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How many gel varnish on nails keeps

How many gel varnish on nails keeps

Well-groomed appearance - "business card" of the modern business woman. Part of this image are ideal nails, however for daily care of them there is no time. The busy operating schedule doesn't leave time for careful design of nails; on the other hand, the woman of our time is a universal expert who is necessary and at work, and at home. The love to purity leads to that the usual varnish loses the attractiveness in 2-3 days. It is necessary to do new manicure, but on drying of each layer precious time again leaves, and means for removal of a varnish at frequent application dry up a nail plate.

Revolution in the sphere of decorative cosmetology was emergence gel varnish which unique structure guarantees simplicity of use, firmness and a magnificent view. This means unites in itself all pluses of a usual varnish (gloss, a wide color palette, convenience of application) and the gel providing firmness of a varnish and lack of a pungent smell.

The revolutionary formula gel varnish includes composition of polymers which is present at composition of the modeling gel. They provide reliable coupling of a varnish coat with a surface of a nail plate. Having once applied gel varnish on nails, you for a long time receive an ideal covering which doesn't lose gloss, doesn't form chips and has shades on any, even the most exacting, taste. That, how often you should update manicure, will depend in many respects on you.

What is the time has to keep

At observance of all rules producers of this means guarantee its ideal look within 14 days after drawing. Some companies, for example, of CND, OPI and Gelish claim, the formulas developed by them don't lose attractiveness within 3 weeks. Lovers of beautiful manicure, having tried to make it at the skilled master in salon with pleasure confirm that such covering can remain faultless even more long. There are factors which define durability degree gel varnish. Some of them are connected with professionalism of the master doing manicure and with use of the special equipment which allows a varnish to dry quicker.

Responses of the women using qualitative gel varnish testify that especially resistant covering can remain without deformation more long, than 2 weeks, but here arise a problem: nails during this time grow and the strip of a nail plate without varnish that makes impression of untidiness becomes visible. It is possible to contrive and prolong life of nail design, having painted over a white half moon it is delicious in tone. But it is possible to allow to nails to have a rest 1-2 weeks then to please itself with the new, yet not bored shade.

Women quite often are interested, whether there is a difference in firmness of manicure on hands and standing. Actually, gel varnish standing sticks more long to 2-3 weeks because is affected by aggressive substances (for example, cleaners and solvents) less, is less injured mechanically. However it is necessary to ask itself a question, whether really it is necessary to hold a varnish on nails the whole month.

Not only that once pleasant color can bother; long presence of a varnish on nails complicates course in them natural exchange processes and leads to exhaustion and fragility of nail plates, to loss of the natural healthy look by them.

Why doesn't keep

Firmness of manicure is influenced by a set of the reasons which third is connected with specific features of nails, a third – with quality of the done procedure and the last third – how you handle the hands.

Health of nails

How professionally picked up gel varnish was good, it is necessary to understand that in its structure there are a lot of chemical compounds, unfriendly in relation to a nail plate. On the exhausted, injured or sore nails such manicure won't keep. Therefore it is necessary not to worry about it, and to take all measures for strengthening of nails.

It is possible to find effective vitamin and mineral complexes as a part of which there is a silicon and biotin improving structure and appearance of nail plates in a drugstore.

Supporters of natural improvement of an organism have to include more useful products which are sources of calcium, A and E vitamins, polynonsaturated acids in the diet. These are our old friends – fermented milk products (in particular cottage cheese), linen and olive oils, sunflower seeds, nuts, porridge, a pshenka, chick-pea, haricot, seafood.

Sometimes women, saving money or time, hold gel varnish more long than the recommended 14 days then the varnish should be removed "with use of force", and it injures a nail plate. The more long gel varnish remains on nails, the more strongly it grows together with them, and standard procedures for removal of a varnish will be powerless. Many clients are dissatisfied with that the master literally tears off a covering from nail plates, but not he is guilty, but the one who overdid gel varnish.

Quality of manicure

If gel varnish is incorrectly applied, it will keep short. When carrying out this cosmetic procedure it is necessary to avoid a number of mistakes. So, the covering will be deformed, if:

  • the nail plate was badly cleared;
  • the wet manicure was made;
  • luster wasn't removed from a nail plate, and it isn't processed by a dehydrator;
  • the basis was put is too thin;
  • coat layers were under a lamp insufficiently;
  • instead of three thin layers the master put one thick;
  • the used materials (primer, basis, gel varnish) were incompatible as were released by different producers;
  • the old means which is coming nearer to the end of an expiration date was used; in this case the varnish is put too densely, and between it and a nail the microscopic cavity that leads to flaking of a covering is formed;
  • the master forgot to process end faces of nail plates a transparent covering which will make them smooth and complete, rescuing from roughnesses and chips.

After manicure

Professionally made manicure needs to try to be kept therefore cleaning and washing of ware should be done only in strong rubber gloves. You shouldn't acquaint the freshly painted nails with solvents, cleaners and other aggressive liquids. Nobody wants that on fine expensive manicure there were chips, cracks and stains that it lost gloss and I brought his owner in a business or festive situation.

It is at first better to wait a little with the cosmetic procedures demanding long contact of nails with water.

Within 24 hours after drawing gel varnish has to come to the end the polymerization process which is responsible for durability of coupling of a covering with a nail surface. As the nail plate is a live matter, it is capable to absorb and hold in herself moisture which changes the nail size. The dried gel varnish isn't so plastic to stretch or contract together with a basis.

When all processes in gel varnish come to the end, it will transfer without serious consequences external influences as it and was put in technology of its production.

As we already know that gel varnish can lead to exhaustion of a nail plate, give after targeting of beauty we will take care of the nails and hands. Daily massage of hands with nutritious cream will be useful both to skin, and nails, promoting their food and improving blood circulation in hands. Very much nails will like cream for a cuticle with lanolin which needs to be rubbed daily in the basis of a nail plate.

Now in the market there are a lot of materials which well proved both among professionals, and among clients. Qualitative gel varnish has to possess all set of the advantages expected from professional tools for nail service. The choice of a concrete brand depends both on taste and inquiries of the consumer, and on a financial component. Among popular brands it is possible to note production of the Lacomchir and LAQ companies.

Lacomchir makes the high-quality professional materials differing in the saturated color, firmness till 2-3 weeks, uniformity of drawing and ease of removal. Production of this company gains popularity thanks to a pleasant ratio of the price and quality, wide color scale (more than 160 bright shades), convenience to house use. The offered materials don't harm to a nail plate and don't cause allergic reactions.

Production of the British company LAQ is positioned as a unique combination of firmness, a saturation of shades, profitability and absence as a part of a varnish of harmful components (for example, toluene). Thus the company guarantees instant drying of a covering on natural nails that does their production demanded first of all by skilled workers of manicure at home.

How to paint

The first stage of preparation for procedure is quite traditional. It is necessary to remove accurately a cuticle, to remove excess skin, to clear a surface of a nail plate of traces of dirt and fat. If the nail was stratified, it needs to be straightened with a nail file carefully. Thus it is necessary to avoid wet manicure as the absorbed moisture will lead further to emergence of swellings on a surface of a varnish covering.

At the second stage the special primer which serves more reliable coupling of a varnish with a nail surface is put. The primer is safe for a nail plate and acts as the peculiar primer strengthening weak nails. It is used and for processing of an end face of a nail plate.

The third stage demands special patience as now it is necessary to put some layers and to everyone to give time to dry. At first the master tonenxko applies the basic gel providing strong communication between a keratin of which nails, and synthetic gel consist. It doesn't allow the painting pigment to get into deeper layers of a nail plate. Over a basis two-three thin layers, very carefully, bypassing lateral rollers and a cuticle impose gel varnish. The last put layer is a special finishing gel. When it completely dries, the top dispersive layer is removed special means that adds to manicure saloon gloss and humidifies a nail plate.

After drawing each layer has to dry out completely. For this procedure ultra-violet or LED lamps are used. Under the influence of light beams gel varnish is firmly linked to the previous layer thanks to polymerization process.

That, how many material will dry, depends on type and the power of a lamp.

Professionals use the special equipment which has to correspond to a brand of a decorative covering. Are most often applied:

  • The 36 W UV lamps which dry up a covering for 40 sec., however such equipment because of the dimensions is suitable for beauty shops more;
  • devyativattovy UV lamps which work more slowly, 1,5 – 3 minutes, but are less bulky and good for use at home;
  • LED lamps - more economical, than ultra-violet, but not less effective.

Gel varnish it is necessary to dry the first 2 layers not less than 2-3 minutes under devyativattovy UV lamps (40 sec. under light-emitting diode or UV lamps on 36 W), the last, third layer – one and a half minutes (under a UV lamp on 9 W) or 40 sec. under LED or powerful UV lamps.

Professional lamps considerably accelerate drying process and if all terms are sustained, your fresh varnish covering won't be afraid of contact with any subjects.

Rules socks

Leaving secrets behind the nails covered gel varnish consist in respecting themselves and the work done by the master. To keep beauty of nails, it is necessary to conform to several extremely simple rules:

  • fresh manicure it is impossible to kill after drawing gel varnish 2-3 hours; at this time molecular communications between a keratin of nails and components of a gel covering continue to be formed;
  • even the strongest nail covering doesn't maintain mechanical damages and influence of solvents therefore cleaning and repair become only in rubber gloves;
  • to nails, especially after processing gel varnish and drying, is required moistening and nutrition, therefore, daily we please them with cream with lanolin;
  • we don't forget about ourselves, we accept complex vitamins C minerals, we lean on the products rich with calcium, silicon, biotin.

It is important to understand not only how it is correct to handle a brilliant gel covering, but also how it should be removed. Qualitative gel varnishes differ, in addition, also ease of removal, however it is necessary to know when to stop and not to overdo a varnish. In 3 weeks it will be more difficult to be removed, than a week earlier. The correct removal of a gel covering matters just because easy to spoil nails, and the following visit of salon will be postponed until the best times until the nail plate becomes stronger.

Removal gel varnish will require special means, it is desirable the same producer, as your varnish. It is better if in their structure there is no acetone which overdries a nail plate, after all during drawing a varnish nails already underwent aggressive influence of chemicals.

So, we take 5 lumps of cotton wool, plentifully we moisten them with means for removal gel varnish, we stack a lump on a nail plate, we wrap each finger in a foil and we leave everything in such situation for 15 minutes. It is here too important not to overdo liquid more long than the recommended time. We remove a foil, we clean vatu, and the varnish remains, without making excess efforts, we clean off an orange stick. After this procedure of a hand it is necessary to wash out carefully in warm water, washing away the remained means.

The last stroke is use of nutritious cream, it is desirable with lanolin. It should be rubbed carefully in the basis of a nail plate, and then to distribute on skin of hands. Quite good idea - to use special oil for a cuticle which equally is useful for nails.

For preservation of health of nails they need to allow to have a rest after manicure, especially with use gel varnish which has often an adverse effect on a condition of a nail plate. For some time it is possible to refuse nail design or to use a usual varnish. During this "vacation" for hands it is useful to do the restoring trays with sea salt, without forgetting about the nutritious and moisturizing creams and preserving nails against household cleaners.

Removal process gel varnish is described one video below.

What to do if the varnish exfoliated on tips

Happens so that at all efforts the design covering of nails gives a weak point and there are chips, the varnish starts being erased on tips. Nail service in salon – expensive procedure and to do manicure anew it is really offensive. Inventive women of fashion know how to cope with this trouble. If the gel covering a little exfoliated, it is possible to paste on spangle tips that will be and is economical, and it is original. Attempt independently to paint over the varnish suitable on tone the deformed places isn't always justified as doesn't improve as a result neither a look, nor a condition of nails.


Positive responses are evenly distributed between representatives of the first ten producers of products for nail service. Owners of a palm are such companies as CND, OPI, Gelish, Kodi, RuNail, PNB, Bluesky, Canni, Lacomchir, LAQ. Production of these companies meets all requirements which are imposed to goods of bonus quality:

  • not less than 3 weeks of the guaranteed firmness of a covering;
  • the dense not spreading varnish consistence;
  • convenient brush;
  • easy removal of a gel covering in 15 minutes;
  • popular color scale;
  • density of color;
  • lack of harmful components and unpleasant smell;
  • the acceptable price;
  • optimum volume of a bottle.

Thus if the European and American brands (type Gelish, CND, Kodi, PNB, LAQ) set the tone on this sector of the market, the Russian and Chinese producers of RuNail, Bluesky, Lacomchir, being the budgetary options, enjoy nearly bigger popularity.

Quality of their production doesn't concede to the western analogs, and availability and the widest range allows to consider them as brands, quite friendly to consumers.