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Service jacket shellac 2016 (60 photos of novelties of design)

The only kind of manicure which always remains actual and popular — is the French manicure. A photo of such manicure in this selection — the best and beautiful. The French manicure is always irresistible, it remains classical and irreplaceable in the world of fashion. It is the most universal and popular look which can be combined with all variety of clothes, styles and events of our life.

Service jacket shellac 2016 (60 photos of novelties of design)

What design delicacy wouldn't be thought out by modern manikyurny art, all of them become boring over time, and only the service jacket reserves invariable recognition by the fair sex. The snow-white, elegant tip of a nail, gentle pastel tone of a nail plate – an ideal color palette of classical French manicure will be always "to a place" both in week, and in holidays.

The French manicure is subdivided into some types:

1. Classical — a nail tip white, the smiles line deep.

2. The chevron — the smiles line becomes V-figuratively.

3. A millennium — whether spangles other flickering elements are applied on a tip of a nail. Pastes, mica, microdust, a dry or liquid glitter, spangles and brilliant varnishes will be suitable for creation of a holiday on your nails. The tip of a nail can be decorated by means of an acrylic molding with pastes.

4. The fan — the tip of a nail is decorated with various design elements (for example, lace, mica, feathers, pastes etc.).

5. Color — the tip of a nail is covered in any color, at the request of the client.

6. Design — it is the imagination only of the master and the client.

7. Spa — it, a classical service jacket, but with washed away, or with the softened smiles line.

8. Lunar — it is a classical service jacket, but on the contrary, the nail basis becomes covered by a light varnish. In this case, a tip of a nail is its basis which remains unpainted or becomes covered by a varnish of a contrast color.

9. The twist service jacket — a tip of a nail is painted in some flowers. It is possible not to doubt, with such nogtika, your image will be always attractive and bright. Color stripes can be both indistinct, and accurate. Them it is possible to have in any direction. Thanks to original the twist design, on your marigold will appear a cheerful and colourful rainbow.

Wedding French manicure of a photo

Brides of the whole world, for the most important day of the life, choose the French manicure. It and isn't surprising — after all it most of all corresponds to a wedding dress the refinement and ideal purity.

And skilled professionals, in this area, can create magnificent and unique wedding design, on the basis of the French manicure.

The French manicure on long nails

Design of this manicure — this most real temptation for women. It to become in the same way as the usual French manicure, but looks much more safely, even extravagantly and will be ideally suited for special cases.

How to make the French manicure in house conditions?

The French manicure — business thin, it demands step-by-step observance of a certain instruction. Have patience: perhaps, not at once everything will turn out, but some trainings will make of you the real virtuoso.

How to choose a varnish for the French manicure?

First of all, it is necessary to choose correctly a varnish for the French manicure as the main effect is created by him. You will buy not that — process can already be curtailed at the initial stage and stop. You will be disappointed, you will give up this business and you will go to salon though business can be only in a varnish.

  1. It isn't necessary to look for a varnish on gates and the markets. Buy at once a qualitative varnish from the branded producer who guarantees quality of the production, in specialized shop.
  2. Usual nail varnishes won't go. Take special for the French manicure.
  3. It is better to buy at once a set in which there will be also varnishes of several flowers, both strips, and a varnish basis.
  4. Will be necessary: a varnish basis (colourless), white varnish (for tips of a marigold), any ottenochny (blue, opaque, pink or any other on your taste).

At a choice of a varnish it isn't necessary to rush at once on bright and expensive offers: standard sets and colors will be useful for training. And here when you will already seize this art more thoroughly, you will be able to experiment and a selection of the most various varnishes.

On what to pay attention at a varnish choice for the French manicure

Intensity of color. The varnish for the French manicure has to create quite dense and intensive covering. It is better to choose varnishes through which even when drawing in one layer doesn't look through a nail. And if the varnish of primary color can be a little transparent, it is simply impossible to make a good service jacket a translucent white varnish.

Density of a varnish for the French manicure has to be moderate. Too liquid varnish should be put in two layers that will make process of creation of a service jacket longer and troublesome. And very dense varnish will dry too long, and thus the probability to grease a covering on a nail tip where two colors are used is very great.

Structure. The most important quality of a varnish in case of the French manicure. The varnish has to be uniform and evenly be distributed by a brush. Results of low-quality structure of a varnish are stains, strips and even small bubbles on a covering. All this doesn't paint any type of manicure at all. Therefore upon purchase it is better to try at once a varnish and to estimate its suitability – the good varnish ideally lays down even on a sheet of paper and forms a uniform thin layer of one color.

Compatibility of varnishes. As the French manicure assumes use of two shades of a varnish at the same time, it is important that both varnishes were perfectly combined among themselves – had identical density and structure. It is simplest to buy for this purpose varnishes of one producer and even to one series.

What is required for the French manicure?

  1. Good nail file;
  2. basic covering or varnish basis for nails;
  3. main varnish (ottenochny);
  4. white varnish (for tips of nails);
  5. fixer or sheeting;
  6. adhesive strips, they very convenient for the French manicure (in emergency, use the adhesive tape cut on the same strips).

Step-by-step instruction

Nail file give to nails the necessary form. Grind their edges to the center that cracks on nails which won't allow to make distinguished French manicure any more weren't formed. On each side deeply you shouldn't perfect.

Cover nails with a colourless varnish basis / a basic covering. It becomes only one drop: carefully drip on a nail plate, and then already distribute a brush on all nail. In passing process also internal part of the grown nail: so you won't allow water and cosmetics to wash away vitamins from a nail and to overdry them.

Cover all surface of a nail with an ottenochny varnish and let's it dry out completely. Take your time! You won't dry a varnish properly — the French manicure won't turn out! If a marigold in a good shape, it is possible to take fashionable transparent-corporal or beige colors. If manicure you want to hide also shortcomings (for example, white spots), take a shade more darkly (for example, light brown) or then cover spots with drawing.

If you have a firm hand, can apply a white varnish on tips of nails at once. Patiently wait until it dries out.

If it isn't sure of the hardness of the hand, paste strips, they are called still as cliches so that tips of nails looked out from under them on height necessary to you (usually do from 2 to 4 mm, but it depends on nail length). The cliche has to adjoin densely to a nail, differently the varnish will leak under it. Also compare that on all fingers cliches laid down exactly that tips of nails of one were long. Now it is possible to apply safely a white varnish, even visiting on the pasted strips. Put the first dab with a white varnish hardly, almost dry brush, wait for seconds 10–15 and only then put more dense second layer. Wait until the varnish completely dries, and only then remove strips. The turned-out white strips on your nail carry the lovely name — "smile".

After everything dries out, from above put a protective layer or the fixing means. It will add diamond gloss to your nails and will prolong life to the French manicure.

All these steps need to be taken patiently, slowly and accurately. Try to update more often the French manicure in house conditions to get the hand and gain necessary skills. And after that you can already start mastering art graphics or decorative jewelry on the French manicure. If to follow these rules, you soon will be able independently to do the French manicure in house conditions, isn't worse than any master.