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Fantasy manicure: a mosaic on nails gel varnish

The first that occurs at the word "mosaic" to the intellectual – Sumer "A standard from Ur". Travelers will remember Barcelona and Gaudi's architecture.

Fantasy manicure: a mosaic on nails gel varnish

The fair sex – a neyl-art in which the mosaic located so strongly that can quite apply for an independent art form. And though a trend the mosaic was declared only in the spring of 2016, this creative design found the admirers long before official recognition.

Than attracts a mosaic neyl-art of women of fashion and as such manicure is created, we will talk right now.

Fantasy manicure: a mosaic on nails gel varnish Mozayka spangles on nails

In art a mosaic call works images in which are formed by configuration and fastening on the plane of various materials – stones, I flew down, ceramic tiles and splinters. What characterizes a manikyurny mosaic?

Manikyurny mosaic 

  • Geometrical elements, figures of a difficult form or "spots ordinary" on a marigold are drawn, the plot unites an inking.
  • For execution of mosaic elements different colors of paints or shades of one color are used. Always stroke a contrast varnish.
  • The mosaic neyl-art has no universal equipment. Process the imagination directs. The plot can prompt clothes, mood or the fashionable magazine.
  • Anyway the unique design of a marigold turns out. Copies are impossible. The size and the size of figures at the most scrupulous srisovyvaniye from the original will differ.

Fantasy manicure: a mosaic on nails gel varnish

Exclusive character of manicure also caused its popularity. "To be as all" – today bad manners. Design clothes, footwear and bags of handwork are snatched away as hot pies.

The mosaic neyl-art gave to the woman opportunity to be original completely. About gel varnishes such design will hold on till 3 weeks.

Especially, according to stylists, it is possible to carry it "both in a feast, and to the world", especially if the owner of such marigold – the young lady charismatic.

Gel varnish with effect of a mosaic or manual drawing of mosaic fragments will be preferred by the young lady – doesn't matter. The result anyway will draw attention to nails. So hands have to be well-groomed, manicure – faultlessly executed, and complexes – are turned out.

Fantasy manicure: a mosaic on nails gel varnish

To itself Gaudi: we embody design a mosaic gel varnishes

There is about ten ways of an embodiment of a mosaic neyl-art – drawing, use of a varnish craquelure, foil, stemping.

We will devote a master class to drawing of a mosaic – for high artistry and uniqueness of result, and also we will make some recommendations about application of varnishes with effect of a mosaic – for those who doubts own talent of the artist or values personal time.

Fantasy manicure: a mosaic on nails gel varnish We draw a mozayka on nails by means of cliches


Some gel varnishes – basic, background (for example, white), color, contrast planimetric (for example, black), a top, a brush for drawing is required.

Fantasy manicure: a mosaic on nails gel varnish Drawing mozayka by hand

By default – a set of materials and tools for gel - varnish manicure – an obezzhirivatel, a primer, soft baf, the UF-lamp, a klinser.

  • Execute classical dry manicure, degrease nails and "ground" a surface an acid-free primer.
  • Cause with a thin layer base, dry in a lamp and cover base background (for example, white) it is delicious.
  • After drying of a background start drawing mosaic fragments – you apply with a thin brush color gel varnishes in the form of chaotic spots or the issued figures, being guided by personal taste. Between spots or figures leave a gap for drawing of a contour.
  • Zapolimerizovav mosaic elements in a lamp, lead round fragments a contour. Dry and cover design with a top.
  • Ready manicure to a zapolimerizuyta in a lamp. Remove klinser a sticky layer. Feel as pride of pleasant heat spreads on a body – yes, it was made by you.


Gel varnishes with effect of a mosaic

The first gel varnish with effect of a mosaic was presented by the TNL company – about technology of its drawing and will talk. Prepare base, background gel varnish (for example, white), mosaic gel varnish, a top and a set of tools "by default".

  • Bring nails to perfection, you zapilit the top layer, degrease and cover with a primer.
  • Cause base – dry. Cover a marigold with a background in one or – dry two layers.
  • Apply gel varnish with effect of a mosaic on a sticky background, let's it "creep away" within several seconds, dry in a lamp.
  • Fix a top, a zapolimerizuyta, remove a dispersive layer.

Application gel varnishes with effect of a mosaic – an express way which doesn't apply for high artistry, but with a task "to make quickly and creatively" consults with a bang.

Fantasy manicure: a mosaic on nails gel varnish

By the way, carrying out such manicure on the run, it is possible to allow with impunity any error – the invoice of a varnish will hide all defects of a technical aspect.

Manicure a mosaic in the light of a practical advice

  • The mosaic can settle down not on all surface of a nail, and on its part – the lower, top, left or right half. Or even on one nail.
  • For creation of a contour it is possible to use sticky strips or an adhesive tape which will play a divider role. After filling of figures with color varnishes of a strip act.
  • Combine technicians. The mosaic magnificently looks with molding when the translated foil is put to a sticky layer of an inking and the sharp movement it comes off. A mosaic with an effective flickering fringing – a neyl-art on an exit.
  • It is possible to refuse a portrayal of a contour if to apply color gel varnishes on a black substrate, leaving a gap between figures.
  • If your excentric nature demands bigger decorative effect, add design with spangles, pastes or beads. However a mosaic – more than an independent neyl-art which doesn't need support.

Looking at the person, a lot of things can be told about him only on appearance. Tell her hands about character of the girl.

The mosaic on nails specifies – her owner likes to be in the center of events and attention, demands admiration and recognition, prefers to throw down a challenge to circumstances, but not to follow their tastes. About you?

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