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How to make knitted manicure gel is delicious

With the help gel of varnishes of the master is created by the real masterpieces on nails. To replace already a little bothered classics (a monophonic covering, a service jacket) new ideas come. Not so long ago among girls the knitted manicure began to enjoy popularity.

The knitted manicure gel is delicious — it is the real hit of winter. The original pattern in the form of volume braids, as well as possible is suitable for warm clothes. Especially beautifully it looks on accurate average are long nails.

There are some standard patterns which in power to master even to the beginner, for example braids or the pattern similar to a fir-tree. But it is possible to borrow safely drawings from favourite warm clothes, for example knitted sweaters.

How to make knitted manicure gel is delicious

How to make knitted manicure gel is delicious

Drawing can be put, both on one-two nails, and on everything at once. Thus the color scale is chosen usually pastel, then the manicure will turn out gentle and rather winter. In a priority white, pink, color of an ivory, blue, lilac, coffee colors.

However some girls safely prefer contrast color palettes, for example white and black or at all bright shades – red, saturated blue, a Bordeaux.

It should be noted that the knitted pattern is better to do gel is delicious as the usual varnish doesn't allow to create volume drawing even if to put a pattern in some layers.   Besides on gel varnish the knitted pattern keeps much more long therefore 2-3 weeks you can not worry about beauty of nails. So, the knitted manicure will please you and people around.


We will consider basic technology of creation of knitted manicure gel "Sweater" is delicious. It rather simple.

How to make knitted manicure gel is delicious

Operating procedure

  1. To process a nail plate – to remove a cuticle, to polish, give to nails the necessary form, to degrease a surface.
  2. To put an acid-free primer for high-quality coupling, the subsequent layers with a nail plate.
  3. To put a basic covering and properly to dry under an ultra-violet lamp.
  4. To apply on nails basic color, it is possible to combine two colors, for example, three nails to paint with one tone, two another.
  5. It is possible to spin a pattern as in other color, or – to whom as it is pleasant to the same. For this purpose draw a straight line along a nail a thin brush and dry under a lamp. Then the line needs to be repeated that it turned out volume.
  6. At a small angle to the line put short strokes. The pattern similar to a fir-tree will turn out. Each varnish coat surely demands drying under an ultraviolet.
  7. Further it is necessary to put still strokes over the first and to dry up under a lamp.
  8. On other side of the line put the end in two layers.
  9. On other nail it is possible to make a few other pattern, for example, to draw on the center of a nail vertically a chain, and on the right and to the left of it to draw on the vertical line and to dry under a lamp. At the request of lengthways lines it is possible to put the end.
  10. On free nails of the master often nothing is applied, leaving them in one color. However, the pertinent decor isn't forbidden.
  11. It is necessary to put a top covering and after drying under a lamp to remove a sticky layer.

The essence of knitted equipment consists in drawing a pattern in two — three layers a thin brush. It is important, good to dry layers under a lamp.

How to make knitted manicure gel is delicious

Equipment of knitted manicure by means of velvet sand

Velvet sand will help to give a highlight to manicure. It is on sale in specialized departments for masters of a neyl-art.

For performance of design of nails "Sweater" it is necessary to execute classical manicure for gel varnish.

To cover a marigold in sequence with a primer, base, gel layers, necessary for density, to cover with the finish and to remove stickiness.

Now we trace a thin brush pattern layers — serially, with drying as it is described above. The last layer gel varnish on a volume pattern doesn't dry. The nail is properly sprinkled with velvet sand and goes to a lamp.

Then it is necessary to shake a brush surplus of sand. Voila, "the knitted sweater" is ready.

How to make knitted manicure gel is delicious

How to make knitted manicure gel is delicious

It is also possible to use acrylic powder. It more small, than velvet sand therefore emphasizes drawing in more detail.

As ideas for creation of manicure gel a varnish with knitted braids it is possible to use patterns from sweaters and other knitted clothes.


Useful tips on knitted design to manicure

Skilled masters use some cunnings which do knitted manicure more expressive and original.

  • during the work with velvet sand or acrylic powder drawing the second layer of a finishing covering isn't required,
  • the simplest option of a pattern — the braid, will be able to put it the even beginning master,
  • it is important to dry carefully a basis, differently the pattern will creep away on a surface,
  • for convenience of drawing patterns of the master use a thin brush,
  • all patterns for obtaining volume put in two or three layers, differently drawing won't turn out volume,
  • the knitted manicure isn't recommended to do on acrylic nails, it is best of all to apply it on natural nails,
  • velvet sand can be replaced with an opaque fixer if you want to receive a smooth surface,
  • beautiful spangles, pastes and other elements of a decor will help to add manicure.

How to make knitted manicure gel is delicious

How to make knitted manicure gel is delicious Features when drawing knitted manicure

Perhaps, from the first the knitted pattern will turn out not such as it would be desirable, but after several trainings you will get the hand and you will be able to master more difficult drawings.

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