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As it is correct to apply shellac, we learn all rules of this procedure

Gel a varnish made revolution in the industry of beauty long ago. This unique material combines the best qualities of a varnish and gel. The technology of simple drawing is combined by a varnish brush with durability and durability of polymer, and the basic covering will provide flatness and good coupling. But not many know how it is correct to apply shellac therefore at first it is necessary to study all rules of this procedure.

Any master of salon will have no trouble in doing excellent manicure by means of shellac. But what to do if funds for continuous visit of salon aren't enough, and beautiful nogotochka there is a wish always? The exit consists in manicure gel a house varnish.

At first sight it seems that saloon procedure is much cheaper, than purchase of necessary materials and tools, but it not so. The covering keeps on average two weeks, the expense of a flakonchik turns out very small, thus, manicure in house conditions will pay off already through two-three applications.

Is, of course, and other options to make nails beautiful, for example, four hours to do the building harmful to nails, or to paint with a usual varnish, changing it every day. About gel everything is delicious much more simply and quicker.

That is necessary for manicure house shellac

As it is correct to apply shellac, we learn all rules of this procedure

Choosing a covering shellac, the woman of fashion in one hour receives two-week manicure which doesn't lose luster, isn't chopped off and doesn't crack. But such result is possible, only if to know all subtleties of drawing. Otherwise the finish socks will come in some days.

To make handles beautiful it is necessary to stock up with time, patience and necessary materials:

  • The file abrasivity 230 grit
  • Nail file for natural nails
  • Polishing baff
  • Obezzhirivatel
  • Lint-free napkins
  • Means for removal of a cuticle
  • Pusher or orange stick
  • Primer
  • Bonder
  • Basic covering
  • Pigmented gel varnish
  • Finishing covering
  • Means for dispersion removal
  • Oil for a cuticle
  • UF or LED lamp

That the manicure of the house didn't disappoint, it is necessary to pay attention to a basic and top covering. It is best of all to choose the checked known firms as, having pursued benefit it is possible to encounter low-quality material. Consequences of such economy can be not only in short-lived manicure, but also in harm to a marigold shellac. The finish and base have to be a uniform consistence, without lumps and foreign substances. Upon purchase it is necessary to check a material expiration date.

Skilled experts recommend not to carry shellac more long than two weeks and to do a break after the second repeated drawing week, and it is better two.

It is necessary that the nail plate has a rest and was restored. During this period it is better in house conditions to influence it the different strengthening means.

Correctly to remove manicure of the house to be necessary means for removal gel of a varnish and sponzha on a foil. To save houses it is possible to take usual wadded disks and a food foil. The top for nails before removal should be cut, so the covering will depart quicker.

Secrets of putting shellac in house conditions

As it is correct to apply shellac, we learn all rules of this procedureAs it is correct to apply shellac, we learn all rules of this procedureAs it is correct to apply shellac, we learn all rules of this procedure

The campaign in salon pleases any female person. Everyone will pleasantly relax in the master's hands, and will trust in his experience. Often this gratefulness costs much rather, considering that two times a month are required to do such procedure. Unfortunately not all can afford it, someone doesn't have enough finance, at someone time. The manicure in house conditions can become the optimum decision, to know the main thing how to pass these stages correctly.

After preparation of tools there comes very important point of preparation of hands and nails. Depends on this stage as long the covering won't give otsloek:

  • The first that needs to be made, it to clear nails of an old covering even if it is a transparent varnish.

It is best of all to make cleaning manicure with soaking some days before putting shellac.

  • It is still in advance possible to remove a cuticle in house conditions with a trimming method. It will allow to save houses on special means which softens a cuticle
  • If such means is already available, it is necessary to apply it on cuticle area, leveling an orange stick, and to leave for some minutes for a softening.

It is important to remove all become lifeless fabric from a nail, differently early otsloek not to avoid.

  • It isn't necessary to apply various oils, masks and other means before applying gel a varnish, the surface of a nail has to be absolutely pure and dry
  • Further it is necessary to cut a brilliant layer of a natural nail plate an abrasive file, and to polish the baffy.

In vain not to harm to a marigold, it is necessary to read the instruction to shellac as it isn't required to some brands I washed down also grinding.

  • To remove the formed dust with the soft brush, an obezzhirivatel or cotton wool moistened with water. It is obligatory to wait before drying
  • If nails by nature damp, or before drawing a hand were under the influence of water, it is better to use a degidrant. It deeply dehydrates a surface. But if with a nail plate everything is normal, it is possible to do and without it.

Further in house conditions many make a mistake, missing drawing a primer and bonder, or interchanging them. Of course, in house conditions it is difficult to observe everything correctly, but, nevertheless, it is necessary to try to do it. At first the primer is put. It protects a natural nail plate from harmful effects and pigmentation, removes moisture and degreases. It dries in a couple of minutes on air. Using a primer, it is possible not to use an obezzhirivatel.

After a primer, how to paint a basic covering for nails, it is necessary to cover a surface with a bonder. It serves for the best hitch of coverings. Of course, houses are not always opportunity to use it therefore it is possible to manage only base, but term socks of such manicure will be not such long. After thorough training it is possible to start drawing gel coverings. Equipment this simple:

  • Very thin layer puts a basic covering. It levels a nail plate and promotes adhesion.

If to paint with too dense bed, it can simply not dry out under a lamp.

Still there will be problems during removal of manicure as on destruction of a layer more time will leave, therefore, there will be more harm from means for removal

  • Color shellac too needs to be painted it is thin, differently the covering not only will dry out, but also will shrink and bubble. Usually for brightness and a good prokrashivaniye it is put simply in couple of layers, polymerizing everyone. The sticky layer thus doesn't need to be deleted, it serves as an additional hitch
  • The finish can be painted with more dense bed, than the first two. The finishing covering will serve as a board throughout all covering socks. It will protect from tarnishing, scratches and small damages. In spite of the fact that it is the strongest layer, you shouldn't check the finish for durability once again, picking something or using nails as openers

It is necessary to dry each layer a couple of minutes in an uf-lamp, and 30-40 seconds in LED. On completion of drying of the last layer dispersion which is removed means for removal of a varnish, special liquid or an obezzhirivatel is formed. After removal of a sticky layer the finish will begin to shine luster, so the manicure is ready.

Useful tips

As it is correct to apply shellac, we learn all rules of this procedure

Before starting manicure, it is necessary to find out about nuances of work. The even beginning self-educated persons should know some subtleties which will help to make manicure correctly. After all all know that skill consists in details.

  • It is necessary to apply the moisturizing oil on skin round nails and a cuticle. In house conditions it is possible to use usual vegetable oil
  • If houses in the course of drawing any layer the substance got on skin, it is necessary to remove it accurately. To avoid similar troubles, it is necessary to paint a nail, receding from skin one millimeter
  • When greasing it is possible to twist a finger, leveling gel. As a last resort, it is possible to remove not stiffened covering with a lint-free napkin and an obezzhirivatel
  • After a preparatory stage it is impossible to touch nails fingers, differently skin fat again will get on a surface
  • When drawing each layer it is necessary to carry out a brush on edge of a nail, and it is a little from below, especially if it is the finish.

Having examined bases of putting shellac it is possible to start practice safely. After the correct drawing the manicure can become not only visual addition of an image, but also a pride subject. This covering will surely please any woman of fashion, and will take control of a worthy place on a dressing table.