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How to make beautiful manicure in house conditions + a photo

Beautiful and well-groomed marigold – pride of any girl. But not all manage to visit regularly beauty shop to entrust care of the nails to the expert. The most part of girls do manicure independently; often it is reduced to elementary drawing a varnish.

But happens that after such procedure appearance of a marigold still leaves much to be desired. How it is correct to make beautiful manicure in house conditions?

How to make beautiful manicure in house conditions + a photo

Types of manicure by a technique of processing of a cuticle

Before starting creative process, it is necessary to be defined, what type of manicure to you is more to taste.

The manicure is distinguished, first of all, by a technique of processing of a cuticle:

  • Cut (classical) manicure
    Such option exists most long than others and doesn't give in. It is considered as the most universal and practical. Technique of processing of a cuticle: hands need to be taken in warm soap water then scissors or tweezers accurately to cut off a thin skin round a nail bed (cuticle).
  • Not cut (European) manicure
    Any technology of removal of a cuticle is the cornerstone of any option. In this case this procedure is made without the aid of tweezers or scissors. In the field of a cuticle apply special liquid as a part of which fruit and lactic acids contain on the clean, dry and filed nails. This liquid carefully softens skin round a nail bed which in a few minutes can be removed without serious consequences by means of a box and a stick from an orange tree.
    Such type of manicure belongs to dry for the reason that removal of a cuticle doesn't require water.

How to make beautiful manicure in house conditions + a photo

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Types of manicure as drawing a varnish

Also distinguish different types of manicure as drawing a varnish. The most main are the American manicure, French and Spanish.

  • American manicure
    Such manicure – the real find for modern business ladies.
    The matter is that, executed by a special covering gel, it keeps about three weeks. Feature of the American manicure — use of bright, saturated, juicy shades of a varnish. The form nails at the American manicure are given the oval.

    Kind of the American manicure is the manicure under the name "Beverly Hills". Use of gentle, pastel shades on the same oval nails is peculiar to it. In an ideal tone of manicure has to correspond to tone of lipstick of the woman.

    However modern women of fashion prefer not to follow it rules — fashionable tendencies of the twenty first eyelid sometimes are contrary to the developed foundations.

  • French manicure
    Plain, but certainly refined and beautiful,

    The French manicure is considered already long time a standard of well-groomed nails.

    Before varnishing nails, skin of hands is softened by means of a traditional tray, then delete a cuticle. The varnish basis – for prevention of emergence of yellowness is applied on a pure and dry nail plate. Further – drawing firm "smile". It is done by means of special cliches for the French manicure, or a thin brush – almost jeweler work, or allocate the acting part of a nail with a special white pencil from within. And in end, varnish light, gentle, pastel tones, or at all the transparent.

  • Spanish manicure
    Such kind of manicure is ideal for thin nails as visually thickens them.

    The Spanish manicure means saturated color of a varnish. Usually deep color is reached so: the color covering is applied not on a colourless basis, and on opaque white or dairy.

    It can be two-color and striped. In the first case the first half of a nail, and other color – the second becomes covered by a varnish of one color, thus one varnish coat is a little imposed on the second therefore the condensed strip which visually extends it is in the middle formed.

    Therefore the two-color manicure is advised insistently to do longitudinal, after all cross strips optically shorten a nail. The striped option is carried out with the same purpose – visually to extend it. Apply with a thin brush strips of bright color on a monophonic basis.

We do beautiful manicure by the hands: with what to begin?

How to make beautiful manicure in house conditions + a photo
First of all, it is necessary to get a qualitative manikyurny set. It will be better if you collect its components separately because often at sets there are elements which can not be necessary for you.

So, the standard manikyurny set has to include:

  • nail file for natural nails;
  • disinfector;
  • pusher;
  • nozhnichki / tweezers;
  • oil for a cuticle.

Before procedure it is necessary to disinfect all tools even if only you use them.

Removal of a varnish

The first step – removal of foreign coverings from a nail: varnish or spangles. It can easily be made by means of liquid for removal of a varnish and a wadded disk. You watch that liquid didn't contain acetone and its derivatives – it does harm to a nail plate, does it fragile and soft.

  • Classical way of removal of a cuticle
    Before deleting a cuticle, it is necessary to soften it. For this purpose it is necessary to make a tray: with warm water to add sea salt and couple of drops of lemon juice to a bowl. To take hands in this solution about five minutes, then to dry a towel. Further it is required to remove a cuticle an orange stick or a shovel and carefully to cut off the become lifeless part of skin.
  • European way of removal of a cuticle
    Such type of removal of a cuticle is suitable for house processing as it doesn't demand special skills and abilities more. You need only special means – usually it has a gel consistence, and the flakonchik is equipped with a special brush. It is best of all to choose means on the basis of fruit acids. It is enough to apply only gel on a cuticle, to wait five minutes and to remove the become horny skin strips from a nail plate.

The correct cutting of nails in house conditions

Not to do much harm to the marigold, at their trimming it is necessary to follow a number of rules:

  • 1. It isn't recommended to cut them at the roots. It is better to leave the small acting rim to protect the main part of a nail from mechanical damages and infections.
  • 2. You shouldn't leave at the edges of sharp corners in order to avoid growing of a nail plate into skin
  • 3. For a podstriganiye it is necessary to use qualitative manikyurny nozhnichka or tweezers

Podpilivaniye of nails

How to make beautiful manicure in house conditions + a photo
First, it is necessary to choose the nail file suitable your type of nails. Secondly, it is necessary to file them only in one direction: the movements of a file here and there destroy structure. Thirdly, before starting a podpilivaniye, it is necessary to dry up a nail plate; if it damp that is more vulnerable to external influences.

Massage of fingers

Massage of fingers of hands not only removes stress and fatigue, but also improves blood circulation, and also well influences activity of all bodies.

There is a mass of options of massage of hands, but the main actions are as follows:

  • 1. The general grinding of hands within one minute.
  • 2. Massage of each finger from the basis to a tip from all directions. It is necessary to mass each finger not less than three times.
  • 3. Massage of a palm from its external part to the basis roundabouts.

Regular massage of hands promotes good mood, cheerfulness and cheerful mood. Besides, in the skin of hands warmed by massage cream is absorbed much better and increases the salutary effect.

Drawing a varnish on nails

It is necessary to put a varnish in two layers – only this way you will be able to achieve deep and saturated color. To start painting follows from a little finger, moving ahead to a thumb. The first dab needs to be done in the middle evenly to distribute a varnish on all nail plate.

If you cover nails with an opaque varnish, it is necessary to do only one layer, differently color will be uneven.

House manicure: useful tips

  • 1. Before putting a color varnish (especially dark tone), it is desirable to cover with a basis to avoid yellowing of a nail plate.
  • 2. If nails often break, exfoliate, they need to be treated. For some time refuse color coverings and please them with special colourless varnishes with calcium or vitamin B.
  • 3. In order that a marigold was strong and healthy, it is necessary to support an organism from within – healthy nutrition, walks in the fresh air, vitamins.
  • 4. The smart manicure against the shelled skin of hands will look not absolutely esthetically. Therefore don't forget about a daily manicuring, and try to tide up protective gloves.

How to make beautiful manicure in house conditions + a photo

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