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The French manicure without strips in house conditions

Women adore experimenting manicure, to use different technicians and coverings. But the service jacket remains to one of darlings. It is quite simple to execute houses it. How to make the French manicure without strips if there are no cliches or special stickers?

Stylish classics

The simplest method of creation of design is to buy special cliches which help to draw the line of a smile. But there are some ways which help to create a service jacket without strips.

The French manicure without strips in house conditions

Actually, the French design has no relation to the country in honor of which it was called. But, as France – the legislator of style, marketing specialists called this type of manicure quite so. The classical design won success at many women of fashion. The main idea of design is decoration of a nail and giving of a natural ideal form to it. The classical service jacket includes usually a nail of warm-beige color and a milky-white plate of a tip of a nail. Now the plate is painted in different colors. That the manicure looked brightly and originally.

At the height of fashion now the French manicure with strips. Original drawing and a unique facet draw attention. It is possible to make such type of a service jacket independently, having armed with a simple tool kit.

Pluses and minuses

The French manicure without use of special strips has the pluses and minuses. Each girl has to solve for herself: what way suits it most of all.

  • the design is easy performed by;
  • huge choice of improvised materials which help to create the line of a smile;
  • the small cost of materials which replace cliches;
  • the manicure will approach any image and a case.
  • beginners can have problems when performing;
  • errors and inaccuracies are possible at a smile portrayal.

Nuances of design

Before starting registration of nails in classical style, consider some nuances that nails turned out ideal:

  • It is better to do a nail of an intermediate form, but not completely oval or square. If nail plates square, it visually thickens fingers;
  • All nails have to be identical is a pledge of ideal manicure;
  • It is impossible to shake a tuba with a varnish that there were no bubbles. Slightly warm a tuba between palms, and means will be distributed on a nail more exactly;
  • The varnish is put in some layers, the first has to dry out, then the second layer is only put.

Top-8 way of creation of a smile

Some ways help to create a service jacket without strips in house conditions, it is possible to look at them at video.

How to do the French manicure

The French manicure without strips becomes by means of various materials:

  • Brushes thin and thick;
  • Adhesive tape;
  • Dots.

That the service jacket without strips well kept on short nails, they need to be prepared previously. That is, except removal of a cuticle the nail is polished still and dehydrogenated. Only after that the thin layer causes base. And in modern interpretation of the master use any color: nyudovy, beige, light pink or any pastel tone. After drying of the first layer put the second, if the first insufficiently bright.

Then trace the line of a smile a white or contrast color. What is the line of a smile of a nail? It is a limit between a nail and its grown part. The big smile is drawn by means of a raising of corners of a service jacket. Height is determined by the top points. The white part on height equals on a point in the center of a nail plate. If you the beginner, is better to put down three directing points before tracing the line of a smile completely.

Remember: white tips and corners have to be equal height. Then the manicure will turn out ideal.


The easiest way to draw the French manicure manually is to use a thin brush from natural pile. It is possible to take and thick, flat or slanted when there is an experience. How to make the French manicure without strips:

  1. At first it is necessary to prepare nails. To remove from them an old covering. Then to soften skin of hands and nails, having made a warm tray with soda or herbs. To accept a tray 15-20 minutes;
  2. Then sharp scissors for manicure to cut off a thin skin round a nail (cuticle) or to remove it an orange stick if it is more convenient to you;
  3. To give to nails the form a nail file;
  4. To degrease nails that the varnish well kept. We put a colourless basis.
  5. Then to apply a varnish of corporal or light pink color with a thin layer on all surface of nails
  6. To dry nails.

We start a portrayal of "smile". We use a thin brush.

  1. We dip in a varnish of white color and we draw points (2-3).
  2. One movement we unite points in one line.
  3. We dry and fix a finishing colourless covering.

Try to make "smiles" identical. If the line left curve, erase and put anew. The more exactly than the line, the French manicure looks more advantageously.

Adhesive tape

Creation of a classical covering will require only an adhesive tape which each house has. Technology of creation of a service jacket without strips:

  1. At first we prepare nails: it is necessary to give them the correct geometry and to cover with base;
  2. Before drawing a nail tip, apply to it a small slice of an adhesive tape;
  3. Completely cover in the basic color a nail;
  4. Put the main varnish, and it can be any color, it is optional to use only pink or beige, it can be saturated shades;
  5. Trace a tip by means of a thick brush. Remove with the fast movement an adhesive tape;
  6. If previously to paste its two times to other surface, he will act easily, without deleting a varnish;
  7. Put the fixing covering.

The French manicure which was executed without special strips as on a photo, it is possible to add with decor elements for nails. It can be pastes, paillettes, ready patterns on stickers or the decor elements made manually.

The French manicure without strips in house conditions


The metal stick with a dot tip – dots, is used for drawing drawings on nails. If you want to make a service jacket in house conditions, dots is an ideal decision. Besides, it is convenient to them to draw the left and right hand. It is possible to press not really strongly, then drawing will turn out all the same accurate and equal. The step-by-step instruction of creation of a service jacket without strips:

  1. At first it is necessary to cover a nail with base of corporal color;
  2. After drying of base to note on a tip of a nail of a point on which the strip will be traced;
  3. Evenly to distribute on a tip a white covering by means of a dots;
  4. To dry up and cover with a colourless varnish for fixing of drawing.


Method rare and original, but cheap. Each lover of a service jacket who near at hand didn't have brushes or other tools can use it. With edge the plaster ideally semicircular, repeats a form of a nail plate. It with ease will replace strips for the French manicure. Drawing will turn out uniform and identical as if from salon. How to make the French manicure without strips:

  1. At first it is necessary to prepare nails, then to put a basis and it is good to dry up it;
  2. From a plaster to unstick a film;
  3. On nails to paste a plaster, but so that tips were visible. The main thing that the base completely dried, and at removal of a plaster the top varnish coat wasn't removed;
  4. To paint over and dry up tips of nails;
  5. Accurately to remove a plaster and to put a transparent varnish for fixing of result.

Use imagination, decorating nails with elements of a decor and using for a service jacket various colors. It will allow to shine with the French manicure at any party or a working meeting.

The French manicure without strips in house conditions

As you can see, it is rather simple to create the French manicure without strips in house conditions! Usual cliches can be replaced with any make-shifts: an adhesive tape, an elastic band, an old working brush from a varnish, manikyurny tapes and many other things. All of them help to create a semicircle or the accurate line of a smile on a nail.