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Nails, the reasons, treatment methods exfoliate and break

Women strongly worry if at them nails exfoliate and break. The reasons and treatment of fragility and a sloyeniye can be different. Anyway, if there was such problem, it is necessary not to delay therapy, – to pass full inspection in an ideal.

Reasons of fragility and sloyeniye

Deficiency of vitamins

One of the main reasons why nails on hands exfoliate and break — is deficiency of vitamins. Nail plastinochka consist from the fibrillyarnykh of proteins (keratin). For their synthesis amino acids which contain in eggs, meat, sea fish and a bird are necessary:

  • glycine;
  • cysteine;
  • alanin.

One of the most important necessary for normal nails of microcells — is calcium. It helps to create a connecting and bone tissue, and also affects muscular contraction. That is why, it is necessary to use:

  • cheese;
  • spinach;
  • egg whites;
  • cottage cheese;
  • sesame seeds;
  • white and cauliflower;
  • fig;
  • nuts;
  • the bean.

Nails, the reasons, treatment methods exfoliate and break

Phosphorus is very important for health of nails. This microcell "is registered" as a part of all bone tissues and participates in biological and chemical reactions in an organism. The products rich with phosphorus — it:

  • eggs;
  • sunflower seeds;
  • meat;
  • seafood;
  • bird;
  • fresh fish;
  • nuts;
  • crude grain.

That a marigold was elastic and healthy, it is possible to recommend to use products with the high content of silicon. These are mushrooms, turnip, carrots, a garden radish, salad, leek and a young nettle. Silicon – one of key elements which is a part of tooth enamel, a marigold, hair, blood vessels and a bone tissue.

Problems with health

The exfoliating and fragile marigold is a direct indicator of that in an organism the metabolism is broken. Therefore, the organism doesn't receive a squirrel for formation of healthy nail plates. Also stratification of a marigold quite often turns out to be consequence of inflammatory processes, especially, if the person completed a course of antibiotics.

Problems with nails can testify that functionality of a liver, a pancreas, a digestive tract, kidneys is broken. It is a symptom of diseases of endocrine system. It also "signal" of the organism exhaustion caused by stresses and overfatigue and of decrease in immunity.

Dangerous detergents

Often nails break, exfoliate? Perhaps, the reason in washing and cleaners which aggressively affect a nail plate. That is why, for avoidance of problems, during the work with powders, moyushche-cleaners it is worth putting on protective rubber gloves surely.

Nails, the reasons, treatment methods exfoliate and break

Physioprocedures for healthy nails

Diathermy: who suits procedure

If nails started breaking, it is possible to try to pass a diathermy. This procedure is shown at fragility, a borozdchatost, a thickening of a marigold.

The diathermy happens two types:

  • the local
    these are trays.
  • the reflex
    this influence by UVCh current, provides fine effect because trophic nail changes are often interconnected with problems of the endocrine device and nervous system.

Treatment in salon

Features of the closing procedure

If nails began to break, it is possible to make "closing". Procedure is carried out three-four times with intervals about two-three weeks between sessions. One session doesn't guarantee effect, it is necessary to pass a cycle of procedures to receive desirable result and really to strengthen and revitalize them.

Nails, the reasons, treatment methods exfoliate and break

For closing the following cosmetic tools and ingredients are necessary:

  • tetrahedral disposable nail file for grinding;
  • sea salt;
  • special cream with E1 and A vitamins, beeswax and a keratin;
  • specially prepared oil mix.

Technology of "closing" the following:

  • The manicure is carried out – nails are cut off directly and shortly.
  • The hot tray with sea salt becomes. At desire it is possible to add to it a little bit soda.
  • Nails are greased with oil mix and are left for ten minutes.
  • Are repeatedly greased with oil mix – by means of a nail file oil needs to be rubbed in a nail plate, oil has to get deeply.
  • Rubbing in by means of a nail file of special wax cream.
  • Washing of a marigold under a stream of cold water.

It is necessary to remember that during sessions of "closing" a marigold has to be shortly cut, apply on them the decorative varnish is also not recommended.

Strengthening of nails biogel

If nails strongly break, cosmetologists suggest to undergo procedure on strengthening by biogel. The last is the elastic dense material consisting of natural wood pitches, a protein, calcium. Biogel – first-ever gel which obtained the official medical license. It is harmless to a nail plate and is nontoxical.

Nails, the reasons, treatment methods exfoliate and break

Strengthening by biogel is an end of usual manicure when a marigold is opened with not fixing varnish, namely biogel. This material is fixed under the influence of an ultra-violet lamp. Zastыv, biogel looks, as well as a standard varnish. Perhaps, a little more brightly. It is interesting that for removal of biogel it is enough to use special solution as a part of which there are essential oils.

The main advantages of biogel consist in the following:

  • protection against mechanical damages;
  • growth strengthening;
  • harmlessness;
  • giving of a surface of smoothness and flatness;
  • restoration of structure.

House recipes

Tray with broth of a chistotel

For strengthening of nails that they didn't break cosmetologists recommend to do house trays of high temperature. For example, with broth of a chistotel. The same means effectively allows to remove a fungus.

To make a tray, it is necessary:

  • To fill in five big spoons "with a hill" a dry chistotel in one and a half liters of boiled water.
  • To draw broth within fifteen minutes on a water bath.
  • To fill in infusion in in advance prepared basin. To dissolve broth with two glasses of water with the temperature of 60-65 degrees.
  • To steam out feet and hands.

Trays with a plantain

To prepare a tray with a plantain, it is necessary to pound one tablespoon of leaves of a plantain, to fill in their floor with a glass of hot milk and to take twenty minutes on a water bath. To cool and filter structure, to lower in it hands for about fifteen minutes.

Yodo-solevye trays

To connect a glass of warm water to a teaspoon of five-percent iodic solution and three tablespoons of table salt. For fifteen minutes to lower hands in structure, then dry to wipe fingers a soft towel.

Trays from iodine and juice of orange

To fill in warm water (in a third of a glass) two teaspoons of table salt, to add a third of a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice from one fruit and to drip four droplets of iodine. To mix everything. To lower fingers in solution for ten minutes. On the termination sessions it is necessary to wipe dry a marigold a towel and to grease with cream.

Nails, the reasons, treatment methods exfoliate and break

We prevent a problem

Rules of safe polishing of a nail plate

Polishing belongs to the specialized manikyurny procedures during which glossy gloss and perfect smoothness is added to a nail plate.

Nails, the reasons, treatment methods exfoliate and break

Polishing allows to make a nail surface not only ideally equal and gladenky, but also to give a healthy look and an ukhozhennost.

Besides, it also preventive important procedure – during it is cleaned the top horn layer which quite often is the carrier of harmful bacteria.

Advantages of polishing in the following:

  • elimination of various defects – sinuosities and furrows;
  • growth acceleration, thanks to stimulation of work of small blood sosudik of a nail bed;
  • elimination of part of a horn layer.

Important rules which need to be observed when polishing:

  • Before procedure it is necessary to wash up carefully hands with soap is will allow to clean a fatty film from a skin surface.
  • The movements need to be done from the basis of a nail bed to its edge.
  • After all procedures nails are cleared of white dust.
  • At the end of procedure it is necessary to wash up repeatedly handles with soap.

Women are inclined to worry strongly if at them nails exfoliate and break. The reasons and treatment – here the most important on what it is necessary to concentrate in this case. Definition of the prime cause of fragility and stratification will allow to solve quickly and effectively a problem.

Video: care of the exfoliating and breaking nails

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