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The daily manicure on short and long nails gel is delicious: photo and video instruction

The daily manicure on short and long nails gel is delicious: photo and video instruction The modern women watching the hands and nails don't need to visit beauty shops constantly now. It is possible to make beautiful and actual daily manicure quite simply in usual house conditions if in advance to acquire the necessary equipment and materials.

That it is necessary to have available to do effective daily manicure independently

To have opportunity to make independently shellac which can't almost be distinguished from created in beauty shop, it is necessary to buy in advance:

  1. A little color gel varnishes.
  2. Special structure which will improve properties of stickiness of a varnish with a nail surface, under the name "primer".
  3. Lamp for drying gel varnish.
  4. Liquid structure which will be required for elimination of a sticky layer.

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Step-by-step creation of manicure gel varnish

Before realizing the ideas and independently to create ideal design on nails, it is necessary to make the following:

  • to process the grown cuticles;
  • to straighten length of nails;
  • by means of the degreasing structure to process a surface of a nail plate.

Only after these procedures it is possible to start drawing gel varnish, accepting to attention of the recommendation of professionals:

  • by means of a baf it is necessary to eliminate luster and dust from a nail surface that the covering turned out more resistant;
  • the first layer is put with a primer;
  • the nail becomes covered by a basic covering which is surely dried under a lamp;
  • the color varnish is put, thus that shade which will be ideal for daily shellac gets out. If it is necessary to make gentle manicure, it is necessary to use pastel shades of varnishes, and for more saturated choose bright and juicy colors. The color covering is also dried under a lamp, put with a similar way the second layer;
  • it is necessary to try to put a color varnish with a thin layer that the covering seemed natural and accurate. Such shellac best of all will be suitable for everyday life;
  • it is necessary to apply a top covering on the dried-up gel varnish to give to manicure firmness and to add glossy gloss. The covering is also dried under a lamp.

This stage will become final in creation of usual manicure, but at desire it is possible to decorate the shellac made independently drawing or a pattern.


What ornament it is better to use for daily manicure

The daily manicure on short and long nails gel is delicious: photo and video instruction Certainly, just right substantially to decorate a pattern or an ornament with shellac, but here on what decision to stop if the manicure for everyday life is necessary, know the few.

First of all it is necessary to understand that patterns need to be chosen by several criteria:

  • seasonally;
  • suitable under clothes style or subject of the forthcoming celebration;
  • according to the temperament.

If the pattern in the form of a snowflake is applied on gel varnish during the summer period of year, hardly someone will tell that it is chosen with taste. And even if such pattern is the most fashionable, nevertheless it is worth waiting for cold weather approach, and only after that to start an embodiment of this idea in life.

Drawing has to correspond to subject of a holiday if for this purpose shellac is created, and to approach under the chosen clothes style. For example, if it is necessary to give to an image of playfulness, it is possible to apply on a surface of nails of amusing animation characters, using for this purpose special cliches.

It isn't less important to choose that color gel varnish which will be suitable for a concrete case, for example:

  • the light green covering will calm;
  • varnishes of a beige or brown shade it is simply pleasant to please eyes;
  • the gentle-blue basis will surely draw to itself attention.

When drawing daily manicure it is necessary to give the preference to quiet, pastel tones. If the covering is bright and saturated, it is quite difficult to choose under it the corresponding clothes. Also you shouldn't apply on shellac for everyday life drawing in a defiant color palette. In that case it is necessary to create such image which completely will correspond to them.

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We hope that this information will help everyone to make simple and actual shellac independently. And if in process there are difficulties, it is always possible to see the training lesson on the site which will be carried out by true professionals of the business.