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Gradient on nails gel varnish

Gradient on nails gel varnish

Each woman wants to look stylishly and fashionably, to keep up to date. Well-groomed handles of the lady become guarantee of her success in all fields of activity, including, and at an opposite sex. The accurate and creative manicure will become a subject of enthusiastic views of your family. Thus it isn't obligatory to address to salon, it is possible to make procedure and in house conditions. It is important that materials and tools were qualitative and reliable.

Recently popularity the interesting technology of drawing gathers gel varnish – a gradient. We will consider its features and advantages in our article.

What is it

The gradient manicure (it an extension, it is Ombre style) represents smooth transition from one shade to another. In the world of neyl-design it appeared rather recently, but already won hearts of many women of fashion. Now this type of a covering is also in great demand and popularity.

Many ladies prefer this technology because it allows to use at once some flowers. Such marigold will always look fashionably, it is creative and successful to supplement a stylish image of any woman of fashion. Thus It should be noted that border between flowers smooth, but not pronounced. Shades get each other, supplementing the last color.

From French "Ombre" it is transferred as "shadow". Word "gradient" of a Latin origin. However, as if you didn't begin to call this nail-equipment, the result from it won't change – a marigold will be attractive and well-groomed.

There are some types of a gradient. You will be able to choose the option suitable for itself which will look fashionably and attractively:

  • Vertical manicure. This option represents transition of color from top to down. Such design will perfectly look on your marigold, changing them.
  • Horizontal option. Respectively, the shade will change from left to right. Especially attractively at such equipment a marigold of average length will look.
  • Original manicure. This option represents transition of shades from one finger to another. This nail-design will advantageously look even on a short marigold.
  • French gradient. At such equipment white color which will pass in transparent towards the lower part of a nail is caused on edge of a nail. Such option will perfectly look on a long and thin marigold.

It is possible to carry the following to the main advantages of this technology:

  • Simplicity and ease. Of course masterly to create such creative design, it is necessary to stock up with patience, especially to beginners. By means of practice, and also qualitative reliable materials and tools you will be able to reach professionalism over time, it is pleasant to surprise the family.
  • Availability. You will be able to get gel varnish for creation of this equipment in any professional shop. You will only need to pick up a suitable color palette, to choose favourite brand and to use a product with pleasure.
  • Democratic cost. You will be able to acquire cosmetic goods at the favorable price. The optimum combination of parameter the price quality will pleasantly surprise all ladies. You will be able to save the family savings.
  • It is possible to save also time. Now it won't be necessary to visit expensive beauty shops, to wait for record to the necessary expert. It is possible independently, in house conditions to create creative design the hands. Besides for this purpose regular trainings and qualitative goods will be required. With experience acquisition you will be able to do a gradient equal, beautiful and graceful.
  • Excellent mood. Design to "ombra" – stylish and fashionable. It will be ideally suited to any your style. Well-groomed and attractive handles will become the key to success in affairs and attention of people around. All this will lighten you mood and will adjust on a positive harmony.

How to do such manicure

If you only comprehend elements of manicure and you don't represent how to make a gradient on your marigold, the following information will be useful to you. In equipment there is nothing difficult. It is possible to create beautiful nail design independently. It will be for a start necessary to stock up with all necessary adaptations.

There are some ways of drawing a varnish. You can use any of them:


By means of a sponge you will be able to embody in reality creative design in equipment of "Ombre". It is necessary to take some flowers which most suit you or are pleasant. Now it is worth varnishing part of a surface of a sponge the necessary shades. You put slowly stripes of color which will adjoin with each other.

Remember that the sponge has to be washed well up and dried up. Also that will approach, than you wash the dishes. It will be necessary to cut previously it on small slices. You remember and protection of a cuticle. For this purpose it should be closed an adhesive tape or to smear with PVA glue. Upon completion of procedure you with ease will clean this layer and a varnish doesn't remain on skin of fingers.

We will consider various technologies of a qualitative covering by means of a sponge:

  1. At first it is worth imposing base which will dry out under the UF-lamp on a nail plate.
  2. Take a foil and make on it some droplets gel varnish nearby from each other. Now it is worth mixing substance among themselves, having created an average shade by means of a toothpick.
  3. Take a sponge and apply it to a varnish. Let it will absorb it. If you wish to avoid undesirable bubbles on a nail surface, it is worth making the first couple of prints on a foil.
  4. By means of accurate elastic movements transfer gel varnish to a nail. Do so many layers, how many it is required to reach a desirable saturation of color.
  5. It should be noted that each such covering needs to be dried well under a lamp. After color suits you, put a top and dry properly in a lamp.

There is one more option of drawing gel varnish by means of a sponge:

  1. Originally it is necessary to cause base and it is good to dry it under a lamp.
  2. Now take two favourite shades and apply them directly on a nail plate end-to-end with a dense layer.
  3. Further we take a sponge and we blot with the fast movement a nail. It is necessary to do it easily, but with small pressing. As tone is leveled, reduce pressing. So you will be able to get rid of bubbles.
  4. You shouldn't at once start drying a nail. Wait a little until means takes the form of a nail surface. Be engaged in other fingers. If there are casual bubbles, they should be liquidated a toothpick.
  5. Then it is necessary to put with a similar way also the second layer. Their quantity will depend on the necessary effect, and also on the used materials.
  6. After that it is worth covering a surface with a top and to fix under a lamp.

If at you from the first it didn't turn out to create smooth transition, be not upset. Simply slightly powder area of mixing of flowers with transparent spangles. Such design will turn out even more interestingly and more creatively.


It is possible to create a gradient and by means of a brush. There are too some ways which will help to make creative manicure. For this purpose it is worth taking a flat synthetic brush with the direct or semicircular end. Or it is better to apply that by means of which you cause base. Main technology following:

  1. It is worth choosing some shades gel varnish and to cover with each of them a nail half. Layers should be done thin that it was easy to shade them.
  2. Now take a flat brush, moisten it in a klinser, let it will become damp. Now by means of easy movements carry out it from a cuticle to a nail tip. It is necessary to hold a brush almost parallel to a nail surface. It becomes that it didn't spoil a gradient, and exactly it smoothed. When you see that the area of transition became soft, it is possible to send hands to dry under a lamp.
  3. Now on the same technology it is worth putting the second layer and the third. Then color will turn out saturated. Fix everything by means of a top and dry up a surface.

It is possible to create Ombre style and by means of a fan brush. Of course, transition will turn out not such smooth, but it will be a highlight of this design. It is possible quickly in house conditions to create the manicure, necessary for you. It is easy to make it:

  1. It is necessary to apply on a nail surface base for a start. Take the lightest shade which you will use in a gradient. You put a varnish in one or several layers. Now let everything will dry under a lamp.
  2. The following stage you need to take a foil. Mix on it suitable shades to receive average color. You will also apply it on nail core. It will be transition area.
  3. A little lower, practically on the tip put the most dark shade. Now take a little damp brush and you drive it here and there, slightly adjoining to a nail surface. Do it until gain the necessary effect.
  4. Now all this will need to be dried in a lamp.
  5. Then add the second layer and repeat the above described procedure. Remember that it is better to apply the main shade on the top area of a nail that it didn't block a gradient. Dry up everything under a lamp.

For adherents of classics it is possible to create an unusual service jacket by means of a gradient. It is created like the technologies described above. Thus it is worth taking classical shades as a basis. The skilled master with ease will make your handles beautiful and attractive. And in house conditions it is independently possible to make a similar covering.


It should be noted that by means of a gradient it is possible to create the most various design. We already sorted horizontal and vertical options which can be made a wide brush or a comb, and also sponzhy.

  • Also this equipment with spangles will gracefully look. You will be able to place emphasis on your marigold. Such manicure will perfectly fit into any festive event, a friendly party or a shower family sit-round gathering.

It should be noted that what way you wouldn't choose, it is necessary to prepare a marigold for this procedure carefully. For this purpose, first of all, it is worth giving to nails the necessary form and length. It becomes by means of a soft nail file. Correction of a cuticle will become the following stage. It becomes without rasparivaniye in water.

For this purpose at first it is necessary to soften a cuticle with special means, having a little removed it. Now take baf and remove gloss from a nail surface. In summary it is worth degreasing all marigold, including a cut and a cuticle. And only after handles will be prepared, it is possible to begin procedure: to cause base, gel varnish, a top, to dry in a lamp.

  • One more widespread way of creation of a gradient – geometrical. It looks quite stylishly and originally, will bring a fresh note in your image. The design becomes a thin brush. Two shades will be necessary for you for its creation. For example, you can take color and white gel varnish. It will be necessary to dilute consistently color shellac, creating lighter options. By means of them you will also draw geometrical figures.

You pass from the lightest shade to more dark. It is necessary to apply thus only a thin film that gel varnish didn't spread. You shouldn't dry each layer. Only having finished all process, a marigold can be sent to dry under a lamp. The rhombus became one of demanded geometrical gradients of this season. It looks fashionably, stylishly and attractively.

In order that this option of design turned out accurate and accurate, it is worth using special cliches. However it is necessary to remember that the structure gel varnish such that it can flow under a cliche. Be extremely accurate and careful. Having been accustomed, you will do it quickly and precisely.

  • One more fashionable option –an air gradient. It becomes by means of air brush. It is possible to refer efficiency, accuracy, accuracy and speed to advantages of such way. Thanks to this device you will be able to create fashionable design for a short period. On one nail about two minutes will leave.

For this purpose it is necessary to fill in paint in the device, to turn on the compressor and to spray means on a surface of a nail plate. As a rule, paint is created on a water basis or on the spirit. Then, after drawing skin can be cleared by means of special liquid. It is remarkable that paint is sprayed by a thin layer. Thus, its expense will be minimum. You receive beautiful manicure even in house conditions.

Of course, the gradient is best of all to do gel varnish. This surface will keep much more long, you will be able to do the household chores, without being afraid that the varnish will crack or will lose an original form. The saturation of a color covering is also advantage of each flakonchik with means. A brilliant marigold will become guarantee of your success and good mood.


As for color, there is no consensus what better to choose. It is worth being guided by the flavoring preferences, favourite shades. You shouldn't be afraid to experiment and combine colors. You will be able to receive, to the surprise, attractive original option.

  • Many conservatives give preference to classics:to black and white shades. With their help it is possible to make office manicure with a gradient which will stylishly look on fingers and will approach any your business suit.
  • Bright persons who seek to be allocated from crowd to place emphasis on the identity, give preference to red shades. They can be combined successfully with pink, white, claret, lilac, black and other flowers. If you create manicure on an exit, it is possible to use spangles. So your image will turn out extravagant. Don't forget to observe moderation in clothes thus.
  • Fashionable original color in this season onyx. It can also be combined with your favourite shades. Thus it is worth remembering that it is better to select contrast light and dark tone. They will advantageously look on your handles.

Master classes

Skilled masters in beauty shops will be able show quickly enough and trouble-free equipment of "Ombre". However in the sphere of nail service it is necessary to many beginners hardly. In house conditions and furthermore on short nails sometimes so not easy to create similar design, crying there is nothing for the moon.

We will consider step by step how simply, correctly and effectively to put such covering.

  • Step 1. The equipment of a gradient is special that it is necessary to create smooth transition from one color to another. That the covering turned out qualitative and durable, it is necessary to prepare properly a nail plate, to degrease it. Remove an old covering, carry out correction of nails and a cuticle, set a certain length. That gel varnish possessed good coupling with a nail surface, it is necessary to put a special primer, and also to cover nails with special base. Properly we dry up everything under a lamp.
  • Step 2. After everything is properly dried, it is possible to start creation of design. We apply by means of a brush two colors of a varnish on a nail end-to-end.
  • Step 3. We take a brush and we shade accurately border of shades. Then it is necessary to put again a varnish coat, having repeated the same procedure. It will be necessary to reach the desirable brightness of color, without forgetting each layer to dry in the UF-lamp.
  • Step 4. Now it is possible to cover a marigold with a top. Surely well dry a surface under a lamp. As a result you receive beautiful and fashionable manicure which with ease you will do in house conditions.


Among numerous positive responses of the woman note beauty of this option of drawing gel varnish. A marigold in Ombre style looks stylishly and attractively. They will help to place emphasis on your identity, it is pleasant to surprise colleagues, to draw attention of an opposite sex.

It is pleasant to girls and that this design will never get out of fashion. It is possible to do the most various unusual color combinations, selecting them to clothes or the mood. Ladies note simplicity and ease of drawing. From the first it seems that it is quite difficult to put and shade gel varnish by means of various adaptations. However it far not so. Over time you will gain experience and you will derive from process only pleasure.

Availability of means – one more advantage. You will be able to please yourself with new tone of a varnish at any time, having bought it in professional shop. It is worth buying exactly there to avoid fakes. Of course, it is worth being anyway vigilant: attentively examine goods before purchase.

Opportunity to create beauty in house conditions – essential economy of your budget. You won't need to go to expensive salons, to register to the master, it is possible to develop independently houses technology and perfectly to carry out procedure. Thus you keep family accumulation, process will comfortably take place, in a habitual situation. It is one more positive moment which is noted by beauties.

Of course, it is worth paying special attention to a varnish choice. Don't forget to get also additional resources and accessories which will help you with a manicuring. Before starting procedure be convinced, whether all materials and tools are prepared. Only by means of the careful plan it is possible to create worthy option which will flaunt on your fingers.

Many women consider that a gradient – design which is ideally suited for any age. Both young persons, and mature solid ladies can use it. Here it is possible to vary in the color, creating various images.

In article we considered, than the gradient on nails which is created with the help gel varnish is remarkable. Now you can start independent practice. Remember that the more often you apply this technology, the you acquire more experience and the your works become better. Be not afraid to improvise, mix tone, include spangles and even pastes, but don't go too far. Let your handles will be beautiful, attractive and will tell about your success and self-confidence.

Further the video lesson which is devoted to one of the technician of creation of a gradient gel varnish (other names follows: an extension or an ombra on nails).