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Service jacket on short nails

The French manicure already for many years doesn't get out of fashion. With such manicure it is possible to go anywhere, and to make it independently very simply! From the moment of emergence of a service jacket there were many changes in its appearance.

Today on nails of girls it is possible to see the mass of variations on the subject "French manicure". This and classical execution, and more modern. Let's understand, what types of a service jacket exist at the moment.

Types of the French manicure:

  1. the classical
  2. the turned
  3. the color
  4. millennium
  5. new form
  6. the extra

1. Classical service jacket

This type of the French manicure is familiar to all. The tip of a nail is painted in white color, and the remained nail becomes covered by a transparent, beige or pink varnish. Often add pastes to such option of the girl to the smiles line, small patterns or glitter of different shades.

2. The turned service jacket

The turned service jacket is called in a different way lunar manicure. It means allocation of a hole of a nail. In more detail about lunar manicure you can esteem here.

3. Color service jacket

It is more modern option of the French manicure. In its basis — two color varnishes adjacent shades, for example, blue and blue, yellow and brown and so on. As well as in classical option the tip of a nail becomes covered by one shade, other nail — another. Also the line of a smile can be decorated with pastes, but not on all nails, and on 1-2 on each hand. It is possible to allocate fingers according to the doctrine the hair dryer-shuy, about it we wrote in this article.

4. Millennium service jacket

This type of the French manicure is suitable for a festive exit or a wedding. It is carried out more difficult: the tip of a nail gives all the best pastes, brilliant mica, dust, spangles, and the rest of a nail becomes covered by a suitable shade. Decorative elements for durability become covered by a transparent varnish.

5. New Form service jacket

This service jacket is carried out in any above-mentioned ways, difference only that here the smiles line changes. It not natural, but mown in any party or zigzag.

6. Extra service jacket

Basis of this manicure — the allocated line between two flowers of a varnish. Shades of a varnish undertake sometimes absolutely contrast, for example, a nail tip — white, other part — black and between them a gold strip. Strips both are drawn by a varnish, and the ready are pasted.

The French manicure on short nails

Today the service jacket is especially popular on short nails — so it doesn't look vulgarly. Such manicure looks faultlessly if nails equal and well-groomed therefore pay special attention to preparation for drawing the French manicure — clean a cuticle, polish a nail plate, give to nails the form. For short nails the best forms oval and square.
Service jacket on short nails

How to make a service jacket in house conditions

The French manicure becomes at home very easily. Let's consider performance of classical option, other types of a service jacket become practically also.
Service jacket on short nailsIt is required to you:

  • transparent varnish
  • white varnish
  • varnish of a light shade — beige, pink, translucent white
  • cliches (it is possible and without them)

Cover nails with a transparent varnish basis. Having allowed to dry up a little, apply the chosen light shade on all nails. Wait until the varnish dries. By means of cliches or without them draw white tips on all nails. Fix manicure a transparent varnish.

Service jacket on short nails Unusual ideas of manicure in house conditions — a photo and step-by-step instructions

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  • the minimum length of the grown part of a nail has to be not less than 3 mm, differently the service jacket will ridiculously look
  • the white strip on a tip at short nails has to be not really wide
  • visually drawing in the form of vertical strips will help to extend a nail
  • on short nails interestingly look a combination of an opaque varnish and glossy. Thus it is better to apply a glossy varnish on a tip, it will visually extend a nail

Service jacket on short nails