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Correction gel varnish

Correction gel varnish

The manicure with use gel varnish became the most demanded service offered in nail salons long ago. It is explained by a rich color palette and a variety of textures of gel varnishes, firmness and reliability of a covering, nails don't look thick and artificial, as when building. With the help gel varnish it is possible to execute practically any design. However, when the nail grows and there is a free space near a cuticle, it looks not too attractively. Then procedure, called "correction" comes to the rescue.

That it for procedure

For a start we will specify that such gel varnish. Gel varnish is called a hybrid form of nail varnish and gel. Unlike a usual varnish covering, gel varnish isn't erased from nails because of external influences (for example, washing of ware or cleaning of the apartment), has a dense uniform covering and keeps on nail plates very long (about 4 weeks). Its drying is made in a UV lamp.

With use gel varnish is meant correction of manicure procedure of full or partial updating of a decorative covering of the nail plate, and also performance of work for removal an agnail which grew cuticles and to formation of optimum length and a form of free edge of a nail.

Frequency of carrying out correction depends on the speed of growth of a marigold.


Depending on a condition of a covering, there are two ways of carrying out correctional works on the nail plates covered gel varnish:

  • Without removal of a covering

Such way is chosen usually by girls with the accelerated growth of nails when a covering still absolutely whole, but empty seat near a cuticle is evident and there are a wish to correct this defect. In this case it is possible to leave old gel varnish on a nail, to make manicure and to correct a covering by filling with a new layer gel varnish of "naked" space.

  • Full with change of color

This type of correctional works suits those who doesn't wish to go long with the same color and design on nails. Gel varnish is completely removed, carried out all range of works on performance of manicure and to drawing a new covering.

Advantages and shortcomings of each procedure

What type of correction to choose, of course, to solve only to you. However it is important to know, what pluses and minuses each procedure possesses:

  • Indisputable advantage of manicure without removal of a covering is the essential saving of time. Especially it important to young mummies and women with a busy operating schedule. Cost of such correction lower. Minus is that color remains the same, there is no variety.
  • Full replacement of a covering is good that every time you will go with in the new actual color, you will be able to change a form of free edge of a nail and to try unusual design. It is possible to carry duration of procedure and rather high cost to shortcomings of such way.

Necessary tools

To carry out correction procedure gel varnish in the presence of the corresponding equipment and skills not difficult even in house conditions. However don't forget that when finding a workplace at home you have to be sure of observance of all sanitary and hygienic norms, tools for reusable use are obliged to pass heat treatment in a sukhozharovy case, hands of the master and the client – to be processed by antiseptic solution. In order to avoid a large amount of dust from cut gel varnish it is necessary to get the special desktop vacuum cleaner. Will also be necessary for performance of correctional works:

  • Nail nail files of various degree of abrasivity;
  • Baf-polirovshchik;
  • The basic strengthening covering;
  • Gel varnishes of various flowers;
  • Finish gel;
  • Lint-free napkins;
  • Liquid for removal gel varnish;
  • Foil;
  • Primer (it is best of all acid-free);
  • Liquid for removal of a dispersive layer;
  • UV lamp;
  • The machine for processing of nails + various mills to it;
  • Brush for dust swipe;
  • Scissors or tweezers for manicure;
  • Pusher or disposable wooden sticks, also presence of the proofreader for gel varnish with a silicone nozzle is desirable;
  • Oil for a cuticle.

Step-by-step instruction

Now let's understand how to carry out this or that type of correction of manicure about gel varnish. We will begin, perhaps, with the procedure which isn't demanding removal and replacement of a covering:

  • Previously process handles an anti-septic tank. It is very convenient to use means in the form of spray;
  • By means of a pusher or a wooden stick accurately remove a cuticle, remove it with nozhnichka, tweezers or the device;
  • Give the beautiful form to free edge of a nail, you watch that all marigold was one length;
  • Take a krupnoabrazivny file and remove the top (finishing) layer gel varnish;
  • Moisten a napkin in means for removal of a dispersive layer, clean the formed dust from a nail and round it;
  • Degrease the grown area;
  • For the best coupling of material with a surface of a nail drip on it to steam of drops of an acid-free primer;
  • Apply gel base, dry it in a lamp;
  • Accurately apply gel varnish on the grown part, also send for drying in a lamp;
  • Now cover gel varnish all nail in 2-3 layers, each of which surely dries in an ultraviolet;
  • Put the finish, dry, remove a dispersive layer;
  • Process cuticle area special nutritious oil.

And now we will step by step investigate process of performance of correction of nails with full replacement of a covering:

  • As well as in the previous case, first of all we carry out sanitary processing of hands by means of antiseptic solution;
  • Further we take a napkin and we cut it on 10 parts so that it turned out 10 small squares or treugolnichok of the size of a nail. Each of these slices we impregnate with liquid for removal gel varnish, we impose them on a marigold and we turn in a foil. A waiting time – 10 minutes. After this time accurately we develop fingers and we delete the remains gel varnish by means of a pusher;
  • If you for any reasons don't wish to remove a covering in such a way, it is possible to cut simply accurately it the device for manicure or a krupnoabrazivny file;
  • After removal gel varnish we do manicure: we remove and cut off a cuticle, we process lateral faces of a nail, we give the form to free edge, we level length;
  • We polish a marigold bafy, we shake dust a brush;
  • We cause the strengthening base, forming architecture of a nail plate, we seal free edge;
  • We dry in a lamp;
  • We put 2-3 layers of a color covering, surely we dry each of which;
  • We put the finish gel, we dry, we clean a sticky layer;
  • We process cuticles and side edges of a nail special nutritious oil.

How to disguise the grown nails

However not all have time and desire too often to visit manikyurny salon and to correct a covering. But the grown marigold isn't pleasing to the eye any more, places near a cuticle look not esthetically, and the glossy surface fades over time. The situation wants to be corrected. There are some layfkhak which will help you to hide these defects and to reach the next correction with a decent marigold:

  • Initially transparent covering with dressing only of a tip of a nail or performance of the French manicure with the camouflaging basis most coinciding on color with a shade of your nail plate will be one of the best options, perhaps. When such manicure grows, the area of a cuticle won't be evident too;
  • Lunar manicure. Cunning consists in coloring of the grown part of a nail a usual varnish with giving of this area of a beautiful form of a half moon. It is also possible to cover this zone with transparent enamel for nails and to fill up it with spangles – it will turn out it is very modern and it is fashionable;
  • If you often resort to shifts on masking of the grown marigold with put gel varnish, get some qualitative nail varnishes of basic flowers, with a dense uniform covering. With their help you will be able to paint over completely available shade and to go, without updating, about 2 weeks in a row;
  • One more interesting option: paste over the grown area near a cuticle with special pastes or bulyonka for nails. It is possible to record them by means of a transparent varnish.

So, we understood in what correction of manicure with use gel varnish consists.

The most important that you have to remember, carrying out such procedure is an accuracy, attentiveness, sterility of tools and purity on a workplace. With practice you will easily improve the technology of performance of different types of manicure and learn to do it quickly and qualitatively. Modern materials and tools will facilitate to you this task.

Don't forget to look after a cuticle. You apply nutritious oil for the night, process hands the moisturizing cream in the afternoon. When you carry out manicure, you don't seek to cut off a cuticle as it is possible more strongly – so you will be able to wound it and to bring an infection. Don't press tools too strongly at the nail basis in order to avoid traumatizing a nail plate and emergence of a bugristost. You watch that artificial materials (base, the finish, gel varnish, a usual varnish) didn't get on a cuticle and didn't flow on lateral faces round a nail bed. If it occurred, accurately clean a product a stick before sending for polymerization to a lamp.

How to make correction gel varnish, you learn from the following video.