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Nails on hands exfoliate and break. What to do and that isn't enough in an organism

The beautiful manicure is impossible without well-groomed nails. The most frequent problem of many women is the cracking and a sloyeniye of a nail plate which is giving out errors in leaving or some problems with health. Only having eliminated the reason, it is possible to return to nails healthy appearance. Simple and effective folk remedies will help with it for short term.

Nails on hands exfoliate and break. What to do and that isn't enough in an organism

Why nails exfoliate

Nail plates are created from a set of the thinnest horn scales. The keratin is responsible for density of nails, and elasticity and healthy gloss to them are added by water layers. Under the influence of negative factors between dense beds of scales there are gaps which develop into cracks and stratify a nail. It becomes fragile, dim, dry, there is a roughness, and growth of a plate is slowed down.

The reasons for which nails exfoliate, it is possible to divide on external and internal. Treats the external:

  1. Negative impact of household chemicals: means for washing of ware, bleaches, powders.
  2. Use of aggressive cosmetics for nails: drawing formaldegidsoderzhashchikh of varnishes, use atsetonosoderzhashchikh of solvents.
  3. Violation of technology of nail extension, wrong removal of artificial coverings.
  4. Regular overcooling and peresushivaniye of hands.
  5. Insufficient leaving: irregular hygienic manicure, wrong technology of its performance.
  6. The frequent mechanical injuries of nails connected with professional activity.

Experts carry constant diets and unbalanced food to the internal reasons of weakening of a nail plate: lack of calcium, phosphorus, vitamins A, E, D, squirrel. The lack of iron is also adversely reflected in a condition of a nail plate. Lead some diseases of a gastrointestinal tract, liver, endocrine system to violation of a metabolism of minerals.

Influence health of nails deprive, fungal infections and other diseases of skin. Besides, they can exfoliate and because of hormonal failures: during pregnancy, at a climax.

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Methods of strengthening of nails

The problem of stratifying of a nail plate can be solved with the help of traditional medicine. That treatment took place successfully, it should be seen off according to a certain scheme:

  1. Protect skin and nails: protect hands in frosty weather, avoid contact with any chemistry, do homework in rubber gloves.
  2. Eat properly: include dairy products, especially cheeses and cottage cheese in the diet, eat more greens, fishes, nuts, it is possible to spend on drink a rate of vitamins.
  3. You carry out hygienic manicure in due form: prepare a tray for hands, accurately remove the damaged sites of nails, don't use metal tools, apply qualitative varnishes, you put a medical covering.
  4. For some time refuse nail extension.
  5. Receive medical treatment with use of folk remedies: do medical trays for hands, use natural masks.

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Recipes for the exfoliating nails

House masks and trays will help to restore a nail plate, will prevent repeated stratification. If to carry out procedures regularly, soon nails and hands will return a healthy and well-groomed look. Plus of house procedures is their availability and efficiency. Besides, it is always possible to be sure of naturalness of the components entering the prepared conditioning agent.

Nutritious mask with effect of bleaching

Promotes saturation of nails useful elements, strengthens a nail plate, does it dense and elastic, bleaches.

Lemon – 1 piece.
Olive oil – 1 h. l.
Salt sea – 1 h. l.

1. We squeeze out juice of one lemon.
2. We connect it to a small spoon of olive oil.
3. We add sea salt and we mix all components.
4. We rub structure in nails and skin round them.
5. It is necessary to hold a mask 10-12 minutes then to wash up hands warm water.
6. Against stratifying of nails it is recommended to do a mask daily within a week.

The clearing mask with vitamin A

Feeds nails, sates them with vitamins, clears and bleaches, interferes with stratifying, looks after skin of hands.

Apple cider vinegar – ½ h. l.
Sunflower oil – 1 tablespoon.
Salt – 1 h. l.
Vitamin A – 2 drops

1. We calcinate oil: as much as possible we heat it, but we don't bring to boiling.
2. We cool oil and we connect it to salt.
3. We add vinegar and vitamin A to the mix which cooled down up to the comfortable temperature.
4. Carefully we rub a mask in nails and we hold till 15 min.
5. The mask can be used several times and to store in the refrigerator.
6. Procedure is allowed to be carried out every day, and in a week nails will cease to exfoliate.

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The strengthening tray for the fragile and exfoliating nails

Clears nails of pollution, softens skin, fights against stratifying, perfectly is suitable for carrying out procedure of manicure.

Water – 1 glass
Soda – 1 tablespoon.
Iodine – ½ h. l.

1. We heat water to temperature of 37-40 degrees. It shouldn't burn.
2. We dissolve a big spoon of soda in a glass of warm water.
3. We add a half of a small spoon of iodine.
4. We lower hands in a tray and we hold 5-7 minutes.
5. Such tray can be done to 2 times a week.
6. Soda therapy is considered the best beginning for procedure of manicure. After it it is easier to process nails and to delete a cuticle.

Oil tray for strengthening and growth of nails

Disinfects and treats for infections, does a nail plate to thickness, accelerates growth, cleans yellowness, levels a nail surface.

Olive oil – ½ glasses
Nettle – 1 tablespoon.
Camomile – 1 tablespoon.
Linden – 1 tablespoon.
Flax seeds – 1 tablespoon.
Oil a ylang-ylang – 1-2 drops
Oil of a tea tree – 1-2 drops
Sandal-wood tree oil – 1-2 drops
Porridge – 1 h. l.
Salt sea – 1 h. l.
Vitamin E – 1 capsule

1. We place olive oil on a water bath and we heat to emergence of steam.
2. We add to it a camomile, a nettle, a linden and seeds of flax. We cook mix of 15 minutes.
3. Then oil needs to be cooled and filtered.
4. We crush porridge and salt in the coffee grinder and we connect to grass oil.
5. Before application it is added essential oils and vitamin E.
6. We lower finger-tips in a tray and we hold 15-20 minutes.
7. It is possible to carry out small massage of nails and hands.
8. It is possible to store ready means in the refrigerator about a week and to apply daily.