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Deformation of nails on hands: types, reasons, treatment methods

The wavy and deformed nails on hands bring many unpleasant feelings, especially to women when those cover nails with a bright varnish. Such condition of nails is called an onikhodistrofiya, and by the reasons causing this problem rather serious. Very often people try to eliminate deformation of nails in beauty shops, asking for the help manicure, but without examination and elimination of the reasons of deformation it isn't possible to fix such nails.

Types of deformation of nails on hands

Deformation of nails on hands can look differently, and is generally shown as follows:

  • On nails there can be longitudinal grooves or combs which are located equal ranks and remind a wave.
  • On nails small concavity can be formed, and the nail thus starts reminding a spoon.
  • On nails there are rollers on both parties which are a little raised, and the middle of a nail is thickened and extends. Thus, nails get unnaturally big sizes and a form.
  • On nails there can be cross grooves which pass odes of one edge of a nail to another.
  • Nails can exfoliate and crumble, and also appear impregnations, an ischerchennost and spots.

Reasons of emergence of deformation of nails

Deformation of nails on hands: types, reasons, treatment methods Deformation of nails on hands, as a rule, appears on all nails, but most often becomes noticeable at first on a hand thumb as the nail on this finger is more than the others. In the presence of deformation of nails on hands of the reason are as follows:

  • Almost in half of all cases of deformation fungal diseases of nails are the reason. Infection with a fungus can easily occur in the same beauty shops, at communication with the person infected with a fungus and so on.
  • The injury of nails at the wrong trimming of a cuticle can become other reason of deformation. In these cases process of food of nails and their growth is broken.
  • If nails are injured by bruises or a jamming, soon they can be also deformed. Thus the trauma can be not the nail, but a nail bed.
  • Chronic diseases of lungs, hearts, a thyroid gland, joints can become the reason of deformation. It is important to find the reason in these cases and to eliminate it as any therapeutic measures for correction of a shape of nails will be useless.
  • Skin diseases which treat eczema, psoriasis, red flat deprive, can also become the reason for deformation of nails.
  • Interaction with chemicals, acids, alkalis and other harmful substances too can cause change of a shape of nails and their structure.

What to do at deformation of nails?

Of course, nobody wants to have wavy or rough nails as long since on nails judged health and a state of health of their owner. But treatment of nails can be tightened for months as in the course of therapy it is necessary to wait, the new and healthy nail won't grow yet. Therefore it is necessary to stock up with patience and to carry out all procedures accurately and in due time.

Treatment of deformation of a nail needs to be begun with identification of the reason, then therapy will be purposeful and effective. For this purpose it is necessary to address to the expert, to pass full inspection and to establish the reason. So, for example, for treatment for a fungus or other bacteria it will be required special antifungal preparations or antibiotics.

Treatment of chronic diseases too will demand a lot of time, but healthy and beautiful nails are worth it! And of course, it is necessary to know how it is correct to look after nails. For this purpose it is necessary to ask for the help professional manicurists and to do this procedure several times until nails begin to grow correctly. In house conditions it is possible to carry out dry or not cut manicure.
Deformation of nails on hands: types, reasons, treatment methods
That hands and nails didn't suffer from influence of harmful chemical compounds, in operating time it is necessary to put on special protective gloves which can be from cotton or latex.

Besides, nails need nutrients which can strengthen their growth. Minerals (calcium, sulfur, silicon, iron), vitamins (With, And, In, E), fatty acids and proteins belong to such substances.

In certain cases it is enough to diversify food and the diet to fill up it with necessary and useful components. For this purpose it is enough know, what food contain most of all necessary vitamins and other nutrients. So, for example, such products as meat, fish, vegetable marrows, cabbage, bilberry and other fruit can be a source of iron.

Happens and so that it can be insufficiently, and then it is necessary to add mineral and vitamin complexes, and also an omega and amino acids to a diet. Special additives to a diet need to be applied it is long, for several months as on average completely new nail grows in 50-60 days.

What it is possible to make for nails in house conditions?

Deformation of nails on hands is well eliminated and in house conditions when not only correctly look after nails, but also do them massage, medical trays and other local procedures. All these ways improve blood circulation in a cuticle and provide growth of nails. It is possible to add sea salt, soda, essential oils to trays. Good means for growth of nails are national recipes of broths and tinctures from medicative herbs. The camomile, a sage, a yarrow, and also such medical products as a lemon, honey and olive oil concern to them.

Nails can be covered from above with special medical varnishes and other basic means that will allow to protect them from injuries and other defeats. It is possible to choose from varnishes at what not too bright color and texture. Opaque varnishes of pastel tones well will be suitable for this purpose. For the period of treatment bright varnishes aren't recommended to be put as they only mark out defects, but don't hide them.

That it isn't necessary to do at deformation of nails?

  • Very often women try to hide the deformed nails not only under a thick varnish coat, but also go for such treatment as artificial nail extension. Unfortunately, this procedure is absolutely useless for health of nails as doesn't eliminate the reasons of emergence and has no medical effect. The chemical burn is only capable to aggravate with means for nail extension a problem.
  • To try it is correct to cut off a cuticle and to look after nails. For a start it is possible to undergo some procedures in beauty shop, and then to get advice and the simple instruction on care of nails at the professional. Only after you were convinced that you do everything correctly, it is possible to pass to dry or not cut manicure with the hands.
  • To polish nails, trying to hide such actions defect and to level nails. This procedure can be carried out by soft files no more than 1 time a month. The deformation reason isn't found yet, this procedure is absolutely useless, and at frequent execution also harmful to nails.

Thus, deformation of nails is anything other, as reflection of health of our organism and extent of care of them. The correct and careful leaving, and also care of the health will help to eliminate deformation over time and to return to nails a healthy and beautiful look.