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Dry or rough skin round nails: why dries how to soften

Sometimes skin round nails grows coarse, becomes dry, and then oblazit. It looks inaccurately and brings internal discomfort because of slovenly appearance. Rough skin round nails on hands often starts appearing in the winter. Because of what it occurs and what to do to get rid of this phenomenon?

Why skin at nails stops being the gentle

Skin round a nail (or, it is possible to tell, over it) is called as a cuticle. Basic elements of a structure of a nail plate are displayed on a photo:

Dry or rough skin round nails: why dries how to soften

The cuticle is a protection of the basis of a nail against hit of bacteria in growth zone. The regional zone of such protective cover represents the become lifeless cages. Sometimes this area becomes rough.

On both parties from a nail plate skin rollers settle down. Their external cover often also becomes rough owing to the strengthened growth and dying off of cells of skin. They can be also exposed to drying process that in turn too leads to formation of agnails. Having incidentally hooked on them or having tried to tear off, we receive constantly identical result – emergence of small wounds. Sometimes such action leads to suppuration.

Dry or rough skin round nails: why dries how to soften

Work in gloves if you want that skin round nails wasn't dry.

Skin about nails becomes rough at certain specifics of professional activity. The people connected with a physical activity, contacting to acids and fuels and lubricants or occupied with agricultural activity are subject to it. Of course, house activity also promotes this process – work with the earth or long printing at the computer, playing a guitar or simply work with papers leads to emergence of a rough integument round fingers, to dryness.

Carrying close footwear leads to the same process standing. At long circulation in inconvenient shoes skin round nails standing also becomes rough and can dry up and burst subsequently.

At emergence of skin thickenings round a nail plate most of people undertake manikyurny nozhnichka, and make their cutting. But thus the human physiology isn't considered.

The integument, after its compulsory trimming starts growing more intensively, filling with that the lost cages.

The same process happens and in case of a rough and thick cuticle. The more often you cut off it, the quicker it grows.

Are the frequent reason of the formed rough skin the wrong processing when performing as manicure, and pedicure. Total absence of process of care of nail plates and an integument round them leads to similar result.

Rough, dry skin round nails on hands can appear and for other reasons:

  • reaction of an organism to influence of chemical preparations or low-quality perfumery;
  • the allergic manifestations which are shown in the form of dryness;
  • lack of vitamins and minerals;
  • nervous stress;
  • hereditary factor;
  • influence of low temperatures or the overdried air;
  • frequent contact with the chlorinated water.

Treatment of dry and rough skin

For treatment nutritious cream which part the hyaluronic acid participating in process of regeneration of fabrics is is daily applied on a cuticle and lateral rollers. Means with glycerin availability are applied to moistening of these places.

Once a week on near nail cover drawing a srub for the help in disposal of the dry become lifeless rough fabrics is recommended. After procedure the substance is washed away, and nutritious gel or cream is applied on the processed area, use of special oil for a cuticle is possible.

Also, if skin round nails dries, for its mitigation it is necessary to use nutritious trays in the evenings.


Dry or rough skin round nails: why dries how to soften

Tray for a skin softening on a photo.

One of the best means for trays at a skin peeling on fingers is starch. The tablespoon of means gets divorced in liter of hot water. To carry out within 15 minutes.

Application of a rastolchyonny potato is possible. For a tray it should be mixed with two glasses of hot water and a glass of milk. To hold fingers till 20 minutes. Upon termination of procedure to wipe dry and to rub nutritious cream. After performance of such trays the beauty of fingers and health of skin will be restored quickly.

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Correct leaving

It is recommended to carry out the European manicure at which the cuticle isn't removed, and forces the way to the basis, as shown in a photo:

Dry or rough skin round nails: why dries how to soften

The same action should be done, carrying out a pedicure. Of course, it is impossible to make it at rough skin. It after all is required to be removed.

To execute such leaving correctly, it is necessary to apply ceramic nail files with which make thin polishing of the coarsened fabrics round a nail plate, but not their rough removal. Before performance of this procedure it is necessary to soften skin round nails on hands by means of medical trays.

It is necessary to wash hands with soap which part the moisturizing cream is, and to begin procedure with warm water, and to rinse cold. It promotes improvement of blood supply and trains vessels.

To perform the works connected with means of household chemicals or with contact with the earth it is necessary in gloves.

Medicines: ointments, tablets

If skin round a nail is shelled, application, especially for the night, the softening, restoring and moisturizing creams is necessary. Thus they are put in zones of lateral rollers and a cuticle, massing these areas. It causes stimulation of work of sebaceous glands.

In the absence of result if the peeling doesn't pass and skin under nails oblazit, it is necessary to address to the doctor for delivery of analyses and performance of diagnostics of the reason.

In this case treatment is carried out with use of ointments and tablets.

If on the ends of fingers not only skin is shelled, but also there are cracks, ointment of Radevit is applied to strengthening of function of protection of an integument. Vitamin A, fatty acids, sunflower and vaseline oil, glycerin are its part. Aktovegin as injections can be applied to healing of wounds.

Also there are special cosmetics for skin over nails, as on this video:

Food, vitamins

In case of a vitamin lack of an organism the food allowance needs to be changed, maybe, cardinally. It is required to include various products of a phytogenesis in the menu:

  • carrots, tomatoes, greens, peas, and also pumpkin and apricots – in them enough vitamin A;
  • carrots, eggs, cheeses, corn and potatoes contain vitamin E.

However sometimes it isn't enough only one food for restoration of vitamin balance and in this case skin under nails can start being shelled. In this case the address to the doctor is required. It will write out necessary preparations, including vitamin complexes.

If you have means for leaving for rough or dry skin near nails, write about them in comments!