonny water, after to apply nutritious cream. Procedure is carried out daily within a week, after a 10-day break repeat treatment.

It is possible to care and by means of special trays. For this purpose in warm water dissolve couple of dining rooms it is false sea salt. Then it is necessary to make oil preparation: in a teaspoon of almond or apricot oil to dissolve couple of drops of the radio – Myrrha, a bergamot, a tea tree, a ylang-ylang, patchoulis, pines or a cedar. To dissolve the turned-out mix in water. To lower hands in a tray, to maintain from 20 to 30 minutes. Duration of procedure depends on that, nails on hands are how strongly injured. After with cream it is good to massage each finger. Treatment proceeds to an absolute recovery, its frequency – about 2 times a week.

Thin plates successfully recover putting curative oils. It can be sea-buckthorn or olive, coconut or almond, oil jojoba. Any of the chosen elixirs it is necessary to rub carefully as treatment in nails and the skin surrounding them for the night.

Fragile nails on hands: the reasons what to do, what vitamins aren't enough


To avoid trouble and to keep the hands well-groomed, it is necessary to adhere to the following rules:

  • To interact with aggressive means only in gloves.
  • To protect vulnerable and thin nails from a frost during the winter period.
  • To use ceramic or glass files. To process in one direction.
  • Cuticle scissors have to be sharp.
  • Buy qualitative varnishes. Before their drawing use protective equipment.
  • Fragility can be prevented a balanced diet.