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Children's manicure. How to make to the girl of 10, 11 and 12 years. A photo and councils" Manicure in house conditions

Children often want to be similar to the parents. Therefore no wonder that little girls from 10-12 years try to be painted, do a hair as it is done by mother. They too are engaged in nails, collecting varnishes or borrowing them from the mother's shelf. But children's manicure it isn't simple a covering of a marigold a varnish. It also compulsory hygienic procedure to which parents have to teach the children in house conditions.

In salons the children's manicure is suggested to be made often for a half of cost, but to be fond of campaigns to the master isn't necessary. It is better gradually to teach the child to be engaged in nails independently. For this purpose it is necessary not only to tell it as everything becomes, but also to show on own example, and also to present to the daughter all necessary.

Tools for children's manicure

Children's manicure. How to make to the girl of 10, 11 and 12 years. A photo and councils The children's manicure is done to both girls, and boys because nails grow at all. It is necessary to watch nails of the children from infantile age that the kid couldn't scratch himself and that under a marigold dirt didn't accumulate. In 10, 11 and 12 years it is already possible to train children of independence, to teach them to cut nails to itself. Usually the problem consists in the left hand (in the right – at lefthanders) because even not all adults easily cope with it.

That the child wasn't injured, itself can learn to do him children's manicure by means of nippers (on a photo 2 look are presented). It is a peculiar tool, to work with which it will be necessary to learn, but it is safer than cuticle scissors. Also in Children's manicure. How to make to the girl of 10, 11 and 12 years. A photo and councilsan arsenal 10-12 summer girls have to be also nail files. It is optional to buy polishings, because a children's marigold too thin and soft.

Structure of a children's marigold

In short children's nails there is a lot of water therefore they are so elastic. In 10, 11 and 12 years there is yet no hormonal reorganization of an organism therefore experts and advise to pay special attention to manicure in it age. From 14-15 years nails start becoming stronger, by 17 years it is possible to speak with confidence that the nail plate is completely created. Besides it, both the cuticle, and all okolonogtevy space therefore removal of a cuticle in house conditions and other manipulations becomes admissible becomes stronger (shellac, building, a varnish with spangles …).

Equipment of children's manicure

We already said that a marigold at children – thin and gentle. Their structure doesn't allow to do all manipulations intended for adults.

Don't do to the child of 11-12 years shellac or building at all! It will spoil a children's marigold at removal of materials. Besides the best decoration of the child – naturalness. To it to anything adult lotions of beauty.

That you in house conditions could make to the child beautiful and correct children's manicure on short nails without traumatizing his gentle skin, we will tell step by step as to carry out it. It is necessary to prepare the following materials and adaptations:

  • Antiseptics in the form of spray or simply boric alcohol;
  • Nippers;
  • Nail file;
  • Children's cream;
  • Orange stick;
  • Brush;
  • Liquid soap;
  • Tray with warm water;
  • Towel.

Sequence of performance:

  1. We keep the child's handles in a soap tray of 10 minutes, in parallel deleting dirt from under nails;
  2. We process the hands and the child's handles an anti-septic tank;
  3. We give to a marigold the form by means of nippers or a nail file, depending on length of nails;
  4. We delete with nippers agnails;
  5. We apply cream on handles and we do small massage to soften a cuticle;
  6. We remove a cuticle an orange stick (not to cut off and not to delete in the chemical way at all!);

Children's manicure. How to make to the girl of 10, 11 and 12 years. A photo and councils On it the boy can finish manicure. But girls in 10-11 years want to have not simply accurate marigold, but any beautiful design on them. You can prompt to the daughter options the most successful options of design on short nails (on a photo) that she independently didn't create on them something extravagant. We will consider how to make children's manicure and beautiful design in house conditions for the of 10, 11 or 12 summer daughters.

Design of nails for children

Depending on that, how many years to your daughter, it is possible to make or absolutely children's design on short nails with Children's manicure. How to make to the girl of 10, 11 and 12 years. A photo and councilsanimals or florets, or something more solid. Both options are presented in the article "Drawings for Beginners — simpler Does Not Happen": these are interesting and simple drawings with animals and the technician "a wet varnish", allowing to receive a beautiful pattern on short nails in style of abstraction.

And as a bonus we suggest you to make to the 11-year-old daughter in house conditions beautiful design under the name "Cream Cake". The step-by-step equipment is shown on a photo. Colors it is possible to use any: violet, blue, pink, orange, etc. But white for cream it is required surely. Also it will be required dots.

  1. We paint nails in one color;
  2. After drying approximately on a half we cover each nail with other varnish;
  3. We draw longitudinal strips (a photo 1);
  4. By white color we do "cream" (a photo 2);
  5. Dotsom we put cherry on a top of the cream mountain and we decorate it with color points, imitating confectionery sprinkling (a photo 3, 4).

Here such interesting, beautiful and appetizing design turned out at us in house conditions. The girl will be happy, and she will definitely not want to chew such manicure. Next time you can make by it a master class in performance of such drawing that the daughter could independently try to draw patterns on the nails.