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How to make manicure in house conditions to itself on short nails

Short nails with original manicure are not the first year in a trend.

They will approach under any style in clothes: business, romantic, daily.

It is possible to make such manicure independently, in house conditions, having spent on it not enough time and efforts.

Bases of care of nails

In spite of the fact that nails have short length, they nevertheless need to be prepared and processed correctly:

  1. How to make manicure in house conditions to itself on short nailsWe create a beautiful form: square, direct, oval.
    It is necessary to select such option which will visually extend fingers of hands.
  2. If the cuticle very much grew, it visually reduces length of nails. Surely remove it by means of special means and tools.
  3. Long nails can have the different length differing on 1-3 mm.
    It is impossible to notice a difference if not to consider them close.
    But with short the situation is different: each millimeter of a difference is visible.
    Therefore file them so that they were identical on length.
  4. Pay attention to a nail plate. If it by nature wide, it is possible to correct it if to put vertical drawing.
  5. Many love motley drawing or an acrylic molding.
    On short nails it will look ridiculously, visually to reduce them.
    It is necessary to refuse this option.
  6. We select one or 2-3 coloring of a varnish, no more, as too motley drawing will be irrelevant.
  7. Well the service jacket which is already classics looks on a short nail plate.
    It is also possible to pick up minimalist drawing or to paint nails one color.

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Step-by-step instruction

If nails weren't in advance prepared and processed, it is necessary to make it most accurately and correctly.

For this purpose the tray, warm water, oils with vitamins, a manikyurny set will be required. Further do everything step by step:

  1. Prepare a tray with warm water, lower hands there and wait some minutes.
    Skin and cuticle has to steam out during this time.
    Accurately blot hands with a towel, remove a cuticle from the nail basis by means of a manikyurny rake.
    Then pluck it by means of tweezers, don't touch skin of fingers that blood didn't begin to flow.
    If it occurred, accurately grease a cut place with hydrogen peroxide, wait when a wound is stopped.
    All skin which is at the top of fingers, can also be become horny, it is necessary to remove it with nippers accurately.
  2. How to make manicure in house conditions to itself on short nailsCreate a shape of nails, filing them in one direction.
    Remove excess dust and the remains, oil skin vitamin, and then degrease a nail plate solvent.
  3. Apply a varnish on a surface, begin with the center.
    If you do manicure rather often, you will be able to put a varnish and for three dabs on a nail.
    Create drawing if it is provided, wait when everything dries.
    Then put a fixer which will prolong life to manicure for few weeks.

Ideas for short nails

The simplest manicure consists in drawing a varnish of one color. But also here it is necessary to be careful to pick up an actual shade.

The shouting, acid colors long ago not in fashion, enjoy popularity dark or light shades.

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It is also possible to create original drawing over the main varnish coat if to use a toothpick, a thin brush or a stick.

For this purpose it is necessary to put the end and messages from it of the line, or it is simple to draw by means of a brush.

It is possible to create simply a bitmap on all surface of a plate or only on its certain part: above, in the middle.

Create points of one or different diameter.

Floristic drawing will turn out if to use the same points, but round everyone to put down some more (other color).

The unusual manicure can be created by means of usual water.

How to make manicure in house conditions to itself on short nails Pour in capacity and drip on the center a varnish of different color.

Thus, you will create marble drawing in the form of a thin film on a surface.

Then lower a finger in water so that only the nail was under a film, take out it. Accurately by means of a stick remove an excess varnish and put from above a fixer.

Unusual color drawing with the translucent invoice will turn out.

Useful tips

Use the last trends. For example, it is now fashionable to apply on nails a varnish of one color, and on a ring finger – another:

  • contrast,
  • the brilliant.

It can be also two fingers with nails of other color.

Use improvised materials or cliches. They are put to a nail to close places where it isn't necessary to put a varnish.

But at the beginning, it is necessary to paint nails basic color, and already then to put the second varnish on a cliche. Thus, geometrical and other patterns, a service jacket are created.

Use the imagination and a creative, after all short nails in itself don't demand difficult the technician. The manicure can be made independently, having spent for all procedure from 10 to 30 minutes.

The step-by-step video instruction how to make to itself manicure on short nails in house conditions.