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Gel varnish in house conditions for beginners step by step video, a photo

Any girl tries to watch that her handles shone an ukhozhennost, and a marigold was ideally accurate, filed and with ideal manicure. But here problem: on making such ideal manicure it is necessary to spend a lot of time, and to be chopped off it will begin at worst – next day, in the best – in a week that too by no means there isn't a lot of. Therefore women of fashion should repeat very often long and tiresome procedure of drawing a varnish.

Gel varnish in house conditions for beginners step by step video, a photo

Drawing gel varnish on a nail

Then it is necessary to reflect: "What to do?" It would seem, and there is nothing to do, but that is surprising, the answer after all is, and it is simple. Gel varnishes situations will help. The manicure with the help gel varnish will hold on not five days, but two or even three weeks, and will support health of nails, and to apply gel varnish of the house not so difficult as it seems.

Who carries manicure about gel varnish?

The manicure made with the help the gel varnish very convenient and practical doesn't need to be allocated for it constantly time, and it allows everything, all women to rejoice to its magic properties. Both the mothers, and grandmothers, both busy business ladies, and the students who are trained at institute or university receiving some profession passing difficult examination resort to its help.

After all true ladies surely pay a maximum of possible attention to appearance, and even if time isn't present, it is necessary to look it faultlessly. But not made up nails in general demand the maximum attention, after all it is necessary that they were pure and equal, accurately cut and polished.

So the manicure about gel - is delicious – really, one of the simplest types of manicure in leaving.

What the "gel" manicure will approach?

Such manicure is unique and universal. It is impossible to pick up a dress which the gel manicure wouldn't approach. The only possible problem – not a combination of flowers of a varnish and clothes.

At correctly picked up color of manicure, it will approach and a strict dress on important reception, and an easy skirt during walk on park in the bright sunny day, and even a bathing suit.

What is gel varnish?

Gel varnish in house conditions for beginners step by step video, a photo

Single-phase gel varnish from Bluesky

Gel varnish – unique and very successful combination usual all of a known varnish and a professional gel covering. Simple in drawing, it provides very long preservation ideal, almost never the fading appearance and infinite attention to well-groomed nails and handles of the woman of fashion who decided on such manicure. Earlier, say, about thirty years ago, if somebody told about manicure which keeps on average about two-five weeks, keeps faultless appearance during all this time moreover and nails strengthens, anybody wouldn't believe such person. And quite recently, for example, about three years ago, the most part of women of fashion simply wouldn't believe that really to make such manicure not only in salon, but also at home most.

It and no wonder, after all earlier when such manicure still terribly was a new experience, it could be done only in salons, but now it is possible to apply gel varnish in house conditions.

The only thing – such manicure is rather difficult performed by, that is on it much more time will leave, and to make it, it is necessary to get some special tools.

Tools which will be necessary for manicure

  • orange stick. It is required for two things: the first – to prepare a nail for manicure, after all to do manicure, ideally equal nail plate, and the second is necessary – then to remove a varnish, there without it precisely will hardly do;
  • acetone to degrease nails before drawing a varnish. It is necessary in order that gel varnish was more strongly fixed on a nail and that it wasn't necessary to do it once again;
  • varnishes: colourless gel varnish or a basis for manicure (such covering is necessary more strongly "to paste" drawing to a surface of a nail plate) and color gel varnish, for the drawing;
  • fixing, or finishing, a covering. It is necessary in order that the manicure was very strong and kept even more long without chips, bald spots and scratches. Such covering can be bought in any cosmetic shop;
  • UF a lamp (or a LED lamp) to dry varnish coats (serially) and to force them to harden, become as enamel. It is desirable that it had a power from 36 W and above, differently the varnish not completely will dry out and will be fragile and unpleasant, it is impossible to do manicure absolutely without lamp.

How to make manicure, using gel varnish, in house conditions

Though for drawing gel varnish it is also necessary to try, the result will be worth it. The sequence of actions will be is as follows:

  1. It is necessary to clean nail plates, to take care of a hairstyle of nails. It is very important, after all such manicure on nails remains for a long time.
  2. Then it is necessary to degrease a surface of nails acetone or the degreasing means.
    Gel varnish in house conditions for beginners step by step video, a photo

    Process of degreasing of nails

  3. After that it is necessary to cover a nail with a colourless varnish or a basis for drawing a varnish very thin layer to improve a krepkost of coupling of a nail plate and gel varnish, that is longer durability of manicure without chips. If the layer is thick, waves will go, and the manicure will be rather weak and not really beautiful.
  4. Gel varnish in house conditions for beginners step by step video, a photo

    Drying of manicure in a lamp

    Then it is necessary to place fingers in UF a lamp for one minute or in a LED lamp for ten seconds if not to make it, with manicure will leave nothing.

  5. Now from above it is necessary to make up a surface of nails color gel varnish, besides, very thin, but even layer, and to record it in UF to a lamp within two minutes or in a LED lamp within thirty seconds, for obtaining brighter and resistant color it is possible to repeat procedure two-three times, but it is no more.
  6. At the end it is necessary to put the finishing touches – to cover each of nails with finishing gel or a special fixer of manicure to keep a small manikyurny masterpiece. But, if you use finishing gel, it is necessary to consider that too it is necessary to dry it in the UF-lamp two minutes or in a LED lamp about thirty seconds.


Manicure pluses about house gel varnish

Gel varnish in house conditions for beginners step by step video, a photo

Autumn manicure

  • The first is, of course, the highest durability of similar manicure. It will hold on not three-seven days as usual manicure, and two or even the whole three weeks.

    It is big plus for strongly busy ladies.

  • Safety for nails. The gel manicure doesn't result in excessive fragility of nails. On the contrary, it even helps them, preserving them from an obkalyvaniye and strengthening them. That, by the way, you won't tell about gel nail extension at all: it, on the contrary, results in weakness and excessive fragility of nails, and even quite often itself becomes the reason of their oblamyvaniye.
  • Brightness of color remains same, as well as right after coloring, for the entire period manicure socks. It, undoubtedly, huge plus, after all, for example, at usual manicure of color considerably fade already just next day.
  • Durability. Many girls have such problem: they do manicure in the evening, and wake up with extremely unpleasant "news" in the morning: on manicure patterns from a pillow imprinted, and sometimes it was at all smeared. And that, and such sometimes it happens if not to wait for full drying. And all work should be made anew. About gel varnish of such it doesn't happen even if you imposed gel varnish in house conditions. After all after drying he behaves as if the real heavy-duty enamel. But, it is obvious, it is necessary to dry up it completely.
    Gel varnish in house conditions for beginners step by step video, a photo

    Comparison of shellac with a usual covering

  • Ease of drawing. A brush – the standard tool for manicure so with complexity of drawing problems will definitely not arise.
  • Fast drying gel varnish. The gel structure of a varnish dries literally some minutes (not without the aid of the UF-lamp, of course), than very much facilitates drawing process.
  • To do manicure, using house gel varnish, rather economically. The bubble will last gel varnish for longer term, than a bubble of a usual varnish.
Gel varnish in house conditions for beginners step by step video, a photo

Drawing covering of So Naturally

Gel varnishes – the fine decision for durable manicure. But, in spite of the fact that they have a set of pluses, from minuses not to get to anywhere.

Minuses of gel manicure

Gel varnish in house conditions for beginners step by step video, a photo

So process of drying of nails in a lamp looks

  • Difficulty performed by, a large number of the equipment. On gel manicure the huge number of time, especially if to do it without experience or with the minimum experience can leave. Besides, the special equipment without which performance of such manicure is simply impossible and useless, in other words, waste of time is necessary.
  • Individual intolerance of components of the substances participating in process of drawing, that is allergic reactions to certain components of a varnish or still something. Allergic reactions can be hard, depends on an organism of the specific person. One of the easiest possible consequences – small stratification of nails.
  • Because the manicure long keeps, in a week the unpainted again grown part of a nail near a cuticle becomes visible. Many girls don't even pay to it any attention therefore it not such and terrible minus, but nevertheless it isn't especially pleasant.
  • Long and heavy procedure of removal gel varnish. It is necessary to allocate about half an hour for it, or even the whole hour because gel varnish very strong, and will long "rest", having densely pasted to a surface of nails.

Removal gel varnish

Of course, it will be easier to go to salon and to ask to remove gel manicure. But it will cost money. Therefore it is better to be engaged in it houses if there is time.

There are two options of removal:

  1. To soak a gel covering in liquid for removal of a varnish. This resistant covering very long therefore it is necessary to sit with fingers, okunuty in the area of a nail in liquid for removal of a varnish fifteen-thirty minutes will resist. Such range is exposed because that the varnish happens different: there is qualitative, firm, darling, who, respectively, will hang on by the skin of teeth, and there is simple rather cheap gel varnish for which and fifteen minutes, in principle, will be enough with the head. But, if it is honest though such varnish cheaper, it will make a little good for your nails.
    After passing of the necessary time, an orange stick accurately to clean a nail and to collect the varnish remains from it.
    Gel varnish in house conditions for beginners step by step video, a photo

    Removal procedure gel varnish step by step

  2. To attach densely to a nail (to each nail separately) the cotton wool which is well moistened with liquid for removal of a varnish. Actually, the first and second options are the same, but the second option is much more convenient because it is possible to move freely, though it is necessary to bother a little with it. To go also fifteen-thirty minutes, depends on a varnish. After that to work as an orange stick for good effect.

Having used one of the options given above, by all means it is necessary to grease hands with the moisturizing or nutritious cream, after all the chemistry dries skin, taking away from it useful substances, it is bad for it therefore it is necessary to restore in it balance of nutrients.

Possible ideas

Of course, it is necessary to remember that the imagination – the main thing in our life. Therefore it isn't necessary to think that the manicure made with the help gel varnish can be only monophonic. It is possible to make a gel service jacket, to ornament nails under Gzhel, to draw stripes, peas, a bear on a small tricycle – anything. Borders aren't present, it is important to remember it. Borders is only your imagination.


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