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How to make lunar manicure gel varnish

The lunar manicure even more often decorates the last years of a hand of beautiful girls. This results from the fact that this manicure has an unusual design appearance which is easy for transforming under different variations.

How to make lunar manicure gel varnish

How to make lunar manicure gel varnish

It is a little facts

Let's consider some features of creation of unique lunar manicure gel varnish:

  • the manicure decor a priori looks originally, but the particular emphasis can be placed thanks to various combinations of varnishes. For example, beige gel varnish or with impregnations of the gold will perfectly emphasize wine-colored playfulness or passion of a red varnish. Silver color can be used as a decor together with a white basis, has the same compatibility black and gold. The hole allocated with a white varnish will make more distinctive saturated color of a lavender, turquoise or gentle-blue;
  • the lunar manicure perfectly gives in to dressing. On merge of two flowers on a nail it is possible to use pastes, a manikyurny foil and other elements of a decor;
  • creating lunar manicure, it is necessary to be the most exact that lines were accurate and accurate therefore it is best of all to use cliches;
  • the lunar manicure is made out not only a semicircle, the triangle option is also possible.
How to make lunar manicure gel varnish

Lunar manicure triangle

Masters art nejla allocate three ways of this manicure:

  1. The main material — a foil. The magnificent manicure created by means of a usual foil.
  2. Prorisovyvany holes a brush on a nail in the distinctive color of a varnish.
  3. By means of strips for a service jacket or a usual cliche.

The most exact holes under a cliche

How to make lunar manicure gel varnish

Gentle lunar manicure gel varnish


  • tool kit for basic processing of nails;
  • obezzhirivatel;
  • base;
  • main gel varnish;
  • contrast gel varnish for a hole;
  • the fixing means;
  • cliches (it is possible to use alternative of self-made cliches from an adhesive tape or the gluing tape);
  • lamp with ultraviolet rays for carrying out procedure of drying gel varnish.

How quickly to create lunar manicure most:

How to make lunar manicure gel varnish

Stage-by-stage performance of lunar manicure by means of a cliche

  1. Previously we prepare hands for manicure. We do trays with use of essential oils, and also sea salt which well strengthens nails. Such procedure is made for a rasparivaniye of a cuticle and the subsequent its easy removal.
  2. We clean a cuticle and we level a surface of a marigold by means of polishing and polishing by a file of average abrasivity.
  3. That gel varnish was exactly distributed on a nail plate, before, it needs to be degreased.
  4. The following stage provides drawing a basic covering. Drying in an ultra-violet lamp after drawing.
  5. Then the main tone gel varnish in two layers is caused on each nail, thus serially layers are dried under the UF-lamp about two minutes.
  6. Having convinced of that the main gel varnish completely dried out, the cliche is pasted.
  7. Other contrast color gel varnish, is painted over a hole.
  8. The cliche is removed. Then drying under the UF-lamp follows.
  9. The finishing moment is the covering the fixing means which also demands drying. The excellent lunar manicure can submit contemplators!

Foil – the main element of manicure

How to make lunar manicure gel varnish

Smart lunar manicure with a foil gel varnish


  • as well as in the previous option, a manikyurny set;
  • basic covering;
  • gel varnish of necessary color;
  • the fixing means;
  • color foil;
  • manikyurny glue for a foil attachment;
  • usual Q-tips;
  • lamp.

For this purpose it is necessary:

How to make lunar manicure gel varnish

Step-by-step performance of manicure with a foil

  1. We make all necessary procedures of a preparatory stage (water procedures for hands with essential oils, removal of the steamed-out cuticle, alignment of a surface of a marigold and its degreasing before the subsequent drawing gel varnish).
  2. The surface of a nail becomes covered by a basic covering, and then is dried under a lamp.
  3. Further each nail becomes covered by primary color gel varnish (pay attention that color was saturated, not less than two layers are put). Drying of the first and second layer has to be not less than two minutes.
  4. By means of a brush at a basis of a nail glue is applied. Here it is necessary to be extremely attentive that the sizes of holes didn't differ.
  5. Then we put a foil only the opaque party to glue. After glue drying-out, with the fast movement it is deleted an unnecessary foil.
  6. To reach the most ideal result, procedure is made with a foil repeatedly as originally the foil isn't always pasted evenly.
  7. The final stage provides a covering a finishing covering, and we dry under a lamp within habitual two minutes. The enchanting manicure is ready!

Video — the Master class in creation of unusual manicure


  • undoubtedly, manikyurny set;
  • thin drawing brush;
  • two different varnishes which are perfectly combined;
  • means for degreasing of nails;
  • covering base;
  • fixer;
  • liquid for removal of a varnish;
  • ultra-violet lamp.
How to make lunar manicure gel varnish

Step-by-step performance of lunar manicure by a brush

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Basic stage of creation of manicure which provides preparatory procedures (it is described in the previous options).
  2. Standard degreasing of a surface of a nail for uniform drawing the basic gel varnish.
  3. Causing base and drying under the UF-lamp.
  4. Further we apply the main gel varnish, it isn't less than two layers, thus each layer are dried about two minutes under an ultra-violet lamp.
  5. Using a brush, we draw a distinctive varnish a hole at a nail basis. It has to turn out equal and identical therefore it is necessary to spend a little time to be extremely exact in lines.
  6. In end we cover with a fixer, we dry and we enjoy successful manicure!

Remember that a little spent time in house conditions will present you incredibly stylish manicure which you with ease can carry as business option, and with addition of a decor as option for a party. Adhere to the instruction and at you everything by all means will turn out!