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Diagnostics on nails of fingers of hands and feet

The modern medicine is capable to notice deviations in health of the person, not only relying on numerous researches and analyses, but also looking at a condition of his nails as on hands, and feet.

Diagnostics was hit the birth on Tibet on nails and in Ancient China. Doctors could make the diagnosis on color, a form of nail plates, and to make it at an early stage when therapy yields the best result. If to consider serious check, within its powers only to the real experts, but even is available to the simple person diagnostics on nails of fingers of hands if to know some indicators. We will also talk about it in our article.

How fingers on hands are tied with internals?

For a long time it is known that, for example, on auricles, feet, hands there are projections of all internals. Each finger of a hand is also tied with one or several, for example:

  • The thumb on a hand is tied with a brain.
  • The index - with respiratory system, is more with lungs.
  • Average - with a small intestine.
  • The ring finger has communication with kidneys.
  • Little finger - with work of heart.

For this reason, looking at a condition of nails on different fingers of a hand and their general appearance, it is possible to tell about some deviations in health of the person.

Nail plate at the healthy person

Life of a nail begins in a matriksa, it is invisible, but the most important part of a nail which is at the basis of a nail plate under the roller. If the nail represents already become horny education, matriks is a living tissue, solid proteinaceous polymer also is formed of its cages. Diagnostics on nails of fingers of hands and feet

Depends on a condition of a matriks not only a shape of a nail, but also its growth, structure, even thickness. Striking distinction between nails at different people is explained it by time.

That diagnostics on nails of fingers was more reliable and truthful, it is necessary to know how the healthy nail plate has to look. Here some distinctive signs:

  • Nail of pink color and almost transparent.
  • The nail plate equal, has no roughnesses. Can be opaque or a little brilliant.
  • The shape of a nail has the correct outlines, and smooth edges.
  • Communication between a nail plate and lateral rollers shouldn't be broken.

If you noticed some aberrations, it is better that diagnostics on nails was carried out by the competent expert – onikhology. Onikhologiya is a science which just and is engaged in diagnostics of a normal or pathological state of nails.

About what can tell a nail?

We many times hear that the internal state of an organism is reflected in our skin, but, it appears that there is a diagnosis of diseases on nails of hands which arose in Tibet.

Looking at a condition of nails, it is possible to define the beginning problems with health. All heard that eyes is a window to the soul of the person, and nails – health indicators. Some consider that if nails exfoliate, have white spots, too fragile, it either features or the wrong leaving provoked such manifestations. But quite often it is the first signal that in an organism something not as it should be.

Let's understand, what signals of malfunctions nail plates can give.

Color of a nail and illness

We will begin with color of a nail. It is known that in norm the healthy person has to have it pinkish color opaque or with small gloss. But in the presence of pathologies color of plates will be another:

  • If the nail too pale, can tell it about a lack of hemoglobin of blood, diabetes or a long stressful state.
  • At unnaturally white color of nails it is possible to suspect diseases of blood or a liver, for example, hepatitis or an anemia.
  • If the part of a nail has pink color, and another - white, it signals about problems with kidneys.
  • It is possible to see sometimes the white strips on a nail located lengthways, it can speak about diseases of heart, kidneys or a liver.

Diagnostics on nails of fingers of hands and feet

  • At patients with problems in respiratory system or violations in blood circulation nails can have a bluish shade.
  • Black strips testify to problems in cardiovascular system.
  • If on nails there were red-brown spots, most likely in a diet there is no vitamin C, folic acid.
  • Flavovirent nail plates can be a symptom of an infection in an organism.
  • The yellow nail plate speaks about pulmonary diseases, a liver.

If your nails began to change the habitual healthy color to any another or there were spots, it is an occasion to visit the doctor.

Nails and food

Diagnostics on hands can determine shortage of vitamins and microcells in a diet of the person by nails. First of all any changes in appearance of nails can signal about a lack of protein of food.

At emergence of the grooves located vertically it is possible to speak about shortage of iron or bad digestion of nutrients. As calcium also is a part of nails, at fragility it is possible to claim that this element just and isn't enough.

For the good growth of nails important presence of vitamins of group B. Enough vitamin C will save fabric round a nail from agnails and inflammations. If nails exfoliate, it is necessary to increase consumption of silicon, vitamin D and calcium.

It must be kept in mind that diagnosis of diseases on nails of hands can't be only and final. For statement of the exact diagnosis it is necessary to visit the doctor and to pass necessary inspections.

About what the nail hole will tell

Experts claim that diagnostics on nails, a photo just and shows it, has to begin with consideration of holes. They can tell about much.

We already know that each finger is tied with a certain internal body therefore changes on different fingers can tell about pathologies. Diagnostics on nails of fingers of hands and feet

  1. The thumb is tied with respiratory system if the hole on it too big, can tell it about problems in these bodies.
  2. Absence or the small sizes of a hole on a forefinger speaks about problems in work of a liver, stomach, intestines or pancreas.
  3. The middle finger will tell about a condition of blood system. If the hole isn't present, it can speak about problems with arterial pressure, a bad condition of capillaries and veins.
  4. Lack of a hole on a ring finger speaks about violations in exchange processes and problems with lymphatic system.
  5. The hole on a little finger confirms excellent health of a cardiac muscle.

The general result can be summed up such: existence of pronounced holes on all fingers tells about good health of the person and big vital force.

Health and shape of a nail

The simplest diagnostics on nails is reduced to consideration of their form.

  1. Flat and short nails speak about heart troubles.
  2. The nail plate of a concave form testifies to shortage of iron.
  3. Triangular nails can hint at diseases of a spine column or spinal cord.
  4. At patients with diabetes nails have the extended form.
  5. Nails, convex in the form of the sphere, speak about pathologies of respiratory system.

Diagnostics on nails of fingers of hands and feet

On nails there were strips and waves

Quite often happens that the nail doesn't change the color and a form, but there are strips, grooves, deepenings. It can also signal about the approaching problems. We will consider some of them:

  • After the postponed infectious diseases there can be cross furrows.
  • Longitudinal furrows happen at problems to digestion, depressions, sleep disorders.
  • Enthusiasm for diets can give a fine half of mankind to that on nails there are dents and poles. It usually happens as a result of negative impact of the chosen food allowance.
  • The appeared strips and small impregnations signal about problems with a small intestine.
  • Strokes of white color speak about shortage of calcium or zinc.
  • At rheumatism there are almond-shaped waves.

Even it is impossible to leave minor changes on nails not noticed. It is desirable to listen to the organism and to visit the doctor.

Structure of a nail plate

On the structure nails at the healthy person usually smooth have also no dents, strips and grooves. Diagnostics on nails can begin with simple survey, if:

  • Nail plasticity too thin and as if it is covered with a colourless varnish, it can signal about problems with a liver.
  • Dot vmyatinka happen at psoriasis.
  • There were deepenings across a nail, it is a symptom of a myocardial infarction or a tromboemboliya of a pulmonary artery.
  • Flat and curve nails speak about asthma and bronchitis.
  • Presence of parasites at an organism leads to emergence is flattened - the shattered nail platinum.

Diagnostics on nails of fingers of hands can render big service and help to distinguish a disease at an early stage.

There is a deterioration of appearance of nails

All changes in our organism don't arise suddenly, they appear gradually. Also happens and to nails if you noticed that they began to grow worse, there was a fragility or fragility, it can say that something not so with your metabolism. Same can speak about problems with endocrine system, blood circulation.

Suddenly nails start exfoliating or be split, it is possible to claim safely that exhaustion of a gastrointestinal tract, sexual and nervous is available, it is time to visit the doctor. Diagnostics on nails of fingers of hands and feet

Our nails can tell us not only of the approaching or available problems, but also that everything goes towards improvement. Then nails become again pink, equal and healthy.

About what will tell drawing on nail plates?

The shape of a nail, its structure speak about much, but also drawing shouldn't be dismissed, he can also tell about some problems in an organism:

  • If there were black spots, it is a symptom of an endocarditis.

Diagnostics on nails of fingers of hands and feet

  • There was a line, so fever, high temperature at an infectious disease was postponed, the more serious it, the will be deeper the line.
  • The brown spot or beige under a nail plate speaks about a possible oncological disease.
  • Flaked white spots can speak about development of a fungal disease.
  • Deep flutes or gaps testify to an ulcer of intestines or dysbacteriosis.

Simple diagnostics of an organism on nails can be carried out and in house conditions, it is only necessary to pay attention to any changes and in time to take measures. Sometimes happens to correct enough the diet, and everything will be adjusted.

Diagnostics on nails of toes

Not only nails on hands can tell of various pathologies, but also nail plates stands on the feet periodically attentively to examine.

Here about what they can tell:

  • The thumb is responsible for work of a brain.
  • Forefinger on the right foot - for a large intestine and lungs, and on left - for a cardiac muscle, a thyroid gland.
  • The middle finger on the left foot is tied with sense organs, and on right - with sexual system.
  • On the right foot the ring finger will tell about a condition of kidneys, sexual system of men, and on left - about work of nervous system.
  • The little finger speaks about functioning of a spleen, stomach and pancreas, if it on the right foot, and on the left - about a liver and a gall bladder.
  • Too thick nails on fingers which are difficult for cutting off scissors, testify to diseases of veins and arteries.Diagnostics on nails of fingers of hands and feet
  • If nails standing get a bluish shade, it speaks about existence of blood clots and problems with blood circulation.
  • At fungal diseases nails standing become fragile and start being stratified.

Diagnostics on nails standing and hands - procedure not so difficult, information in our article will help to distinguish independently signs of the approaching problem to take urgent measures.

Our organism is a complete system if there is a failure in one its part, it will surely be shown and in another. Take care, you treat the health more attentively, after all it more depends on the person. It is a little sensibleness in health issues, and then diagnostics of an organism on nails on hands isn't required.