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How to make marble manicure gel is delicious: technology of performance from the pro

The real hit in a nail-art both at professional masters, and at lovers to create a beautiful marigold of the house — it is marble manicure. Such popularity is quite clear, after all this design will be pertinent absolutely everywhere: and at work at office, and houses, and on walk with friends, and about solemn occasions and to you it isn't necessary to speak.

We select color

How to make marble manicure gel is delicious: technology of performance from the pro For performance of marble manicure it is possible to use any colors. If extravagance is required, it is possible even to experiment with shades which among themselves aren't combined at all. Generally the girls choosing such design of nails prefer a classical palette:

  • white and pink. Using them, it is possible to achieve effect of natural marble on nails;
  • blue and blue. They will help to create on nails imitation of a stone under the name "turquoise";
  • shades of the green. When mixing such palette it is possible to turn nails into very valuable breed of stones — malachite. It will give special chic to your image;
  • beige tone. The combination of several flowers from beige scale will allow to create interesting daily manicure on nails.

Above-mentioned combinations don't say that it is necessary to adhere to them strictly. Manifestation of the imagination will allow to make manicure with marble effect more original especially as in the nature marble has a set of shades and combinations of flowers. It is worth picking up those colors which are pleasant, and to create interesting design.

How to make marble on nails gel varnish, we study ways of drawing

For creation of effect of marble on a marigold it is possible to use some options of drawing. And it should be taken into account that use such ways not only in house conditions, but also masters of nail-service in beauty shops. Therefore it is possible not to be afraid and start design in Marble style, after all each of ways is already checked not one hundred times.

How to make marble manicure gel is delicious: technology of performance from the pro Drawing methods:

  • water equipment (as it is clear from the name, at its performance it is necessary to use water);
  • by means of a brush;
  • with use of a cellophane package or food wrap;
  • we apply special gel varnishes.

Now it is possible to pass to studying of each equipment separately.

Water equipment or aqua design

Such way is very widespread and popular, after all with its help create not only marble manicure. Water in such equipment acts as a covering on which there is a mixing of flowers and further drawing on nails.


  1. plastic glass (it will be ideally suited for mixing, and its main plus that after procedure it can be not washed, and at once to throw out);
  2. water of room temperature;
  3. color gel varnishes;
  4. basic covering;
  5. finishing covering;
  6. acid-free primer;
  7. UF-lamp;
  8. toothpicks;
  9. Q-tips;
  10. means for removal of a varnish;
  11. oil for a cuticle.

Pay attention! Before procedure of causing design it is important to make cut manicure. By means of an orange stick we remove a cuticle. Further we cut off it and dry skin on lateral rollers, using manikyurny nippers.

Nail file we give to nails the form and we cut the top brilliant covering, we delete with a brush for nails all dirt and I opit. The wadded disk moistened in liquid for removal of a varnish, we degrease a surface of nails.

Drawing process

How to make marble manicure gel is delicious: technology of performance from the pro We pass directly to how to make marble manicure gel varnish by means of water:

  1. We put a primer, we wait until dries. We cover all nail with base, we seal an end face and we dry up in a lamp of 120-180 seconds;
  2. We cover a nail with primary color gel varnish and — in a lamp for 60-120 seconds.
  3. In a glass with water we drip a varnish of primary color, we wait until spreads. The second shade we put from above an end. It is possible to make thus some layers and to place multi-colored points in different places. By a toothpick it is drawn various patterns: spirals, zigzags or any lines.
  4. Nail we have parallel to a surface of the water and smoothly we lower it in water. A pure toothpick to reel up the remained gel varnish that on a nail didn't remain an excess covering.
  5. Q-tip we clean gel varnish round a nail. We dry all covering of 120 seconds.
  6. We put the finish and — in a lamp for 120-180 seconds. We rub oil for a cuticle in skin round a nail and we can admire manicure in Marble style.

Additional information! In order that the marble manicure put by means of water equipment turned out ideal, it is necessary to conform to several simple rules:

  1. Water shouldn't be too hot or cold, only room temperature!
  2. Gel varnishes have to be high quality, average density and not to be too old!
  3. It is best of all to use varnishes of one firm that they ideally mixed up!

Drawing by a brush

Now we will consider a question: how to make marble nails gel varnish by means of a brush.

  1. After preparation of a nail we follow steps 1 and 2 of an example above.
  2. On a foil or glass we put a drop of a dark shade gel varnish.
  3. By means of a thin brush we draw lines on a nail. When drawing one line it is important to clear a brush before starting drawing of the following line. They can be any length and curvature, and also a saturation. All this depends on your imagination.
  4. We dry up the put drawing 120 seconds.
  5. We block everything a finishing covering, we will polymerize 180 seconds. We apply oil for a cuticle. Everything is ready!

We use a package or a film

How to make marble manicure gel is delicious: technology of performance from the pro Can be suitable for house drawing and usual materials from kitchen — it is a cellophane package or food wrap. Technology of drawing:

  1. We repeat cut manicure and steps 1 and 2 of the first way.
  2. We drip small drops of different flowers directly on a nail, from above we impose a package or a film. Slightly we crawl them on a surface as soon as we receive drawing which arranges, accurately we clean a package. We clear skin round a nail from surplus gel varnish, we dry 120 seconds.
  3. We block everything a finishing covering and we will polymerize 180 seconds. We apply oil for a cuticle.

Gel varnishes with marble effect

For the same who wants to receive marble manicure quickly and with little effort, will be to get special marble gel varnish enough. It can be distinguished easily among the big range of varnishes of known firms. It has a specific consistence presented by several shades rolled into one, and they among themselves don't mix up and when drawing on nails give design in marble style.

To create manicure with marbled design rather simply. The main thing, strictly to follow the presented instructions or to buy special gel varnish. Anyway nails with marble design will look beautifully, originally and will decorate any image.

Photo of a covering of nails marble gel varnish

It is even more photo according to the link: Marble gel varnish with a photo.

Video with a master class