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How to make gel the lunar manicure is delicious: video step-by-step for beginners

How to make gel the lunar manicure is delicious: video step-by-step for beginners Very many girls adore beautiful manicure and diligently look after the nails or in salon, or independently at home. The fashion is changeable and every season it changes. Right now very stylish it is considered lunar manicure. The first time about such type of manicure was learned for a long time (approximately in the thirties last century) then all safely forgot about it. But the well-known couturier Christian Dior who used in the next display about five years ago returned it to life.

Many girls quite often are interested: how to make lunar manicure gel varnish? It is simple to create such beauty on own nails, the main thing – to have necessary tools, some knowledge and the good imagination.

The popular lunar manicure can be met very often presently as the design such is now very various and interesting practically to all, but creation of such manicure has some nuances.

The decorative manicure looks originally and interestingly, and at correctly picked up flowers it to become even more attractive. If you imposed a red basis, it will smartly look with a white or gold hole, the silvery hole is perfectly combined with a white or black basis.

To add lunar style, it is possible to use additional elements – on a joint of a basis and a hole to paste pastes. It is possible to issue a hole various forms, but it is especially acceptable a semicircle or an oval, the triangle sometimes meets.

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Ideally to execute a hole form, it is possible to use in several ways: cliche, brush or usual foil. During performance of the most important element, it is necessary to be very attentive and accurate that each movement was accurate and beautiful, then you will become the owner of charming manicure.

To execute lunar manicure gel varnish by means of a cliche, it is necessary to prepare:

  • cosmetic set for manicure;
  • base under gel varnish;
  • the degreasing means;
  • contrast gel varnishes;
  • cliches (it is possible self-made or bought);
  • fixer;
  • ultra-violet lamp.

Further you will study the instruction on creation of usual lunar manicure:

  1. To prepare a warm tray where sea salt, a grass or essential oil surely has to be used. This procedure will help to steam out skin of hands and a cuticle.
  2. Accurately to remove from nail plates of a cuticle and to clean them. The tool to give the desirable form for the subsequent socks.
  3. Carefully to walk on nails the degreasing means for the best coupling gel varnish with a nail plate.
  4. To put the first a basic covering and at once to dry up it in an ultra-violet lamp.
  5. After the first drying it is necessary to cover a basic covering with two layers gel varnish and to dry under a lamp about two minutes.
  6. Carefully, and as it is possible more exactly, to paste a cliche then to put a contrast shade.
  7. To clean the pasted elements then again to put hands to dry under a lamp.
  8. To finish manicure drawing a fixer and to carry out the last drying of smart manicure.

Now you will be able to train performed by manicure and at home as further you learn to do design of nails by means of a color foil. This style will be suitable for parties and holidays. So, for this purpose such tools will be necessary for us:

  • nail file and small manikyurny nozhnichka;
  • basis under a varnish, gel varnish of favourite color, a fixer;
  • foil;
  • glue for a foil;
  • Q-tips;
  • ultra-violet lamp for drying of manicure.

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The detailed instruction for creation of festive manicure with a foil in house conditions:

  1. How to make gel the lunar manicure is delicious: video step-by-step for beginners First of all we carry out usual cosmetic manicure, we level a form, we delete cuticles. In order that gel varnish was better linked to a nail plate, it is desirable to grind a little it a nail file.
  2. We cause base and at once we dry up it under an ultra-violet lamp within several seconds.
  3. We cover base gel varnish, one or two layers. The main thing, each subsequent layer demands obligatory drying under a lamp about two minutes.
  4. At the nail basis by means of a thin brush we apply glue for a foil. It is necessary to do everything equally on each finger that everything turned out evenly and beautifully.
  5. On the greased surface we paste the opaque party a foil and properly we level it. Through a short period, glue dries up also the sharp movement, we delete all excess remains of a foil.
  6. We cover with a fixer and finally we dry everything under a lamp. The beautiful brilliant manicure is ready.

The last way to make lunar manicure – to use a brush, for this purpose will be required:

  • good manikyurny set;
  • thin brush, for creation of equal drawing;
  • the degreasing means;
  • gel varnishes of two contrast shades;
  • basic covering, and also fixer;
  • liquid for removal of a varnish;
  • ultra-violet lamp.

The principle of creation of lunar manicure by means of a brush such:

  1. We create a beautiful shape of a nail, we polish it and we delete cuticles.
  2. We pass on nails, the degreasing means, for a good fastening of a varnish.
  3. We put a basic basis and we dry it in UF to a lamp.
  4. We cover over a basis gel varnish necessary number of times, constantly drying each layer under a lamp exactly for two minutes.
  5. Now we take a thin brush and without haste, accurately and beautifully we remove holes at the nail basis a contrast varnish. We try to receive identical risunochek on all nails.
  6. Finally we cover beauty with a fixer and sends handles under a lamp.
  7. The smart manicure is ready.

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Having read our recommendations, you will be able safely to use any way for decoration of your hands.