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Geometry on nails gel varnish

Geometry on nails gel varnish

Hands of the woman is her second person therefore it is extremely important to watch closely a condition of the manicure. Now there is a set of various conditioning agents behind hands. One of the most fashionable types is a geometrical design of nails.

Geometrical neyl-art

The geometrical neyl-art or as it is called, geometry of nails is a technology of drawing on nails of geometrical forms. It is possible to draw on figure nails instinctively, having armed only with the imagination, and it is possible to use special tools for this purpose.

Such original decoration of nails doesn't remain unnoticed by people around.

Ways of drawing

It is possible to draw figures on nails manually, using a brush. The image of simple patterns is created by a thin brush. Also instead of a brush it is possible to use a toothpick. Such method of drawing geometrical drawing demands from the performer of some skills.

If you decided that you will do geometrical manicure independently, you need to buy a good UF-lamp and a thin brush with long pile.

It is important to have "a firm hand" and confidence, and it is got with practice. Therefore try and improve the skill. From time to time will be will turn out better and better.

To create such pattern, varnishes of different flowers and a colourless fixer are necessary. At first nails become covered by one tone. After that over it various figures are put. It is possible to be limited to removal only of a contour, and it is possible to paint over them.

When drawing is completely put, the nail needs to be covered with a fixer.

How to make geometrical neyl-ap: you look in this video.


It is the simplest type of drawing drawing on nails. It is carried out as follows. Nails become covered by a light varnish. Having waited for its full drying, on a nail strips are pasted. Further we put a varnish of other color. After we remove strips. If you want to apply on nails still other figures, you will need to do this manipulation once again.

When drawing is put, nails become covered by a fixer.

Adhesive tape

It is more convenient and fast way of creation of geometrical drawing. For this purpose it is necessary to cut out any geometrical forms, to varnish nails, to dry up, after to paste paper figures atop and to put a varnish of other color. After the varnish dries in a lamp, they should be cleaned. As a result we receive not painted over sites on nails in the form of various figures.


Dots is the brush made of metal with a tip in the form of a ball. It is used for drawing on nails of circles and points. Method of application of this brush very simple: we dip it into a jar with a varnish, then we press a tip to a nail.

This equipment now enjoys wide popularity.

Decorative elements

As a rule, it is strips which happen silvery and gold color and have the sticky basis. For creation on nails of the geometrical image it is necessary to apply gel varnish, to dry up it under a lamp, to paste strips (for example, on a diagonal), to apply a varnish of other color on the formed segments. Further it is possible to remove or leave strips, having cut the ends. The final stage - to apply a fixer on a nail plate.

Cliche or stamp

Here the main tool is a cliche on which various geometrical drawings are already applied. It needs to be varnished and pressed to a nail plate by means of a peculiar stamp. This way allows to create difficult design on nails in a couple of minutes.

Step-by-step algorithm

Stage 1:

Basic manicure - hygienic processing of hands, polishing and degreasing of nail plates.

Stage 2:

We cover a nail with special means - a basis under gel varnish. After we polymerize under a special lamp about a minute.

Stage 3:

We cover a nail plate color gel varnish and properly we seal an open edge of a nail. After drawing the next layer polymerization procedure follows not less than 2 minutes.

If you want that color of a varnish became more saturated, it is necessary to repeat everything manipulation once again.

Stage 4:

We pass to drawing of geometrical forms. In those zones of a nail plate where drawings connect, we draw lines by means of a black varnish. We receive a fashionable image.

Stage 5:

We cover the executed drawing with a fixer and we polymerize under a lamp of 3 minutes.

The manicure in geometrical style is executed.

Fashionable councils

The last year on the European podiums among Gothic dark, scarlet, metal and the nyudovykh of manicures flaunts a geometrical neyl-art.

The most popular currents in this art is a service jacket and its derivatives, a "lunar" and "marble" neyl-art, and also "negative space" style. But the leader among them the last two years - a geometrical neyl-art.

Accurate geometrical forms tvmesto lyrical flower motives are used by designers for the fashionable displays.

In spite of the fact that most of branded designers give preference to a fashionable strip, you can represent bravely on the nails various geometrical forms: points, straight lines and broken lines, rhombuses, circles, triangles and others.

Last year experts in the field of a neyl-art developed some interesting decisions, combining geometry with other popular stylistics of manicure, such as "lunar" equipment ", negative space," an opaque and sand relief. Now the fashion is coordinated by not "naphthalenic" templates and the isolated images, and a fantaziynost and courage of ideas.

The fashionable inventions of designers embodied on podiums aren't always suitable for execution in everyday life. Fortunately, a geometrical neyl-art - an exception of this rule. The main thing in this case - not to overload the manicure with all geometrical forms known to you, differently the design will look tasteless and old-fashioned. Therefore at a choice of drawing be guided by the principle of "one figure", that is don't stir circles with triangles and squares.

Popular tendency this year - manicure in style of dominoes. It can be executed in beauty shop or it is independent. For this purpose it is necessary:

  • to varnish a nail plate of white color, it is desirable opaque;
  • to draw with a black varnish some points that it was similar to dominoes;
  • to put a fixer.

Effective drawing is ready.

Design "Snowflake" - one more original form of geometrical drawing. Here it is important that snowflakes were identical on each nail.

The equipment "Abstraction" enjoys wide popularity. It is considered the most difficult performed by. To represent a pattern, it is necessary to apply with a bright varnish on a surface of a nail plate a basis under drawing. Atop to draw points of the different size and to connect them among themselves. In end to cover a nail with a fixer.

Equipment "Geometrical disorder". Here the main reception is drawing of geometrical forms over each other. It is possible to combine different figures or identical, but the different sizes. Generally, give vent to the imagination.

Equipment "Ethnic drawings". Use any figures reminding an ornament on national suits.

Equipment "Mosaic". For performance of manicure in this style it is necessary to cover a nail plate with a monophonic varnish, to draw on it any "zones" and to paint them in a contrast color.

Equipment "Chess". Effective and simple performed by design of a neyl-art. Snachalo a nail becomes covered by white color. Then the black varnish draws vertical and horizontal strips, kradratik in "a chess order" are painted over. For this equipment it is possible to use other color combinations.

For drawing of geometrical forms use varnishes with a high density that there was no need to put some layers and to these to distort a general view of manicure. Gel varnishes because "related" colors won't give desirable effect is better to use contrast shades.

If your brush for drawing of figures is too wide, it can be cut to the size necessary to you.

If for the neyl-art you chose too difficult design consisting of a set of different forms, we advise to cover with drawing not all nails on a hand. Too elaborate drawing can visually "weight" manicure.

If you for the first time decided to put independently geometrical drawings, it is worth being trained at first on paper. The main thing to be attentive and to give vent to the imagination.