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Lilac manicure gel varnish

Lilac manicure gel varnish

This summer many girls like to decorate a marigold with lilac shades gel varnish. Using that tone of this color have a huge variety, and the technician on execution of manicure is also a lot of, a marigold can be decorated in the most various ways on design.

To make day manicure, it is better to use bright and light lilac gel varnishes, and to extravagant option of manicure for a party it is better to choose a combination dark-lilac or violet opaque gel varnish and a golden foil as partial drawing on a nail, or manicure with space subject.

Features of a shade

The lilac was popular always, and not only in manicure – it is in demand and in clothes, and registration of rooms. Experts the hair dryer Shuya claim that lilac shades symbolize a feast, mysteriousness, an intuition and depths of knowledge. Round lilac color the harmonious, calming situation is created, it is capable to awaken the hidden reserves of energiya, to relieve of sleeplessness and of fears.

Beauty and health

The women giving preference to lilac tones gel varnish not only have a marigold with beautiful design, they, that sometimes without suspecting, revitalize the organism! And there is it because of ability of lilac shades soothingly to influence nervous system, to take off pain and even to stimulate brain activity.

The manicure with lilac gel varnish will be perfectly combined both with office suit, and with a festive attire, and casual clothes. Game of violet tones allows to achieve absolutely different design at the heart of which there will be only one primary color.

Violet color on a marigold is always a sure bet for design of any kind. Various drawings - white, pink, black will approach it. Presence at design of lilac color will make more expressive a marigold with any registration – with lunar manicure, with French or issued by any drawing or a pattern.

Gel varnish is considered the most demanded type of a covering for nails. It differs in a beautiful shade, a marigold always looks with it well-groomed, and the nail plate becomes more dense and strong. The technology of a covering of a nail plate gel varnish such is that options to issue a marigold - not to count – from drawings and patterns to photodesign and a sticker design. Besides, it is possible to use imposing of pastes, stickers and any acrylic designs.

But most beautifully the lilac manicure, the made gel varnish looks. Thanks to special smoothness and pleasant gloss of this covering lilac shades become even more expressive. Such scale exists in a set of design options.

Original ideas

Violets in registration

In this design it is necessary to use a dark varnish with opaque outflow. The transparent covering, and partially – lilac is partially applied on a nail plate. On the transparent the image of violets is put.


If to cover a nail plate, using only lilac gel varnish, such equipment will visually extend nails and to give them more accurate form.

Lilac manicure – design of nails a lilac varnish:

Lunar imagination

Shades will be necessary for lunar manicure more brightly, the main thing here – not to go too far. The hole of a nail plate becomes covered by yellow color, and other part – lilac or violet. Such design will be best of all to look on a short marigold. Any incongruous shades therefore it is that option when you precisely manage to surprise people around will be suitable for lunar manicure.

With lunar manicure spangles, pastes, and also any unusual image will be perfectly in harmony. In any lilac shade appeal and originality is hidden. One more option – to cover a hole with a gentle-lilac shade, and to execute other nail in dark-violet gel varnish.


Innovation in ways of drawing gel varnishes. Various shades of lilac color apply in the form of strips on a sponge. On a nail plate on which previously applied a transparent covering, put a sponge with strips and press. Lines on a nail turn out indistinct borders.

With spangles

Marigold of lilac color with spangles will look very much festively and elegantly. Blinking of gloss will attract continually to itself views of people around. To supplement an image by means of sparkling a paste and spangles many women love. To a celebration any lady decorates herself with these small, but such bright elements – clothes, a hairdress and, of course, manicure.

Such design and on weekdays, when on you not an elegant dress, but the most ordinary jeans will approach. Spangles are offered in different types today: from a color sand and dust to details, large and different in a form. On the largest even it is possible to consider a holographic pattern, and the smallest is put with a special spray.

On a lilac background of a spangle of any type look elegantly and festively, but each girl decides for herself that most of all it is pleasant to it. There is a lot of options of design of a marigold with a violet covering and spangles so it is possible to experiment safely.

With stones

Spangles in this case can be replaced with flickering stones also. Such manicure will look very effectively and elegantly. Thanks to the small poured crystals, at the girl not simply unique manicure turns out, but it even becomes worthy alternative to gold ringlets on fingers.

In a trend of magnificent manicures today design registration of a nail plate by means of translucent pastes with a round surface of kristallik in the form of small rain droplets. From blinking of pastes the ladies' handle looks graceful and at the same time magnificent. And the most irresistible the marigold with pastes on a lilac basis which is laid out at a cuticle or in the form of original drawing turns out.

Leopard spots

The print "leopard" is very hot topic. Black spots of a leopard on a violet background differ in stylishness and a non-standard. Such design is carried out in two types – or on all surface of a nail plate, or partially – one part monophonic, another – with spots, and between them – the path which is laid out by pastes.

With drawing

Here is where to clear up imaginations of the designer – drawing on a violet background will look simply remarkably. Images of flowers are most womanly, certainly. It is possible to decorate with drawing each nail, and it is possible to apply it on one or on two on each hand.

With strips

This print, probably, will never get out of fashion. Black strips and additional geometrical elements on a lilac background it is very actual.

In peas

Very originally also a marigold with black peas which are led round in the white color will playfully look, and all this is on a lilac background.

Different combinations of the lilac give to manicure of expressiveness. Combining with beige tones, receive reserved contrast, as well as possible suitable for work at office. Connection with pink color is a creation of a romantic image relevant to appointment or walk. Stylishly it is also modern the marigold decorated at once with three shades – will look yellow, red and violet.

For a wedding celebration

The wedding is always something special. Though long time could be covered to the bride on a wedding nails with a monophonic light varnish is was considered as classics of a genre and could replace it with just French manicure. But today nobody prevents brides to differ in originality.

Any range of shades – both the most pale, and the most dark will approach – as it is pleasant to whom more. The light lilac basis with any drawings, patterns or the decorating elements can become an excellent choice of the bride. The wedding manicure in lilac tones can look in the form of patterns or laces in the center of a nail plate or for its edge. Also the manicure of the bride can consist of pink and white stones and a paste.

There is a desire to be original, it is possible to strike all, having issued a tip of a nail plate dark-lilac gel varnish. The bride if she to a wedding marigold of lilac color has in tone any accessory will look very stylishly.

Lilac marigold is a universal choice. On them always any drawing or a pattern interestingly looks, also stones and pastes will beautifully look. The woman of fashion with a marigold of a lilac shade never remains unnoticed. Such manicure will help the girl to create a romantic and pensive image.

This shade is suitable as well for creation of a retro of style. Color of a lilac is really very many-sided thanks to a combination of a set of shades in it. One of them are associated with something easy and romantic, others – are closer to brutal and sexual. It also is the reason of that lilac color is adored by women of fashion, after all they can try on on themselves this or that image, depending on what at them mood today.

Lilac manicure: design of nails a lilac varnish - in video below.