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Daily manicure

Daily manicure

The beautiful daily manicure has to be the simply and elegant. It will allow to combine it practically with all dresses, beginning from classics and finishing with bright evening onions. For every day it isn't obligatory to do nails transparent or beige. About what styles now are in the world of a neyl-art and how to decorate the hands in everyday life, you learn from this article.


The main feature of such manicure consists that it has to be the simply and esthetically attractive.

The simple and stylish manicure will be suitable and for everyday life, and for work. In order that he fitted into any beautiful image, it is necessary to think over each its detail.


One of the most important points consists in a choice of color. Beautiful office image has to be added in the neutral flowers. Such shades will perfectly fit into any dresscode and in anybody won't cause negative reaction. Give preference to such light shades, as romantic bezh, different shades pink, white or nyudovy.

The business manicure can quite be added with easy patterns. Of course, drawings shouldn't be too bright. Also they shouldn't be too much. Choose something the simply and laconic that won't distract on itself a lot of attention.

Compliance to a type

The manicure has to as much as possible you approach. Consider the age, appearance and a kind of activity. If to you for forty or you have very strict requirements to appearance at work, try to select classical manicure. It has to belong and to a choice of flowers, and to features of a decor. The big space is provided to the young and liberated girls for experiments. Even your daily manicure can be far from classics.

Decorative elements

In daily manicure the stucco molding, bright pastes and other decorative elements obviously will be superfluous. Be limited to something simpler. The matter is that it has to maintain your daily duties. If you are often moved away without gloves, constantly you wash the dishes or you are engaged in another matters, all beautiful details will very quickly fly.

Ideas of design

Even this simple minimum can be beaten so that every time everything looked in a new way. There are many interesting ideas for every day which definitely deserve attention.

Glossy gloss

The most simple and available option of manicure both for the businesswoman, and for the housewife is a glossy shellac. It long keeps on nails and looks very stylishly. This option of manicure definitely idle time. For this purpose you can use all colors from the most different palettes. If you do it in house conditions, you will be pleased by speed and simplicity performed by.

Service jacket

The French manicure also perfectly is suitable for office or study also. He doesn't lose popularity which year in a row and equally looks good and on accurate short nails, and on the long. This type of a neyl-art doesn't need any additional jewelry and experiments with a color.


Rather favourably also the manicure with a beautiful gradient looks. Smooth transition from one color to another looks very stylishly if you are able to make everything accurately and not to mix shades.

Gel nails

If your purpose – to make manicure which will last most long, you can safely choose gel coverings. It is possible to make this manicure in any salon for an hour. Thus it will hold on all working week that is simply ideal for office worker or simply busy woman.

Fashionable tendencies

In the modern world there are many interesting novelties which can be used quietly in the image even if your clothes style strict and business. For a start let's consider, what types of manicure are now actual.

The European

The classical type of manicure provides use of tweezers or scissors for removal of a cuticle. Now the great popularity was received by not cut or European manicure. Its feature that for it special liquids which soften a cuticle are used and give the chance to move away her absolutely without serious consequences.

The hot

One more relative novelty – hot manicure. Now it gains popularity among women who aspire as it is possible to look after himself better. After all the similar manicure not only allows to give to the nails the necessary form, but also provides them good leaving.

Such manikyu it is good that before full procedure of a podpilivaniye of nails of a hand keep in a warm tray with special solution. It allows to soften and at the same time to feed them. So if you have fragile and thin nails, this procedure precisely will help you to improve a situation and to rescue them.

Spa manicure

Now in a trend also complex procedures of care of nails. In this case masks are applied on hands, them otmachivat in salt solutions or napityvat aromatic oils. The main plus consists here that procedure strengthens nails and provides a full manicuring. And it is possible to carry to minuses that procedure lasts long very much. As a rule, such leaving takes about two hours and not all can find on it time.

As for stylistic opening, in a trend now a color service jacket, newspaper manicure and unusual geometrical patterns. All this looks rather unusually if it is correct to combine different shades.

Well also the lunar manicure which became fashionable relatively recently looks. You can go counter to rules and for everyday life to make not holes, but a basis of a nail light. The hole in this case can be painted over in the dark color or to choose something quieter, for example, any pastel shade which will make your manicure the confidant to classics.

In summertime of year it is recommended to pay attention on traditional, but because not less beautiful flower prints and patterns, and also executed in sea subject. Every year even in such simple directions there are new opening. Pay attention to color scale – even idle time, and it would seem, the manicure used long ago will play new paints if you choose other palette of shades.

How to make in house conditions?

It is possible to find time for stylish manicure not everyone. Therefore many girls should cope with this task in house conditions. If you too do manicure of the house, you should know features of this procedure.

To make the most simple and modest manicure, you need to stock up with tools necessary for this purpose.

First of all it is two nail files. One of them will be necessary for correction of a shape of a nail, and the second - for polishing. It is also necessary to stock up with tweezers, nozhnichka and an orange stick for a cuticle. To make full-fledged manicure, get also softening creams and various means for care of a cuticle and skin of hands.

Also you, of course, won't do and without qualitative varnish and additional components for a decor. It can be strips for a service jacket or pastes for gentle accents. Now let's consider how to execute this graceful and simple manicure step by step.

That your stylish manicure really looked accurately, to you, first of all, it is necessary to remove a cuticle and to put a shape of nails in order. Then it is necessary to degrease a nail plate that the varnish laid down on it easier. Also surely to a podpoliruyta nails. The daily accurate manicure surely has to be the confidant to an ideal as here all shortcomings will be noticeable.

In an ideal before a color varnish it is necessary to apply some transparent base on a surface of nails. After that you pass to use of primary color. It needs to be done by extremely accurate movements in some strokes. So there will be no bald spots and the varnish will lay down an even and beautiful layer. If the shade seems to you too light or transparent strips are visible, it is necessary to put means in some layers.

After the main varnish completely dried out, it needs to be fixed. You put a special fixer or simple transparent gloss. So nails will seem glossy and refined. This layer too has to dry out within ten minutes.

Even if you do manicure in house conditions, but thus you carry out each step responsibly and correctly, it will hold on within several days, and even all week. Besides, you can use more expensive gel varnish which keeps several times more long.

If on a surface of nails there are small chips, always everything can be corrected by means of a new varnish coat.

Secrets of experts

Professional masters can execute simple manicure for every day for a short time. But if you have no huge number of time, they recommend in house conditions to choose something the maximum simple. If you try to execute difficult manicure and at you it will turn out nothing, you will be disappointed. Therefore don't try to keep up with trends and to do something difficult in house conditions. Better make accurate monophonic manicure. At desire it can be added with glossy effect, having forced to play new paints.

As for stylistic recommendations, professionals don't recommend to combine in one manicure many different flowers. A maximum of shades which can be combined in one manicure – three. Besides, for everyday life it is best of all to choose pastel tone.

If you look for any unusual design decisions, all the same you don't pass a side. The daily manicure anyway has to be more reserved, than wedding or created on some solemn occasion. Choose accurate simple patterns which don't draw to themselves attention. Professionals from the world of a neyl-art suggest to allocate also only one or several marigold with such accent. It will allow to make manicure more interesting, but thus not to overload an image.

One more council. If you work at office – decorate one of a marigold with a logo of the company. Such accent won't be too bright and will precisely please your employers.

The daily manicure shouldn't be boring and the simply. The main thing governed here – not to go too far. Choose pastel shades, simple lines and avoid a stucco molding, and every day the life you will look stylishly and is well-groomed.

You watch one of options of daily manicure in the following video.