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How to make manicure in house conditions step by step: manicure on the short nails easy and not cut

That hands and nails always had a well-groomed look, weekly performance of manicure is required. For this purpose it is possible to go to salon where everything will be made by the master quickly and accurately.

But many don't manage to descend to the expert therefore it is necessary to learn how to make manicure in house conditions.

For an ideal type of nails it is enough to practise a little only.

In order that the manicure was qualitative, it is necessary to get a small arsenal:

  • sharp cuticle scissors;
  • file for nails;
  • metal tweezers for cut manicure;
  • stick from an orange tree or a metal rake;
  • necessary means for a tray: essential oils, sea salt, olive oil , etc.;
  • wadded balls or disks;
  • the softening oil for a cuticle;
  • means for removal of a cuticle;
  • liquid for removal of a varnish;
  • hand cream;
  • basic covering and fixer;
  • nail varnish.

Separately it is necessary to talk about files. You shouldn't use metal, nails because of them are injured and exfoliate. Depends on quality of a file, nails will be how healthy. For the weakened and exfoliating marigold it is necessary to use a roundish fine-grained nail file from glass. It is used and for giving of the necessary form and for careful polishing of a surface.

At healthy nails it is possible to stop on a sapphire nail file, it is best of all if it is combined, with various surfaces. Skin won't be scratched by a qualitative file, on it there are no the acting sites, and "grains of sand" is practically not felt. Use rough and coarse-grained nail files for the increased nails, natural such processing doesn't approach.

And how to make manicure in house conditions ideal? For this purpose there are some cunnings.

  • For the prevention of emergence of a cuticle after washing of hands it needs to be removed by means of a towel — so it will grow more slowly. Besides, it is necessary to use cosmetics with almond or cotton oil.
  • Rapid growth of nails will require performance for them salt trays. For fast effect possibly acquisition of a special medical varnish with a vitamin complex.

Classical manicure in house conditions step by step

We will consider manicure in house conditions step by step.

  1. First of all, it is necessary to get rid of the varnish remains. Use of means without acetone razrushayushche influencing structure of a nail will be optimum option.
  2. If nails are required to be truncated considerably, it is possible to use scissors. For insignificant correction the file is used. The movements have to be perfected and  not fussy that nails weren't injured.
  3. Then in skin the means intended for a cuticle softening is gently rubbed.
  4. Some minutes later hands fall to a warm tray with addition of sea salt, soda and couples of drops of oil. There is enough five minutes for receiving pliable nails and an elastic cuticle.
  5. After that handles are dried by means of a napkin and processing of a cuticle begins. Unnecessary skin is cut off by means of tweezers. Also the become horny skin is removed on each side if there are agnails — they need also to be removed, but to do it it is necessary very attentively and carefully. If skin after all was wounded, it needs to be processed by means of disinfecting substance.
  6. Hands become covered with oil or nutritious cream, massage to improve blood circulation becomes. From nails excess fat for what the napkin or liquid for removal of a varnish is used is removed.

Here practically and all manicure in house conditions step by step, it was necessary only to varnish a marigold. If the basis is used, it has to dry well. In order that the varnish kept more long and shone even more, it is possible to use a fixer.

How to execute not cut manicure in house conditions

How to make manicure in house conditions step by step: manicure on the short nails easy and not cut The safest and painless is not cut manicure.

Especially it is suitable for who thin skin on hands, has a diabetes, to men and children.

 In that case don't use nozhnichka and nakozhnitsa therefore possibility of entering of an infection is minimum.

  Besides, it is simpler to make not cut manicure in house conditions.

  • First of all, using a nail file, it is necessary to correct a shape of nails.
  • Hands can be lowered for five minutes in a tray to which liquid soap or sea salt is added. After that they need to be wiped well.
  • The basis of a nail and cuticle for five minutes become covered by means for removal of a cuticle. For removal of the remains of means the napkin or a wadded disk is used.
  • The remained cuticle is removed by means of an orange stick. Material for sticks has to be only such as it  won't be stratified, has optimum qualities on density and softness.
  • The cuticle and nail plate become covered with oil or cream for delay of growth of a cuticle. Then means is rubbed. The movements thus have to be massage, it is required to make small effort. After absorption of means not cut manicure in house conditions is ready.

If drawing a varnish is planned for nails, putting oil isn't required. After the cuticle is processed and removed, the nail is degreased, and after becomes covered by a varnish.

Manicure of the house on short nails: main nuances

How to make manicure in house conditions step by step: manicure on the short nails easy and not cut   It is sometimes not so simple to become the owner of long healthy nails.

The reasons can be different: cooking, cleaning, ware sink, washing , etc. And even if a certain length is reached, all efforts can be gone because of the broken nail. And  as a result it is necessary to cut everything.

 How it is correct to make manicure of the house on short nails?

First of all, selection of the correct form will be required.

In fashion a rectangular shape of nails, but it approaches only if fingers — long. The rest should choose classical oval, roundish or other form. Anyway, the beautiful shape of nails gets out.

Surely it is necessary to get rid of the grown cuticle that will visually make a nail plate longer. Length of nails has to be identical, one millimeter will be swept up even.

Doing manicure of the house on short nails, it is possible to extend a nail, using vertical drawing. For its visual narrowing it is possible to put a bright contrast varnish in the center, and  not to paint over a side.

With short nails it isn't necessary to use volume design, with it long well-groomed nails well look.

Drawing and decor have to be not big, but  not small. At a choice of drawing it is necessary to consider a shape of a nail. Oval — use of light flowers and flower and romantic compositions, rectangular — it is possible to try dark scale and strict graphics.

The main rules of manicure in house conditions

How to make manicure in house conditions step by step: manicure on the short nails easy and not cut Carrying out easy manicure in house conditions, it is necessary to consider some simple recommendations. Thanks to them  there will be no unpleasant moments, hands will become even more beautiful, and nails — are stronger.

Rules of manicure in house conditions, first of all, concern hygiene.

Disinfection of tools for manicure even if they are used only by one person is surely necessary. It isn't required to sterilization, there is enough wiping by alcohol.

The easy manicure in house conditions often assumes drawing a color varnish. That the nail didn't become yellow, before a varnish it is necessary to put a protective basis. The rough nail plate, with hillocks and grooves, requires processing by means of a grinding file. For polishing the rag from suede is used. To avoid stratifying of a nail, before its grinding it is necessary to dry up well.

And , of course, rules of manicure in house conditions can't but mention health of nails. Fragile nails don't need to be covered with color enamel, rather colourless varnish with addition of calcium or B5 vitamin. Brittle and fragile nails it is strictly forbidden to process files from metal.

Nails surely have to have a rest and be restored. During this period decorative varnishes are replaced with masks, trays and special creams.