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The service jacket gel is delicious: step-by-step instruction of the French manicure

Universal ageless classics in nail design — it, of course, the French manicure gel varnish. Any girl can make it. Such design will be pertinent in any situation, ideally looks on any length of nails, approaches both a business suit, and a wedding dress. The photos given below demonstrate that a service jacket gel varnish — it not only the classical white free edge, but also a big field for experiments with color, a form of a smile and jewelry.

Stage-by-stage creation of a service jacket gel varnish in house conditions

Not all have a desire to go to salon or to register to the master. Therefore it would be desirable to offer a step-by-step master class with a photo and the detailed instruction how to make a classical white service jacket.

That it is necessary to prepare before manicure:

Now it is possible to start preparation of a nail plate, i.e. procedure of cut manicure:

  1. By orange stick it is accurately raised and we remove a cuticle, we cut off it and agnails from sides nippers.
  2. Nail file we give to a marigold the desirable form, we saw round a nail to remove gloss. By a brush it is cleaned I opit.

Pay attention! When there is a giving of a form to nails, it is necessary to consider that the form almonds best of all will be suitable for short length. On average length the soft square well looks.

Now we do gel French manicure:

  1. We apply a primer on the prepared nail, we wait for full drying and we cover with a thin layer of base. In a lamp for two minutes.
  2. We cover with color gel of a pink or beige shade all surface, it is possible in two layers, we will polymerize each layer two minutes.
  3. Now white gel varnish by means of a thin brush accurately we draw the line of a smile. If it suddenly was a little rough or was greased, it is possible to use a Q-tip and to clean defects. From the line of a smile we apply white gel varnish on all free edge. At desire it is possible to put the second layer, everyone needs to be dried carefully.
  4. We block everything the finish, we dry up in a UV lamp two-three minutes, we remove a sticky layer by means of means for removal of a varnish and napkins.
  5. We apply oil on a cuticle and lateral rollers and it is accurately rubbed by the massage movements. Here also the ideal service jacket is ready.

On the presented video it is also possible to see how to apply gel varnish the French manicure, here too the classical white.

Color French manicure

The main line distinguishing a color service jacket is that instead of a white shade for free edge use any color. It can also be made and of several multi-colored smiles, everything depends only on your desire, patience and the imagination. On a photo it is visible that there is a lot of options for color French manicure, the main thing to show the identity or to choose interesting option from given below.

Return French manicure

The return service jacket — it too a kind of the French manicure. Such name happened because that with color not grown edge of a nail is allocated, and the line at the basis is drawn. Creating gel varnish a service jacket the return it is necessary to prepare the same materials, as for the usual. Preparation of a surface of nails differs in nothing therefore it is possible to follow safely step-by-step photos and the instruction stated above.

Now we do a covering gel varnish:

  1. The service jacket gel is delicious: step-by-step instruction of the French manicure We repeat a step 1 and 2 of the instruction above.
  2. By means of a thin brush we draw a smile at the nail basis. Accurately we paint over space between the put line and a cuticle, it is possible the same thin brush. The main thing to remember that to a cuticle there has to be a distance approximately in 1 mm. We dry.
  3. The finish blocked all nail, thus it is desirable to remove a little a cuticle back and to paint over them slightly further, than the drawn smile comes to an end. It will allow to keep manicure more long. To dry up in a lamp. To remove a sticky layer.
  4. We apply oil on a cuticle and lateral rollers and it is accurately rubbed by the massage movements.

How the French manicure, the made gel varnish and how it can be kept will last long?

The durability of such manicure, first of all, depends on correctness of its performance. If everything was made accurately and according to the instruction, the service jacket will please the owner not less than two-three weeks, and even even more long.

Also there is couple of ways to prolong firmness and beauty of a service jacket:

  1. It is obligatory to seal nail end faces when drawing a layer of any means.
  2. It is good to polymerize each layer.
  3. To avoid the work connected with contact with water, at least the first two-three hours after procedure.
  4. It is desirable to do housework in gloves that the chemistry containing in household means didn't spoil a covering and skin of hands.

Additional information! It is possible to remove from nails gel varnish only by means of special means. It can't try to be torn off from a nail, hooking from edges. It can lead to irreparable damages of the most nail plate.

The French manicure for a wedding

Service jacket for such event — it, probably, already too special classics. Besides the white free edge, apply various jewelry to such manicure: apply laces, pastes and volume design, etc. fix. The decor well fastens directly on a sticky layer of yet not dried white covering. On a photo examples of ready manicure are shown.

We combine the French and lunar manicures

The service jacket gel is delicious: step-by-step instruction of the French manicure Besides creation of color French manicure, it is possible to make still experiment and to make a combination, for example, of a classical service jacket and lunar manicure. Such decision will look rather originally, and on a photo it is visually visible that shades of a varnish optional have to coincide.

Thus, we were convinced that very simply to create an elegant classical neyl-art even houses without special knowledge. The main thing, it to stock up with patience and not to despair if the French manicure didn't turn out from the first. After all the service jacket has a big field for application of the imagination, it isn't necessary to stop only on a standard white shade, experiment and look for the ideal image.

Photo of a covering of nails French gel varnish

It is even more photo according to the link: Service jacket photo gel varnish.

Video with a master class