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Coral gel varnish

Coral gel varnish

Girls, not indifferent to own appearance, a condition of clothes, a hairdress and make-up, certainly, won't disregard the handles which always have to be well-groomed, to look womanly and it is attractive.

Coral gel varnish - an embodiment of style, a spontaneity and uniqueness will become the ideal assistant to women of fashion in creation of a stylish image with elegant manicure. This color never gets out of fashion, young girls and mature young ladies most often give preference to it.

Idea of coral manicure - in the following video.

Features and advantages

Emergence of a coral shade became possible thanks to successful connection together of pink and orange color. In the nature owners of such color are corals thanks to what the shade and received such original name.

The coral has a set of pluses, among which big variety of shades that allows to create unique and very beautiful designs of manicure. In addition:

  1. Saturated, summer color refreshes any dress and lightens mood, taking the first positions in the list of the most womanly and fashionable shades.
  2. Suits both swarty girls, and owners light and even pale skin.
  3. The coral will decorate with himself a marigold any is long. Even on a short nail plate it will advantageously look.
  4. The juicy shade is ideal for use by young nymphets and women of more mature age. Won't spoil itself appearance of girls of any status.
  5. Manicure of coral color call summer, as it rather bright and deep. However if it wants to apply this solar color on a marigold in cold time - why and isn't present, stylists, in turn, recommend strongly to dilute sad winter clothes with bright accents to which coral color belongs.
  6. The manicure of coral color will perfectly recover a daily image and will add the festive. In it there is a lot of charm and tenderness that some brides can't refuse from such gel varnish even in the most important day of the life. Such details in a duet reckon with scarlet roses as manifestation of excellent taste.

Color combinations

Despite of that coral color in itself very juicy and bright and, apparently, doesn't need additional accents, it is very easily combined with other flowers and shades, becoming even more expressive. Especially interesting options turn out in manicure. For example, the black-and-white classics with an impregnation of coral notes is considered safe. Creative persons will suit a solar combination of the yellow, coral with all shades.

That depth of coral color became more expressive, it is possible to try to add to manicure of the little gray.

On a festive event instead of it it is worth using a silver varnish. Fans of tenderness and not persistence surely will like the marigold decorated with a beige and coral pattern.

The combination of a coral and green color can seem to someone defiant and even a full besvkusitsa. However the similar decision will add new paints at image, will decorate it and will allocate from gray weight. The droplet of gold will give to manicure a note of a holiday and solemnity. Violet inserts will be also interesting.

Smartly a coral marigold with blue and even looks in the blue color. Such experiment, mad for someone, will successfully add onions for a cheerful party.

The best ideas

Coral color – ideal option for any image, time of day and a season. With its help it is possible to create the most improbable designs of manicure:


The sentimental shade will become a fine basis for French or lunar manicure in combination with white color. In addition, it is ideal for effect to an ombra on nails. Thanks to quiet tone any transition will turn out smooth and natural.


The subject of feminity, refinement and romanticism is opened well by drawings most often of white, red or claret color. For contrast it is possible to take a few black or brown lines. On a coral basis it is also possible to draw flowers, butterflies and laces.


It is possible to make out nails various rectangles, squares and rhombuses, crossing of lines. Such freakish drawings surely will be pleasant to the natures assured with themselves.


The real atmosphere of a holiday with coral design will become possible thanks to gold and silver spangles. One finger can be decorated with the poured parts, to make another monophonic and to alternate so all others of a finger. Flickering details of manicure fantastically look against fiery color! The size and a form of spangles can be different.


The layer of dark color with effect of cracking from under which the light basis is seen, is associated with opposition dark and light, is angry and kind. Very unusually, but it is original and beautiful!

Peas and strips

Simple and lovely drawing symbolizes youth and simplicity. Lines of the different direction as well as peas, will make design not such lusciously sugary, but very stylish.

Crimson color – the best option for dilution. It will become a fine additional detail of design, introducing manicure grace and refinement.

Technology of drawing

That a marigold pleased the owner and drew attention of people around, not only their color plays a role, but also correctness of drawing means for a decor. The technology of creation of manicure with the help gel varnish differs from work with usual means for a covering of a nail plate and implies the following stages:

  1. Carrying out hygienic manicure. Nails before a covering need to be cleared carefully, and if necessary to file and give the necessary form.
  2. By means of a lint-free napkin with the put degreasing and dehydrating means it is necessary to wipe nails, thereby deleting natural deposits (fat and dust), and also excessive moisture.
  3. Or inclined to a sloyeniye it is necessary to apply on soft nails a special bonder and to give it time for drying no more than 20 seconds.
  4. To cover nails with a thin layer of basic means under gel varnish. To sustain hands in the UF-lamp two minutes or in the LED device of only 30 seconds.
  5. The following stage - a covering color gel varnish. Polymerization of each layer makes 2 minutes in UF to a lamp and 30 seconds in the LED device. It is possible to remove a sticky layer from a background covering if color gel varnish badly lays down on a nail plate. This procedure can be done the dry gel brush or a dry napkin without pile moistened with liquid for removal of a sticky layer.
  6. The finishing step - drawing on a cuticle of oil for nails.