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Gel varnish in house conditions

In ancient times of the woman aspired to that their handles were gentle and well-groomed. The first manicure which only rich women were able to afford, was from pure cast gold. Excavation in ancient Babylon became the proof to that. And here the queen Cleopatra invented the method of coloring of nail plates, more available to all, by means of henna.

Then there was no such huge choice of means of manicure yet, and though it and seems absurd in present time, but in the ancient time the manicure was done to themselves by both men, and women. Was considered as honor to go into battle with multi-colored nails – so, fully equipped the Roman soldiers defended honor of the people.

And now, through years and centuries, well-groomed and beautiful nails not a rarity, and it is rather a need. The benefit, now to make beautiful, is a huge choice of means and materials. Strengthening and decoration of nails with the help gel varnish became alternative to traditional nail extension.

That represents gel varnish

Very famous for many women the name gel varnish of one known firm sounds –. At the price this gel varnish is much higher, than similar means of other firms. Gel varnish is in fact the same varnish which consists of gel and other components. It not only is decoration of nail plates, but also protects them. Gel a varnish differs from an ordinary varnish in that it keeps on nails more long and if the technology of drawing in accuracy is observed, isn't chopped off. Such manicure rushes more than three weeks.

Advantages and shortcomings gel varnish

Shellac or gel varnish will suit those women for whom it is difficult. Also, if you have short nails, often break or, Mirsovetov recommends to strengthen a nail plate, having covered their gel varnish. Under such protection nails won't spoil, be stratified will grow quicker.

So, pluses gel varnish:

  1. Usual nail varnish keeps twice more long, than.
  2. At contact with household chemicals the varnish won't spoil.
  3. Adds to a plate gloss. This only covering which won't grow dull over time.
  4. Wide variety of a color palette.

Among shortcomings, perhaps, It should be noted only one: gel varnish can't be removed ordinary atsetonovy means for removal of a varnish. Also to make a covering gel - is delicious in house conditions, it is necessary to get a special lamp.

What is it

To make independently manicure, it is necessary to get a starting set which some means, as a rule, enter:

  • obezzhirivatel;
  • basic covering;
  • gel varnish;
  • finishing covering;
  • means for removal of a sticky layer;
  • means for removal gel varnish.

Many say that will be unprofitable to get such starting set for house use. But if to count, in how many to you the saloon manicure gel varnish will manage, the spent time, payment of service and journey, it is possible to argue.

Of course, there is no such need to get a color palette from ten flakonchik – enough to stop on two-three basic varnishes for manicure. Mirsovetov recommends to the readers to get two bottles gel varnish – pastel tone and one bright: red, crimson or cherry.

Besides a starting set for manicure gel varnish, the special lamp is necessary. You shouldn't get expensive branded lamps for private use. If to buy an inexpensive lamp and to use it once a month, it will serve to you some years. By the way, the lamp can be borrowed from the girlfriend.

At a lamp choice for a helium varnish it is necessary to know the following:

  1. To dry up a varnish under a lamp, the 9, 12 or 36 watts ultra-violet lamps will approach. The price of the device and time of drying depends on power. So, if in a 9-watt lamp it is necessary to dry a varnish 5-7 minutes, in 36 watt – only two minutes. On sale lamps with timers and are presented without. A shortcoming – bulky, need of replacement of heating elements in case of failure.
  2. The mini-lamps created especially for drying of gel varnishes became novelties of nail service. Such devices – ICE lamp are called. They also have different power. Are very convenient for house use as have the small size (can be located in the king to a handbag). Drying of a varnish takes only 30 seconds. A shortcoming – high cost.

Drawing varnish independently

To cover nails in house conditions it is necessary:

  • file - grinding;
  • obezzhirivatel;
  • ultra-violet lamp, it is desirable on 36 W as in other varnish can not dry out or ICE lamp;
  • basis under a varnish;
  • color varnish;
  • fixer – the top covering (happens glossy and opaque);
  • means for removal of a sticky layer or ordinary pharmaceutical alcohol;
  • lint-free napkins (paper towels will approach).

Before starting drawing a helium varnish, it is necessary to make manicure. It can be both cut, and not cut manicure (by means of a milling cutter or special means). After the manicure is ready, it is necessary not to kill within half an hour hands water that the nail plate wasn't softened.

Gel varnish in house conditions

Manicure stages about gel varnish:

That means after drawing didn't exfoliate, by means of a grinding file accurately to polish a nail surface. It is only not enough to remove luster. A brush (the old toothbrush will approach) to remove dust.

Gel varnish in house conditions
Gel varnish in house conditions

By means of an obezzhirivatel to walk a brush on a nail plate, to try not to get means on skin. For economy ordinary liquid for removal of a varnish without additives, dyes and fragrances can replace this means. It it is necessary to process accurately a plate surface by means of a lint-free napkin.

Gel varnish in house conditions

To cause with a thin layer base – a basis under a varnish. It is necessary to remember that the layer has to be thin. To prevent flaking of a varnish and chips of a nail plate, it is necessary to paint over also an end face of a nail. At first the base on nails of the left hand (for lefthanders is caused – on the contrary), leaving a thumb.

To dry base in a lamp on 36 W – two minutes, in ICE lamp – 30 seconds.

After time expired, to apply base on a thumb and to send to dry under a lamp.

Then in two layers to cover nails with a color varnish. To dry 120 seconds.

Gel varnish in house conditions

We use a varnish gently peach glossy translucent.

To put a fixer.

To dry under a lamp.

Gel varnish in house conditions

Removal of a sticky (dispersive) layer will be the final stage. By means of a lint-free napkin and special means to remove a sticky layer – to moisten a nail.

Everything, the manicure is ready!

Gel varnish in house conditions
Gel varnish in house conditions

After passes three weeks and there will be a need to update a covering, it is necessary by means of special means to remove a varnish. As to make it, read in article from Mirsovetov "How to remove gel varnish in house conditions".


To save, it is possible not to get special lint-free napkins. They with success will be replaced by usual paper towels of white color. They need to be cut on small rectangles.

At removal of a sticky layer with the help, both special means, and alcohol, on each nail it is necessary to use a new napkin. If the same napkin to walk on all nails, is great the risk of that beautiful luster will disappear.

Small secret: if after step-by-step implementation of all points of drawing a helium varnish, nails look not as after saloon procedure – became dim and without luster, it means that the thick layer of base, a varnish or a fixer which weren't in time, properly to dry out was put. In that case it is necessary to cover nail plates with a thin layer of means or to dry in lamps bigger, than two minutes.

Of course, for the first time it is necessary to spend more time for beautiful manicure, than it borrows from the master in salon. Over time everything will turn out. Good luck!