Women's magazine » Hand care » Design claret gel varnish (39 photos): manicure of wine-colored nails and combination to spangles

Design claret gel varnish (39 photos): manicure of wine-colored nails and combination to spangles

Design claret gel varnish (39 photos): manicure of wine-colored nails and combination to spangles

Claret gel varnish possesses rich to saturated shades and excellently supplements an image of the woman. It is difficult to call this shade daily, however even in a strict business image of a Bordeaux looks pertinently. The design of manicure with one of the most actual shades of the red can be a miscellaneous: from a classical monophonic glossy covering to difficult with decorative elements or complementary colors.

Difficult color obliges to qualitative manicure and an accurate shape of nails.

Thus length of a plate of a big role doesn't play: claret well looks on long nails and on the short. It is worth meaning that classical reserved gel varnish well looks on a short marigold, allowing the woman to look worthy and at a business meeting, and at a party or at restaurant.

Option of claret design - in the following video.


Among features claret gel-nail varnish can be emitted some points:

  • Saturated deep color demands ideal manicure without cuticle, cracks and other imperfections. Any of them will "be evident".
  • It is more difficult to work with a pigment: he demands ideal lines and doesn't suffer blots. The master, the working gel varnish of a claret shade, has to possess accuracy and attentiveness.
  • The claret differs on shades from light to dark, almost black.
  • Shades of a Bordeaux can be combined among themselves in the uniform concept of manicure.
  • That the similar manicure didn't look defiant, it is worth giving preference to a squared short marigold or long, but rounded off or pointed.
  • Combinations to 1-2 other shades, for example, gold will help to diversify monophonic design.
  • The saturated shade demands timely updating of manicure – it is recommended to carry it no more than 2 weeks, differently female hands become less tidy because of the grown marigold.

Claret color can be put near classical red and beige.

It is universal at the correct drawing and carrying, at a reserved shape of a nail and in its combination to image of the woman in general. Color is unique that is combined with many other basic shades and harmoniously looks with similar red tones. The only minus of this color is what it is necessary to put it strictly on a nail contour, without coming out of limits as even the slightest blot right there is seen as if a dirty spot.


  • The claret French manicure is combined with a squared short marigold and a plate of average length provided that nyudovy color will become the basic. If nails long, it is possible to use transparent gel varnish in a basis, and to process tips the claret: classical glossy, opaque and even with spangles. The interesting design means use of a saturated shade in combination with gold.

Claret as a service jacket basis – fine idea of design on short nails. The second shade can be light or dark – here rules aren't present, only the imagination of the master works.

  • The lunar type of design became new classics and has a great number of fans. Such manicure usually consists of 2 shades, for example, the main claret and golden or beige for holes. Holes can be a traditional oval form or triangular, extended. Thin decorative tapes, pastes, beads will help to diversify design.
  • If to add brilliant pebbles to a claret shade, it is possible to receive a magnificent combination. Thus it is impossible to go to far and glue pseudo-diamonds on each nail – be limited two, at most, to three fingers.
  • The opaque. Claret color can be completely deprived of glossy gloss and have velvety texture. Such manicure will become relevant to strictly office style and doesn't demand an additional decor. To diversify design, it is possible to combine an opaque shade and luster in uniform design, for example, to cover two nails on anonymous and average fingers with an opaque Bordeaux, to impose luster on the others.
  • Gradient. The design with a reddish shade can be transitional from claret to black, green, beige, white, pink and even yellow. The choice of other shades depends on preference of the woman and her courage as design "gradient" will be noticeable unambiguously.
  • Mixture of a decor. In one design of manicure some technician can be combined. For example, one-two fingers can be issued in style of lunar manicure, one more – in style of marble (with white, silvery or golden color). Or to combine a service jacket, pastes. The geometry on one finger, gold – on other will become actual.
  • Geometry. This trend is especially actual in this season in spite of the fact that for the first time appeared at the end of last year. Claret to be combined with geometry in neyl-design, for example, the emphasis can be placed on anonymous, index fingers, having added drawing a zigzag, a square, a rectangle on a transparent basis there.

Ideas of design of manicure with claret color are so various that allow to create the whole masterpieces, including reserved and suitable for every day.

It is possible to choose this shade for the main or to combine it with others, to choose it for registration of each nail or several separate. Claret it is possible to create drawings or to do a service jacket, thus it is unimportant, there will be a color glossy, opaque, nacreous or with spangles.


Claret well is in harmony practically with all palette, but the most successful combinations are:

  • The black;
  • The gold;
  • The yellow;
  • The white;
  • The violet;
  • The gray;
  • Combination to spangles;
  • The transparent;
  • Beige and any nyudovy.

Length and shape of nails

How the pigment will look on female handles depends on this parameter. Masters advise to choose a natural form of a nail plate (it is created in a finger form) for short nails and average length. Especially harmoniously claret looks on accurate, small length. The form thus can be strict rectangular without the expressed rotundities.

The ideal combination claret and rectangular short nails is a daily style, a format for office or an official style of life, also for a holiday and a celebration. The saturated shade won't be evident and cause bewilderment of reserved colleagues, on the contrary, the similar manicure will cause respect of people around.

With an average length of nails of the master recommend to give to nails the same rectangular shape or to remain with natural.

Experts advise to choose manicure a service jacket, lunar, to place emphasis on interesting design (a combination of flowers, textures, use of a decorative tape, geometrical drawing) and to avoid a monophonic covering.

Long nails are obliged to have the form sustained in ideal proportions. Well the Bordeaux on the rounded-off sharp nails looks – fingers look longer and more graceful, despite a dark shade gel varnish.


The aristocratic claret shade is presented in the Beauty Choice "Royal Mood" brand, thus tone of one color in a line of brand differ from each other: garnet, dark and claret, with magic red tone. It is possible to find in TNL claret with spangles or the same shade with pearl outflow. In the PATRISA NAIL "Jewels" set there is a Cat's Eye gel varnish with a nacreous modulation, the similar effect can be found and at TNL.

Classical claret gel varnish meets in palettes Masura, CosmoLac, Shellac CND, Kodi Professional, Bluesky and others.

Ideas of manicure

Take as a basis saturated claret with glossy gloss: distribute a varnish on all marigold a uniform covering, except several fingers. They will have excellent design, and for creation of drawing it is required to create snow-white a basis a dense uniform covering gel varnish. On a white background it is possible to draw patterns or flowers with a thin brush of golden color.

Interesting idea – a combination claret with gentle pink (any other shade nyud will approach). Apply a classical monophonic covering on all fingers, except average and anonymous – them cover with a light shade gel varnish in 2 layers. After the covering dries, draw with a contrast color (black, claret, gray) geometrical drawing.

Use of claret color in drawing on nails will become original idea.

Cover plates transparent or light gel varnish, at an end face of each nail represent cherry or sweet cherry of a saturated claret shade. To give to naturalness fruit, don't forget to issue some berry a contour and to add thin branches.

The unusual gradient means transition from transparent gel to saturated claret, combine design with the yellow – this shade arrange in the middle of a nail and choose a non-standard covering with spangles.


  • Before drawing a pigment take care of qualitative base without chips, grooves and cracks as claret color demands an ideal smooth basis, differently all shortcomings will be reflected in a plate surface;
  • It is good if the nail is issued on special technology of restoration of a form: ask the master to create anatomic the correct form of a nail plate, to create a small hillock on a surface and to correct a zone near rollers;
  • Surely fix gel varnish a top covering which will add glossy gloss to a surface of a nail and uniform texture;
  • Update claret manicure gel varnish no later than in 2 weeks of carrying. The grown roots look slovenly, in combination with such sated with a shade they are evident even more;
  • It is optional to do design of manicure in one tone, on several nails it is possible to draw patterns or to use a decorative tape, pastes, stones as pearls. Claret it is well combined with all decor and especially magnificently looks with gold;
  • The nails covered claret gel varnish don't need additional leaving, but we recommend will take care of a cuticle and daily to humidify it.