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How to draw a service jacket gel a varnish in house conditions

The French manicure gel is delicious traditionally remains classical option for any case. It looks accurately and gently, will successfully fit in in an image, both the business lady, and the young girl of the student.

To learn to draw a service jacket gel, it is necessary to be trained a little, but in general the drawing "smiles" rather simple and plain therefore the even beginning master can cope with it. Besides classical, it is possible to do also the return service jacket, and also to use instead of traditional flowers bright tone.

How to draw a service jacket gel a varnish in house conditions

We draw a service jacket gel step by step

The service jacket is done today, as by means of usual varnishes, and gel of varnishes. The last and successfully proved long ago among women of fashion as have not only a rich color palette, but also keep integrity of a covering within 2-3 weeks. It is put just as also the usual varnish, only demands polymerization under an ultra-violet lamp, and also uses of base and a top.

For an ideal service jacket gel will require:

  • tools for manicure (a nail file, baf, nippers, napkins without pile),
  • finish,
  • gel varnishes of beige or pink tones for a basis, will be suitable for the color any bright colors,
  • brush or stickers for those who won't be able to draw the line of a smile with a brush from packing,
  • klinser,
  • primer,
  • base,
  • UF-lamp or LED.

How to draw a service jacket gel a varnish in house conditions

Operating procedure:

  1. Manicure. The service jacket will look beautifully only on a well-groomed marigold therefore it is necessary to remove a cuticle, to give to nails the necessary form, bafy to execute polishing of a plate. At the end a napkin without pile nails degrease special means.
  2. In order that gel a varnish was well linked to a nail plate, put a primer. It will also help to prevent chips if nails are damaged and weakened. Doesn't demand drying in a lamp.
  3. Causing base. Means evenly a brush is distributed on a surface of a nail plate, process end faces. The base is dried under a lamp by about 30 seconds.
  4. Directly drawing of a service jacket. At first apply primary color on nails, dry up it under a lamp within two minutes. That color turned out more intensive, gel apply in two layers. Then it is possible to start drawing of the line of a smile. It can be both classical, and unusual, for example, in the form of heart, lacy, slanted. In the help the brush hair, stickers or a brush from varnish gel will be useful. The thin brush will help to facilitate drawing of a smile. At first draw the line separating a portrayal zone from the main plate then paint over space of "smile". It is possible to remove defects with accurately hygienic stick. If under a nail the varnish got, to remove it with an orange stick. Drawing is also dried under a lamp.
  5. Further do a covering the finish, dry three minutes and delete stickiness with a napkin with a klinser.

At good skill it is possible to draw a smile with a moist brush from a flakonchik. For this purpose put a brush perpendicular to a nail and smoothly move from edge to edge.


How to make a service jacket gel is delicious on short nails

Short nails aren't less popular, than long manicure and on them quite really to make a beautiful accurate service jacket. If to trace the line of a smile thin and accurate, the service jacket will look exactly and stylishly.

Process of formation of "smile" on a short marigold doesn't differ from the standard. There are only nuances. So, the line shouldn't be wide.

How to draw a service jacket gel a varnish in house conditions

How to draw a service jacket gel a varnish in house conditions

Spangles and other elements of a decor will help to diversify the French manicure with gel on short nails. Such option will be suitable already for a holiday or a party in night club. The main thing that all drawings and patterns weren't too large, differently they will merge on short nails.

Originally also the gradient, or effect to an ombra when one shade smoothly passes into another looks — thus one color imitates the line of a smile.

In fashion still and graphic drawings with which it is possible to add a service jacket, having placed emphasis on one finger, for example, the anonymous.


Useful tips for those who will do a service jacket by the hands:

  • to use qualitative expendables of famous producers,
  • on drying of varnishes it is important to give so much, how many it is specified by the producer on a tube with means,
  • it is impossible to forget about processing of an end face of a nail, differently quickly there will be chips,
  • it is important to put all layers with a thin layer, if necessary it is possible in three layers,
  • it is more convenient to paint up to two nails and to dry them under a lamp.

As the most successful color schemes experts recommend the following:

  • bright blue and orange for parties,
  • pastel tone – mint, vanilla for daily socks,
  • metal shades – golden, silvery,
  • coral and malachite,
  • golden and red,
  • wine and dairy.

The return service jacket gel is delicious – the instruction

How to draw a service jacket gel a varnish in house conditions

Recently even more often girls choose the return service jacket when draw the line of a smile not along the upper edge of a nail, and about a nail bed. This peculiar specular reflection of classical French manicure. It is possible to paint a hole in the different ways. The most popular – in the form of a triangle, a half moon and a rombik. Special templates which can be bought in shop will help to simplify vyrisovyvany holes.

It is necessary to be defined, what size the hole is necessary to you, and also to choose color combinations.

Kinds of the return service jacket:

  • classics: the hole and the basis have different colors or the hole isn't painted absolutely,
  • multiple layers: gel is applied with several layers.

Algorithm of registration of an anti-service jacket same, as well as in a case with usual manicure. A difference only in the location of the zone "smiles".

How to draw a service jacket gel a varnish in house conditions

How to draw a service jacket gel a varnish in house conditions

Work will require all main tools for manicure and gel varnish (the complete list is above).

Operating procedure at a portrayal of a classical return service jacket

  1. To make manicure, to remove a cuticle, to give to nails the desirable form, to walk the bafy.
  2. To degrease a nail plate.
  3. To make a basic covering and to dry minute.
  4. If the return service jacket is transparent — to draw a brush a line (to paste a special sticker and to remove it before drying) and to paint over, the main part of a plate.
  5. If — to apply to the color the first color varnish gel on all surface of a nail, to dry up a couple of minutes in a lamp. To repeat a covering for density.
  6. We take a thin brush and since the center we draw the line along a cuticle, leaving on a zauzheniye in the field of lateral rollers. We repeat to the opposite side. We dry in a lamp. If there are flaws, or insufficient density carry out adjustment by a kitochka and again we dry.
  7. We finish a covering a top, its drying and removal of stickiness.


Anti-service jacket portrayal order with use of a golden foil

This original option of the return service jacket assumes a hole decor a golden foil.

  1. We carry out all manicure and a covering of nails primary color, we remove klinser stickiness.
  2. To cover a place under a hole with glue for a foil, to wait when it becomes transparent.
  3. To paste a detachable foil on glue, to level an orange stick.
  4. Sharply to pull it having torn off from a nail — the foil remains on a nail.
  5. To put the finish and to send a marigold to drying and to remove a sticky layer.

How to draw a service jacket gel a varnish in house conditions

Rating — good gel for a service jacket

Gel varnishes for a service jacket is let out by many producers. What to choose, each master solves itself by practical experiments over time. Are the most popular:

1.Shellac from CND – one of the best gel of varnishes with a fine dense consistence, well lays down on a nail plate, gives beautiful equal color. Keeps a covering without chips and cracks within two-three weeks.

2.Just GelPolish – differs from IBD in a rich color palette, thus the covering even in two weeks won't turn yellow, and one tube will be enough on 30-40 uses.

3.Jessica Geleration – it appreciate firmness of a covering, within at least three weeks you can not worry for beauty of manicure. In a color palette – more than 90 shades.

It is possible to distinguish production of Bluesky, Color Couture Entity One, Harmony Gelish, In’Garden from means, more available at the price.

Unambiguously to answer a question, what best gel a varnish for a service jacket, it is impossible – after you try production of several firms, you will be able to choose, what gel a varnish is suitable for a service jacket to you.

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