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How to make opaque manicure gel varnish in house conditions

How to do an opaque covering gel varnish?
To make opaque manicure shellac it is optional to register in salon – it is possible to cope with this procedure easily and it is independent. For this purpose it will be required:

  1. Basic covering
  2. Gel varnish of the chosen color
  3. Obezzhirivatel
  4. Means for removal of a sticky layer
  5. UF or LED lamp
  6. Opaque top for varnish gel.

Use of a special top allows to make opaque nails shellac. It is useful to know that there are means with sateen effect which provide easy dullness – the covering keeps easy gloss, and also with velveteen effect which else is called velvet. The second option does a surface slightly rough to the touch and provides an ideal opaque covering.

How to make opaque manicure gel varnish in house conditions

How to apply an opaque top on gel varnish?

How to make opaque nails gel varnish? Everything is quite simple, the standard technology consisting of several main stages is used:

  1. To process a nail plate. It is necessary to give to nails the desirable form and if it is necessary to clean length. Accurately to remove a cuticle, to execute cleaning, to polish a surface the bafy.
  2. Nails to degrease and apply on them base, having distributed means on all surface, moving from the middle. To dry in UF to a lamp within 2 minutes, 30-60 seconds in LED to a lamp.
  3. Consistently to put 2 layers color gel varnish, deleting surplus with an orange stick and drying each of them.
  4. To use an opaque covering for varnish gel which is put and dries also, as well as a standard top (1 minute in LED and 2 in UF to a lamp). To remove a sticky layer with special means.
  5. To apply on skin oil for a cuticle is a final stage of performance of manicure.

On an opaque covering glossy drawings very interestingly look – for their creation gel varnish of a suitable shade and a classical top for luster is used. The pattern is put right after drying of the matting layer, is dried up, becomes covered by a top and again is fixed in a lamp. It is most convenient to work with a special thin brush for design.

How to make opaque manicure gel varnish in house conditions


How to cover opaque gel varnish: video

Process of creation of opaque manicure by means of the corresponding top doesn't cause difficulties, but quite often beginning masters make mistakes. We suggest to watch video about opaque manicure gel varnish which will help to understand the main nuances and subtleties it is process, and to make the faultless covering having velvet effect.

Other ways of creation of opaque manicure

It is possible to make opaque shellac in house conditions and in the absence of a special top. For this purpose there are some various ways:

  1. After drawing a glossy top to use grinding baf (optimum option – abrasivity 400*400).
  2. To execute manicure gel varnish on classical technology, having finished procedure by drawing a top covering. To apply acrylic powder on not dried layer and to dry a surface in a lamp (to increase time twice), to remove with a brush the powder remains round a nail.
  3. The standard manicure according to the scheme a base-color-top, all layers, including the last is carried out, are carefully dried. The sticky layer isn't removed – on it opaque dust is rubbed, and its surplus is removed a brush.

Council! Dark shades it is more preferable to opaque manicure not only because they look more advantageously. The rough surface is easily soiled therefore light shades quickly lose the beauty – it will be required to clear constantly a covering, differently it will look inaccurately.

How to make opaque manicure gel varnish in house conditions

How to remove opaque manicure?

It is important to know not only how to apply an opaque top on gel varnish but also as further to remove it. The technology is traditional:

  • To apply liquid for removal gel varnish on wadded napkins, to put to a nail plate and to record by means of a foil. In 8-12 minutes to remove the remains with a pusher and to polish a nail.
  • To process a surface a nail file or a milling cutter.

To accelerate procedure, it is possible to cut accurately a top covering then to put wadded tampons. On firmness and durability the opaque top is identical to glossy option, and therefore with its removal there are no difficulties.

 How to make opaque manicure gel varnish in house conditions

We hope, our councils how will use an opaque top for gel varnish to you are useful. It is very simple, after all the technology remains invariable. The main thing is correct to pick up qualitative means which will provide lasting and durable effect.

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