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Glass nails – stained glass gel varnish

We won't deny that the beautiful manicure on well-groomed hands became part of image of any woman for a long time. Ideally processed fingers with an accurate covering – the real indicator of elegance and elegance.

Today the manicure is one of the most demanded cosmetic procedures, after all the condition of hands is capable to tell about age of the woman, about her addictions and a way of life. For creation of original manicure various means are used.

Glass nails – stained glass gel varnish

Let's discuss such fashionable glass nails in this season and the stained glass gel varnish used for their creation.

Novelty in manicure

The stained glass varnish — is translucent gel a varnish with the translucent effect which when drawing creates similarity with a glass or crystal stained-glass window. A huge variety of shades allows to create original and unique design.

The distinctive feature stained glass gel of varnishes is an ability to strengthen depth and style of registration of a nail, to add the necessary accents and to change initial color scale.

For manicurists such varnishes open ample opportunities, allowing to create original and stylish compositions which will always draw attention and to resist before which it is almost impossible.

Glass nails – stained glass gel varnish

Transparency of a stained glass varnish creates feeling of unreality and zero gravity, doing a marigold extraordinary beautiful, irrespective of their form and length and helping with creation of an individual image.

As what to choose design with stained glass gel varnish

Because of much smaller (in comparison with other goods of this type) quantity of pigments, the varnish has transparent structure that allows to put under it a stemping-pattern, a substrate from a foil or any list.

On such surprising background all this will look in a new way, causing delight and admiration not only in people around, but also in the owner of stylish manicure.

The stained glass design is especially harmoniously combined with a transparent service jacket, the fan service jacket, an extension. By means of acrylic paints it is possible to create a matchless stained glass neyl-art.

Such varnish is also perfectly combined with the "Cat's eye" which isn't losing the popularity, allowing to give to manicure more than depth and volume.

Glass nails – stained glass gel varnish

At design stained glass gel varnish different types of decorative materials are often used: pastes, spangles, laces, mica. Uniqueness and originality stained glass gel varnish amplifies thanks to special firmness of which all women dream.

Features of application 

The stained glass manicure has one feature: the covering ostattsya transparent and on appearance reminds glass. Such design is good not only on a natural marigold, but also perfectly looks on a gel basis.

Will be necessary for stained glass manicure: a brush for a portrayal acrylic paints, gel a varnish and various means of a decor.

Glass nails – stained glass gel varnish

There is some technician of stained glass design: 

  • planimetric design – acrylic paint or a dark varnish by means of a thin brush contours space in which then are filled with multi-colored stained glass varnishes appear;
  • the mosaic design – a nail is filled with spangles, mica or slices of a foil;
  • painted design – various patterns are applied on a nail;
  • the combined design – equipment the stained glass effect at which is reached by various combinations of above-mentioned options;
  • also stained glass gel varnishes create beautiful depth, when drawing on opaque gel a varnish of similar color.

Glass nails – stained glass gel varnish

Glass nails – stained glass gel varnish

Order of drawing stained glass manicure

  1. We prepare a nail plate: polishing by a file, processing by a primer and causing base (drying in an uf-lamp of 1 min.).
  2. We create stained glass design, we dry each layer for two minutes.
  3. We cover a nail with a top (drying in an uf-lamp – 2 min.)

Glass nails – stained glass gel varnish

The technology of drawing stained glass gel varnishes differs in nothing from the standard. For a bigger saturation and increase of durability, it is recommended to apply 2-3 varnish coats.

On condition of the correct observance of technology, stained glass gel the varnish will hold on on nails from 15 to 20 days.


Catalog stained glass gel-nail varnishes

In total gel varnishes are made from raw materials of very high quality.   a Variety of a color palette is capable to satisfy even the most refined taste, but to be defined, considering the existing variety, sometimes happens not easy. We will consider the most popular options.

  • Stained glass Cody gel varnishes 

One of the most popular brands in the nail industry created an ideal "crystal" covering. The producer promises not simply stained glass covering, but effect of jewels.

Glass gel a varnish from Cody will please not only effective deep flowers, but also firmness and quality of a covering. That the "stained glass" collection didn't disappoint you you put color with a thin layer.

  • Stained glass Vogue gel varnish  

New coverings from Vog pleased neyl-masters. Deep transparent colors allow to create beautiful design not only in the stained glass — transparent style, but also to do a background dense bed deeper and juicy.

The dense dense consistence allows not to flow to a covering on prinogtevy rollers. It is well fixed in a lamp — doesn't contract and doesn't burst.

Glass nails – stained glass gel varnish

  • Stained glass Blyuskay gel varnish 

Before emergence of this product in the market, quite impressive advertizing company was carried out. The Chinese producer promised to create a miracle with any marigold, including with the damaged. Judging by responses of masters – similar statements no other than a competent marketing mix. Upon Bluesky can disappoint the buyer, especially if not to know how it is correct to use it, but considering more than reasonable price, it would be strange to count on another.

First, the basis under it is obligatory, and in - to cover the second from above with a fixer or other varnish it is impossible by no means. The effect right there vanishes, and in certain cases a surface from smooth also turns into the inaccurately reaped.

How to make a stained glass varnish most

To acquire qualitative goods not easy even in large megalopolises. What to speak about inhabitants of small towns and settlements. But that there is a wish to be fashionable!! The exit is. Try to make stained glass gel varnish independently in house conditions.

For this purpose it is possible to use base and the pleasant color gel a varnish or stained glass paint not on a water basis.

Everything is rather simple: it is necessary to mix couple of drops of base with a small amount of color.

Degree of transparency can be regulated independently. Work with such gel differs in nothing from work with a stained glass covering.


You shouldn't expect that "the prepared stained-glass window" will correspond to quality of an original product. Feature of a stained glass covering in juiciness and brightness transparent varnish gel. Independently mixed color will be more dim, however the necessary effect will be present, but whether it and is necessary to us.

The glass marigold created by means of stained glass gel will become excellent addition to the image which is thought over to trifles. Try this option of manicure to feel rather irresistible.

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