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How accurately to make up nails gel a varnish: the step-by-step instruction from professionals

It isn't always simple and convenient to do manicure of the house independently, but for visit of the master sometimes there is neither time, nor money. Therefore even such procedures as gel a varnish or shellac become even more often house especially as to get necessary tools and materials absolutely simply. Much more efforts are required for creation of original and accurate manicure which long time will be able to please the owner with a well-groomed look.

To understand how it is beautiful to make up nails, and to learn to do it in house conditions, it is necessary to understand features and differences of usual manicure from varnish gel. Besides, it is necessary to study rules of drawing gel of a varnish and cunning that it turned out accurately. After all many girls face that after end of manicure it is necessary to clear skin and a cuticle of an excess varnish.

Additional information! Gel a varnish has a set of advantages in comparison with a usual covering of nails therefore becomes more and more popular among girls of different age. It keeps on nails much more long and even in some weeks looks brightly and attractively.

How accurately to make up nails gel a varnish: the step-by-step instruction from professionals Among other pluses of such manicure it is possible to call:

  • is suitable for girls with thin and fragile nails which the can't grow;
  • it is quickly put and dries under a lamp;
  • doesn't grow dull and doesn't lose gloss for several weeks;
  • gel a varnish is safe and hypoallergenic therefore is suitable for all;
  • doesn't spoil from homework, influence of water and even garden works.

Such quantity of pluses do gel a varnish such popular, and availability of materials and tools allows to do it in house conditions.

Features of drawing varnish gel

How accurately to make up nails gel a varnish: the step-by-step instruction from professionals At the manicurist to apply gel the varnish in salon turns out easily and quickly, and it sticks to 2-3 weeks. Independently it isn't so simple to make it as it would be desirable, but there is nothing impossible for the person who wants to receive the necessary result. That in house conditions correctly and accurately to apply gel a varnish, it is necessary to understand features of this covering. The technology includes some main nuances and cunnings:

  1. It is important to prepare a nail plate for drawing varnish gel. The nail has to be ideally equal and polished, then it will turn out to provide the most correct coupling of its surface with a varnish.
  2. To remove the top glossy layer of a nail, using a nail file with high abrasivity. To clear dust a special brush, it is impossible to touch with hands nails, differently gel a varnish will lie not densely.
  3. For strengthening of a nail plate and more dense coupling of a nail and gel of a varnish is required drawing a basic covering – an acid-free primer. Procedure of such priming of a nail will prolong the term of operation of the made manicure.
  4. The second layer applies basic gel. It is a link between the main covering and natural components of a nail. Gel is applied with a thin layer and substituted under the UF-lamp for the correct drying.
  5. After that it is possible to put a color varnish, and from above one more layer of gel. Then again polymerization in a lamp. Gel of a varnish is important nuance of drawing the finishing layer a nail end face prokrashivaniye, as if closing.

Drawing procedure varnish gel surely has to include such stages that it kept long, didn't oblushchivatsya and didn't burst. Correctly put varnish throughout a long time looks attractively.

How to protect a cuticle and skin during manicure?

Besides observance of special technology of manicure with the help varnish gel, it is also necessary to consider features of its drawing accurately to paint over all surface of a nail, but not to get out on skin and a cuticle.

Pay attention! Many girls know that such skill is possible only with experience, after all to do manicure to itself inconveniently. However there are some secrets which allow to improve quality of drawing a varnish and the general result.

How accurately to make up nails gel a varnish: the step-by-step instruction from professionals In the course of work it is necessary to remember such nuances:

  1. Before procedure of care of nails it is necessary to cut off the become horny cuticle layer. For this purpose skin needs to be softened in warm water and an orange stick to remove a cuticle as it is possible further.
  2. Before direct drawing a varnish on one nail, it is necessary to try to remove a free finger a cuticle that the varnish laid down as it is possible closer to skin. Then the manicure will look more long fresh.
  3. On edge of a nail it is possible to apply a special protectant or any fat cream which won't allow a varnish to be absorbed on skin and a cuticle. It will be much simpler to erase it then.
  4. To paint a nail it is necessary to begin with sides, and then to carry out a brush on the center. It will provide the most equal covering. Thus it is better to begin with little fingers, and the last to paint over a thumb nail.

Certainly, the main secret of beautiful manicure is accuracy in the course of work. All girls know that haste when drawing and drying a varnish will surely lead to the made-up skin, scratches and roughnesses on its surface. Therefore it is necessary to choose time for manicure with that calculation not to hurry anywhere. Then even drawings and difficult design will manage to be made beautifully and it is attractive.

Tools for ideal manicure in house conditions

Important factor in house manicure is not only a question how accurately to make up nails gel a varnish, but also – than it to make. The tool kit of the professional master allows to carry out any operations and to achieve desirable effect by means of various adaptations. In house conditions to get qualitative and expensive set not always it turns out, but at least basic tools without which it won't turn out to make any manicure, it is necessary to have.

How accurately to make up nails gel a varnish: the step-by-step instruction from professionals For home care of nails treat the main adaptations, materials and tools:

  1. manikyurny nozhnichka for cutting of a cuticle;
  2. the grown nails often cut with tweezers or nippers not to be in a stupor scissors;
  3. wooden sticks;
  4. nail files of average and high rigidity;
  5. polishing baf;
  6. disinfecting liquid;
  7. cotton wool or wadded disks.

For gel manicure also special varnishes, bases and coverings for nails are necessary, each of which has the appointment and features of drawing. After purchase it is important to study attentively rules of their use to receive the maximum result. You shouldn't neglect also a basic basis and a final covering on which depends not only the fortress and duration of carrying manicure, but also appearance of nails.

Thus, the beautiful manicure in house conditions depends on a set of factors. And if to make efforts, it will turn out to make it accurate, beautiful and qualitative.

Photo of a covering of nails gel varnish

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