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Light manicure gel varnish

Light manicure gel varnish

Beautiful and well-groomed nails without excessive decor look elegantly and is most womanly. A trend of this season – light manicure, the executed gel varnish. There are some options of its execution. About what of them now enjoy the greatest popularity, you learn from this article.

Features and advantages

The light manicure is a universal option of design of nails both for students or young trainees, and for mature women. It is good that you shouldn't worry that color of nails doesn't approach under the chosen dress. Light shades are well combined and with neutral clothes in an official style, and with bright dresses.

One more important advantage of such manicure – it is imperceptible and doesn't cause negative emotions in people around. If black or neon-green claws can not be pleasant to employers, teachers or relatives, the accurate light manicure, on the contrary, will cause in them only positive emotions. After all in such state your hands will look well-groomed, accurate and most naturally.

Doing manicure in pastel or the nyudovykh tones, many count that they should do correction less often. After all, apparently, on a light marigold various chips and tsarapinka aren't so noticeable. But in practice light manicure at once gives out all your imperfections. Therefore even if you made a refined service jacket or gel nails of beige color, all the same it is necessary to watch their state that your hands didn't look slovenly.

Trends of this season

Today lunar, knitted and pastel options of manicure enjoy wide popularity. It is impossible to forget and about a timeless classics which doesn't get out of fashion many years in a row – the French manicure and opaque nails. In more detail you learn about features of each of them a bit later.

As for flowers, gentle pastel shades enjoy popularity. But it is possible to experiment and with more original tone – celestial-blue, lilac, mint and lilac. Doesn't lose relevance and natural manicure when the surface of a nail becomes covered by a transparent covering. On it there can be thin and hardly noticeable drawing or pastes. But it is possible to do and without it. Only it isn't necessary to go to far. If strazik and decorative elements is too much, nails will ugly look.

As for a shape of nails, optimum option – rounded off. Such marigold looks naturally and beautifully. In general, this year the main trend is a naturalness. It belongs and to a "imperceptible" make-up, and to nails which have to be simply accurate and well-groomed.

Popular options of design

Nevertheless, naturalness – doesn't mean monotony. You can continue to experiment, doing interesting manicure with use of light flowers. Let's consider some interesting options of design of the nails actual in this season to which you can pay attention.


It is considered what exactly such nails look most naturally and elegantly. Such manicure perfectly will approach and under daily dresses, and under evening dresses. Such covering will well look both on short, and on long nails. Only it is important that they are previously well processed and beautifully filed. After all against neutral nail varnish all shortcomings of your manicure will be noticeable. Also you watch that gel the varnish wasn't chopped off and in due time do correction.


The service jacket too doesn't lose relevance. Thus it not necessarily has to be classical. If you don't want to be limited to a thin white strip on a nail tip, you can make it color. The basis also shouldn't remain transparent by all means. You can use light pink gel varnish or other natural shade.

Such option of manicure quite will be suitable and for everyday life, and for special cases. The solemnity to your style will be given light strazik on tips of nails or the refined drawing reminding lace.

The pastel

Subtle pastel shades in popularity bypassed recently saturated and bright colors in design of nails. They look absolutely not boringly, and elegantly and is very womanly. The manicure in light tones suits all girls and women regardless of what style in clothes they prefer. Interestingly nails with an opaque covering of pastel color look. Here two trends are combined at once. Beautiful nails in light shades pink, red or blue look romantically and elegantly.

With a gradient

Ombre is a one more novelty which appeared in fashion only a few years ago. Thus the gradient optional has to consist of several bright flowers. You will be able quite to be limited to a combination of several light shades. The main condition of creation of such manicure – smooth and easy transition. Color has to flow imperceptibly in another. It looks very interestingly. The gradient can be present on all nails or change the color on each of them gradually.

The light manicure with a gradient is universal as looks always elegantly and gently. About that as to make it you look at video.

The lunar

Interestingly also the "lunar" manicure which came back to fashion looks. For its creation are used different tone and shades. But the main sign of this manicure consists that emphasize a hole with lighter shade. It can be both white color, and pastel-pink, and other gentle tone. The basis of nails will well look in nyudovy color.

The knitted

It is also possible to make interesting knitted manicure. This pattern looks actually not only in the winter, but also in other seasons. It is easy to make it gel varnish both in salon, and in house conditions. The similar pattern gives to an image of a cosiness and a charm. It will approach and for daily socks and to create some interesting image. In general it is unimportant, or trend your manicure, the main thing that thus your hands looked well-groomed and beautiful will be how original.

In general it is unimportant, or trend your manicure, the main thing that thus your hands looked well-groomed and beautiful will be how original.

How to choose ideal option

Very important and to choose the stylish and suitable you manicure option, and well to make it. Let's understand as it is correct to apply gel varnish and as to select it under your individual style.


First of all it is worth being engaged in a basis, namely a shape of your nails. If you have slender and long fingers, it is possible to stop on a rectangular shape. And here girls with short fingers will suit the classical rounded-off form more. For receiving ideal manicure it is necessary to process well nails, having removed a cuticle and having given to all marigold the identical length and an ideal form. Remember that if you have a light manicure, all smallest shortcomings will be very noticeable.


If you have short nails and you want to make them visually longer, without increasing thus, it is possible to make a vertical pattern on their surface. There is also "secret" helping to make nails less wide. For this purpose the middle of a nail has to be more dark, than edges. Interestingly nails with a wide strip on the center and not painted over edges of nails look. If you have short nails, you shouldn't overload them with volume patterns. It will only spoil their appearance.

Longer nails also well look in light color. In this case there is more space for experiments, and on a surface of a nail it is possible to create refined patterns. It will be beautiful to look to an ombra with hardly noticeable transition from one light shade to another or some original geometrical pattern.


The choice of color is completely a matter of taste. There is a huge number of shades and tones among which the most exacting young lady can choose something even. It would seem, light colors rather simple and even boring. But if to look at all these shades of "a hip of the scared nymph", "lavenders" and "tiffan", the thought of monotony right there vanishes.

Even the minimalist manicure looks advantageously if to choose not a transparent varnish or a classical service jacket, and something is more interesting. Look for colors which will be pleasant and to suit you under your style, being guided not only by changeable fashion, but also by own taste and preferences. So even the simple manicure will get a certain note of identity.

The light manicure which was preferred earlier by the girls working at office and choosing an official style in clothes during the last some seasons became the real trend. So if you were tired of bright flowers and coarse patterns, that time to pay attention to refined minimalism.