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Coffee manicure

The improbable coffee manicure on the one hand is neutral and emphasizes severity and diligence of the owner, and with another shrouds in secret. It always draws to itself(himself) attention of people to charming fingers. Shades and ideas of coffee color a huge number, as tasty drinks in the menu of Starbucks. To pick up for itself suitable design, it is possible having seen a photo in our album.

Menu of flowers

Tone is ideally suited for a natural natural covering of nails. He impresses favourably and doesn't create any distances. Its palette is rather many-sided:

  • coffee with milk;
  • cappuccino;
  • dark color of grains.

And it is combined with the following tones:

The best ideas

The manicure of coffee color became very fashionable in 2017. Any girl with such design will look frostily, but is womanly. Universal color will approach every season and will be pertinent with clothes of any color and style. The strict suit, laconic expensive accessories and shoes court shoes will become ideal addition to nails.

If color seems too not striking, the covering can always be decorated with something interesnenky. Start up it will be:

  • spangles;
  • pastes;
  • holes;
  • gradient;
  • peas;
  • grains;
  • drawings;
  • patterns;
  • smooth geometry;
  • newspaper manicure;
  • the water;
  • the knitted.

As a top it is possible to choose an opaque and glossy surface. In both options female fingers look irresistibly.

The simplest that it is possible to execute on nails is an alternation of shades of coffee from dark to light.

Coffee manicure


Unusually easy manicure in coffee tones which irresistibly looks on fingers. For smooth transition it is necessary to use light and dark shades. The soft gradient from dark to light tone will create effect of a cappuccino when espresso connects to an air dairy skin.

Coffee frappuchino

The newspaper manicure on a color substrate of such shade looks especially invitingly. Idle time performed by coffee design of nails it is quite easy to make houses. It will require only newspaper cutting and any alcohol-containing means (it is possible to use acetone).

  • To prepare handles for work and to put a color substrate in 2 layers.
  • To lower a newspaper piece of paper by means of tweezers in alcohol-containing liquid approximately for 10 seconds. To allow to flow down excess liquid.
  • Accurately to press paper to a nail. It has to adjoin and not move down densely.
  • To take some seconds and slowly to remove tweezers.
  • To remove all errors with the brush moistened in a klinser.
  • To cover nails with a top.

Caramel latte

To execute design of nails of coffee color it is necessary to use some shades. It is possible to execute original drawing of coffee grains by means of a thin brush and color gel varnishes or to use a stemping with a thematic pattern.

  • To prepare nails for work. To degrease and cover with base.
  • To apply color gel of a varnish of a shade of coffee with milk in 2 layers and to dry.
  • For a stemping with a coffee pattern to apply a varnish of a dark brown shade on a plate.
  • On the dried color layer a special stamp to print drawing.
  • Dots or a toothpick to clean superfluous round a cuticle and lateral rollers.
  • To cover design with a top.

It is recommended to add any to this design hipsterskiye phrases:

  • coffee;
  • sweet;
  • cappuccino;
  • cup.

The technology of performance of coffee manicure can be seen on video. Favourite sweater

Such graceful and unusually cozy design from which blows as the real heat. On fingers it looks especially gently. Brown nails are decorated with various pleteniye and patterns. All that reminds internal knitting. Patterns are put by means of acrylic powder and a dots. On a photo the knitted coffee manicure looks very much home-style.

Coffee manicure