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The lunar manicure gel is delicious: how to make, 3 ways from the pro

The lunar manicure appeared in far the 30th when production of a varnish only just gave life signs. Today many girls give preference Shellac as it is more practical and steady, and at a design choice – lunar manicure gel varnish which long time admires with the beauty.

But whatever it was magnificent, not well-groomed and slovenly nails can spoil all impression for this reason it is necessary to pay special attention to skin of hands and to a condition of a marigold. Only tidy handles will be able to emphasize beauty of any girl.

Preparation for drawing manicure

The lunar manicure gel is delicious: how to make, 3 ways from the pro The manicuring includes a soft peeling, vitamin trays, moistening of skin special creams. Further:

  1. We begin hygienic manicure with removal of a cuticle.
  2. We create the necessary shape of nails, we file and we grind them.

Remember that beautiful handles – pledge of ideal manicure.

The technology of performance of lunar design enjoys wide popularity still for a long time.

Last century was considered to cover a nail completely obscene, then there was a tendency to leave a hole of a nail natural, from where there was a design name.

There is one more version of an origin of manicure: the form at a cuticle reminds incomplete month that naturally influenced the name of design.

Priorities of lunar design

The lunar manicure reminds the turned service jacket which is applied on the nail basis. It is necessary to choose lunar design of nails gel varnish attentively, considering your views and preferences.

  1. Such manicure perfectly is suitable for square nails.
  2. If you decided to visit a party in retro style, the lunar design will perfectly fit in and will finish your image.
  3. This manicure it is easy to execute houses, without resorting to the help of the master.
  4. It is possible not to be afraid that your nails will quickly grow and it is necessary to remake everything.
  5. When performing design the space on nails near a cuticle isn't involved, and it gives huge advantage in process of growth of a nail.
  6. The lunar manicure will be able visually to extend your nail or, on the contrary, – to truncate.

Today non-standard decisions at creation of style have the increasing value in performance of classical manicure.

Kinds of holes

The lunar manicure gel is delicious: how to make, 3 ways from the pro There are various types of original holes for your design.

  • The classical semicircular.

Is suitable for a semicircular shape of nails. The turned service jacket visually reduces your nail, doing it to more graceful.

Such type of a hole well looks on wide surfaces. Thanks to the form the hole will make your manicure more distinguished.

The equal design will perfectly look on square nails. The accurate equal line will give to your image of a certain severity and elegance.

Well is suitable for long nails of a semicircular form, allocates with identity and emphasizes original taste.

  • With a bend in one of the parties.

Small length nails will be able to be extended visually exactly thanks to this line.

  • Flower ornament.

Excellent option as for a short, and long marigold. Ideally creates festive mood.

  • Two-layer line.

The lunar manicure gel is delicious: how to make, 3 ways from the pro Beautifully looks absolutely on any length of nails of an oval form.

  • Wavy line.

The manicure with the wavy line looks frankly unusually, placing emphasis on your non-standard of views. Is suitable for nails of an oval and square form of small length.

Also very popular it is considered the combined style which combined classics of lunar and French manicure.

It is worth paying attention that the combined design visually shortens a nail.

Technology of drawing

Ways of performance of lunar manicure in house conditions are rather various. Lines can be put:

  1. By means of a special cliche.
  2. Bone.
  3. With addition of a foil.

We will begin performance with a cliche.

Way No. 1

The lunar manicure gel is delicious: how to make, 3 ways from the pro If you decided to make lunar manicure with a cliche, the following materials will be necessary for you: basic covering, varnishes of two flowers, top covering and cliches.

Now we prepare nails for manicure and we cover with a basic varnish.

  1. After a basic covering we apply color gel varnish, if necessary we repeat procedure twice (before receiving a saturated shade).
  2. We attach a pattern form on the dried nail and we paint over a hole a contrast color.
  3. Accurately we unstick a cliche and we fix a top covering.

This method of drawing lunar manicure is considered the simplest since doesn't demand ability to draw.

Way No. 2

The lunar manicure gel is delicious: how to make, 3 ways from the pro It is possible to use a thin brush by means of which the effect will be identical.

  1. We repeat procedure with drawing a color varnish and we take a brush for performance of a decor.
  2. We trace a contour of future hole, afterwards we paint over it, thus we use surely contrast colors.

Such service jacket will look not less attractive, but for its creation it is necessary "to get the hand" a little that lines were equal and graceful.

Now we pass to option with application of a foil.

Way No. 3

For this purpose it is required to us: a set for drawing gel varnish, glue for a foil and a translated foil.

  1. In advance prepared nails we cover standardly with use gel varnishes.
  2. When we approached procedure and dried up color gel in the UF-lamp, we start creation of an ideal half moon.
  3. First of all we remove a sticky layer and we apply special glue in a place necessary to us.

The lunar manicure gel is delicious: how to make, 3 ways from the pro After full drying-out of glue we pass to the following stage.

  1. We cut small small squares from a foil and it is serially put to the place of the dried glue. It is worth paying attention that the decorating foil needs to be put to a nail the opaque party.
  2. Densely we smooth also the sharp movement it is drawn aside, we receive the turned brilliant service jacket.
  3. We consolidate the turned-out result the finish covering.

The turned-out design pleasantly will surprise you, the main thing, is correct to choose the combined colors of your manicure. Lunar manicure gel varnish, a novelty photo, you will be able to pick up on our page.

Selection of color

As important attribute at creation of lunar manicure the combination of successfully chosen flowers acts. This choice will emphasize existence of taste and will successfully fit into your image.

The classical option represents a basic color covering and the colourless line of a smile located at the nail basis.

Modern interpretations of lunar manicure include already color line of a smile.

The most successful combinations are:

  • The white — as independent or in combination with beige.

These colors are suitable for a daily image and perfectly look on wedding manicure (the gentle lunar design in white color especially emphasizes elegance newly married).

The lunar manicure gel is delicious: how to make, 3 ways from the pro In a wedding image will be pertinent to create lunar manicure with pastes as these shining pebbles precisely will fit into the festive atmosphere.

For long years the black manicure doesn't get out of fashion. Enjoys bigger popularity among youth.

Successful combinations in composition with black are red and white colors. Not bad the black background and a silver or gold hole looks.

This color will well fit into an evening dress, emphasizing uniqueness and courage of an image.

Standard classics.

Red color will fit in practically under any make-up. Well looks with existence beige, light pink, silvery or golden shades of a hole.

  • Turquoise, pink.

Performance of design can be as separately painted marigold, and a combination of flowers among themselves. The combination of bright shades perfectly will be suitable for summertime of year, will present solar mood and will perfectly fit into your image.

You shouldn't forget that there are colors not compatible among themselves, for example, connection of nacreous and opaque varnishes will be less successful.

To choose the most advantageous combination of flowers and the smiles form we suggest to look at a novelty photo on our page.

Useful tips for creation of ideal design

The lunar manicure gel is delicious: how to make, 3 ways from the pro For creation of the first-class manicure in lunar style use the following recommendations:

  • The foil, stones or spangles will help to give to luxury to your manicure.

It is necessary to place them on hole gel varnish.

  • It is possible to add a slice of lace or a grid to design.

It will give to originality and will emphasize your unique style.

  • Use of dark flowers.

Such shades are always evident and look effectively even in the absence of scenery.

  • The prorisovyvaniye in a hole of microcompositions — such as fruit segment, leaflet or snowflake will be excellent option.

Be not afraid of experiments with various forms and styles of your manicure. Try interesting combinations of flowers, after all it will help to create ideal manicure in lunar style.

Photo of a covering of nails lunar gel varnish

It is even more photo according to the link: Lunar gel varnish with a photo.

Video with a master class