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How to fix bulyonka on gel a varnish

Bulyonki is the small round beads intended for decoration of nails. Decorative elements received wide popularity and popularity thanks to plain manicure — a marigold with a black substrate gel was varnished by a continuous layer of black beads.

Nails looked as if dipped them into black caviar. The name came at once — caviar manicure, by everything was pleasant and fixed in consciousness.

How to fix bulyonka on gel a varnish

However with bulyonka it is possible to create still great variety of compositions on nails and for this purpose it isn't obligatory to use many beads at all.

It is especially convenient to work with berries on gel a varnish. Material doesn't dry in the course of creation of design and allows to place bulyonka without problems even to the beginner.

The sizes of tiny balls happen different and make from one to four millimeters, and a color variety will satisfy any requirements.

How to fix bulyonka on gel a varnish

Oh, these tiny berries the exciting minds of neyl-masters on creation of various ideas of design.

We will look on what they are capable: 

  • Caviar manicure — continuous filling of a nail 

Full filling of all marigold with berries looks unusually, but isn't always pertinent in everyday life. The option with filling with bulyonka of only one nail is very popular (usually on a ring finger) — so berries can be carried though every day.

How to fix bulyonka on gel a varnish

  • In style to an ombra 

The distribution which is dragged out in style of a gradient a bulyonok — can help with creation of interesting design. It will significantly save time spent on registration. It is recommended to paste bulyonka on gel a varnish at such option from tips of nails, extending beads to a cuticle, gradually reducing density.

How to fix bulyonka on gel a varnish

  • Calculation of drawing

Here the sea of options for realization of creative ideas: stripes, geometrical figures, bows, flowers, arrangement of beads by the piece on composition, etc.

Often berries apply as addition of already ready drawing made with the help varnish gel.

How to fix bulyonka on gel a varnish

How to fix bulyonka on gel a varnish

For example, it is possible to issue bulyonka lunar manicure, having in addition emphasized a lunula.

Beads are perfectly combined with pastes and spangles.

We apply bulyonka on gel a varnish – the stage-by-stage instruction

How to fix bulyonka on gel a varnish

How to fix bulyonka on gel a varnish

The materials necessary for caviar varnish gel: 

  • Basic covering;
  • Top with stickiness and without (it is possible to use one — without stickiness)
  • Color gel varnish;
  • Bulyonki;
  • Primer;
  • UF-lamp;
  • Nail file or baf;
  • Small and big capacities.
How to fix bulyonka on gel a varnish Decoration of nails bulyonka the step-by-step

Sequence of manicure with bulyonka: 

  1. We do preparation of nails to gel to a varnish covering — removal of a cuticle, giving of a form, and also easy I washed down a nail plate. Don't forget to degrease a marigold a primer or other obezzhirivatel.
  2. We put a basic covering. After that dry nails in a lamp one minute.
  3. Choose the gel which was pleasant on color a varnish. We put it in two layers, we dry everyone in a lamp for two minutes. After drying we cover all marigold, except conceived for design by a top — we fix a covering in a lamp and we remove from it a sticky layer (if it is).
  4. Cover a nail with future design a top without sticky layer. On it we will spread bulyonka.
  5. In the prepared small capacity pour out a few beads.
  6. First option. At a continuous covering of a nail bulyonka put a hand over pure capacity and pour out the prepared berries on a nail. A finger accurately press roughnesses. If there is a need and the nail not completely became covered by berries to a dosypta them or fill emptiness picking up beads dotsy and filling windows. Second option. To dip a finger into capacity with berries — other sequence doesn't differ from the first option of drawing.
  7. Thin brush walk on edge of a nail and from a cuticle a top without stickiness, consolidating design. Dry three minutes in a lamp.

If you are going to issue bulyonka drawing it is necessary to work the dotsy — we pick up each berry and we attach to a nail depending on the chosen drawing option.


Useful tips on manicure

  • That the design looked harmoniously, it is better to apply bulyonka of the small size on short nails.
  • During the work with such decor — also as with pastes, recede from a nail tip about a millimeter. This zone is especially subject to chips of incorrectly fixed decor.
  • If you fix a small pattern from a bulyonok on special glue — make sure that after drying it doesn't give a yellow shade and remains transparent.
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