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How to restore nails after gel varnish (Shellac)

Gel varnish – the unique product allowing to visit not so often a manikyurny office. On average, if to adhere to the correct drawing, it keeps on nails about three weeks, doesn't lose color and doesn't break away. But over time girls need to find out how to restore nails after gel varnish.

How to restore nails after gel varnish (Shellac)

What is the gel varnish and as it influences nails

How to restore nails after gel varnish (Shellac) Having appeared a few years ago, this means carried the name Shellac. From an easy hand of his producers – the CND companies so began to be called subsequently gel varnishes of other firms though structure of means after all are slightly unlike.

Unites their identical process of drawing which is carried out step by step:

  1. The cut or not cut manicure needs to be made in advance.
  2. Then nails are exposed to careful polishing, and the alignment and an obezzhirovka of plates have to be more careful, than it is required for building.
  3. Nails become covered by transparent basis which is dried up in the UF-lamp.
  4. Then the drawing turn two-three ottenochnykh of layers comes, thus everyone needs to allow to dry in a lamp. Using gel varnishes, it is possible to create drawings, to add stickers, pastes, an other decor.
  5. In summary nails should be covered with a transparent varnish for fixing and again to dry up.

As shellac remains on nail plates about three weeks, after this term it needs to be removed because of emergence of possible chips and cracks and appearance of the grown nails isn't esthetic. In addition, gel varnish can cause allergic and fungal manifestations, and the nail plate – to become thinner.

As it is often possible to apply gel varnish

On average shellac can be on nails of 15 days. After this time means needs to be removed from a surface of nails, differently it is necessary to solve a problem how to restore nails after shellac what will require time and patience. After all, as well as all varnishes, shellac use, considering specific features of a human body. And at whom nails grow quicker, a thicket should update a shade. However elimination procedure of the put layer needs to be entrusted before the expert in salon: independent attempt can lead to damage of nail plates.

It is necessary to know that gel varnish, as well as any means applied on plates, can negatively influence nails. It is shown, for example, by yellowish color of nails after shellac removal. Therefore, having noticed any changes on plates, it is necessary to be engaged in their restoration.

How to look after nails after removal gel varnish

Treatment of nails after shellac can be demanded to nails which didn't receive rest from a covering enough time. In salon the following receptions are offered:

  • Closing. Consists in drawing on nail plates of means from honey and wax. The turned-out invisible film will protect plates from damages.
  • Paraffin trays. They are effective in case nails are shelled. As a result of procedure they become impregnated with microcells, and skin of hands rejuvenates.
  • Biogel use. Turns nail plates in strong and interferes with their stratifying.

It is possible to use simple house recipes also:

  • Sea salt, infusion of a camomile and droplet of olive oil will be necessary for the strengthening water bathtub. It is necessary to take hands in warm water till 15 minutes. To repeat manipulations to 3 times weekly.
  • Vitamin E is very effective, but is easy-to-use: contents of 1 punctured capsule are rubbed in a nail and the skin surrounding it. The result in the form of the answer to a question how to strengthen nails after shellac, will appear if to feed nails daily in the evenings. It is possible to replace vitamin E with olive oil.
  • To use lemon juice even more simply: it needs to be squeezed out on 1 drop on each nail and to allow to be absorbed.
    Also professional tools will help:
  • The acquired specialoils soften and humidify cuticles and nails. One of means needs to be kept constantly around (in a handbag) during the day to use it to three times. The varnish on nails isn't an obstacle.
  • The liquid absorbed structure is better to use that who for the period of the varnish wishing to refuse a covering. It is used several times in a day.
  • Color or the transparent restoring varnish strengthens nails, and they become firm. Such remedy preserves plates against harmful effects of water and chemicals.

In an ideal it is necessary to use at the same time all these methods or alternating them. It isn't necessary to neglect the strengthening structures for nails and a cuticle and when gel varnish is on nails. They are capable to get under a marigold through skin round them.

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