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Lunar manicure gel varnish. Lunar manicure step by step

The fashion comes back to style of former years. It concerns as clothes, footwear, and manicure. Here and the lunar manicure revived. It is really unique, and its name very much suits a drawing method. So this such – lunar manicure? It is done only in the full moon or in some certain days?

History of creation of a covering

No, moon here in general and. It is all about the nail basis - the lunula very similar to the moon which was turned. The lunar manicure gel varnish very originally looks on nails: the lunula is in every possible way emphasized for what masters use special cliches. This is also lunar manicure.

Lunar manicure gel varnish. Lunar manicure step by step

There was it approximately in the 1940th years. Foreigners call it "a covering from Dior" as Christian Dior gave to this idea the second life in 2007, having presented on fashion show of the models on which nails this covering "flaunted". It still can call "the Hollywood French manicure" because it really pleased female many "stars".

Lunar manicure gel varnish the hands in house conditions

Why to do it houses if it is possible to descend and make such manicure in salon? First, you need to phone, register, wait in line, that is there is a waste of time. Secondly, if to cover nails in salon, the price of such service will be 500-20 USD, and maybe it is more. If something wants on nails such "to represent", at all lay out a round sum.

At home to make lunar manicure most, you need to buy only the most necessary things. The first is an ultra-violet lamp. The price of it varies depending on shop, but it is quite possible to find for 1000-50 USD

The second – gel varnish. For such procedure special sets which are cost by about 12 USD Colour of a varnish are on sale depend on where the manicure, so to speak, "is more aimed". If for work, it means will be pastel tone, white or chocolate. If a holiday, then something extraordinary, for example gold on a black background.

Lunar manicure gel varnish. Lunar manicure step by step

Thirdly, elementary hygiene. Here you know how in salon carry out disinfection of all necessary tools? To ask masters it is useless. And whether so all is sterile or not - you don't learn. So, we master a new method. If you have no idea how the lunar manicure gel varnish step by step becomes, below-mentioned councils and helps will help you to master it.

Necessary subjects

  • Lamp.
  • Single-phase gels varnishes.
  • Coverings: basic and finishing.
  • Cotton wool or wadded disks.
  • Liquids for removal: gel varnish and sticky layer.
  • Cliches.
  • Spangles, pastes and other subjects for a decor of nails.

Lamp choice

If you go to buy a lamp in specialized shop or ask about it in salon, to you, most likely, will talk "nineteen to the dozen": a pier, the more powerfully, the better, and powerful also stand more expensively. For you one can get the device on 9 watts.

On gel varnishes there is an inscription in which it is specified that they are stood 2-3 min. However it is worth remembering that it is suitable for salon because the quicker procedure, the is more than clients more. And you only need to increase time a little: 4-5 min. The result will be absolutely identical.

Choice of a combination of tones

Single-phase gel quite will approach to make lunar manicure gel varnish in the conditions of the house. On sale there are rather inexpensive varnishes. It is simple to use them: as well as usual, it is simple to take a little then under a lamp. It is possible to take one tone of a varnish and to try.

If you liked "fruits" of your efforts, already then it is possible to buy coverings which will turn your manicure into saloon creation. Experts advise to do a hole is lighter than the main background. You shouldn't combine opaque and glossy varnishes. And here if the basis is painted glossy, and the hole – metal, looks magnificently.

Advantageously such combinations look (L - a hole, About - a basis):

  • L - silver or gold, About - black or white.
  • L – silver or white, About – blue, turquoise, green-blue.
  • L – white, gold, About – violet, red.
  • L - chocolate, About - beige

Lunar manicure step by step

Necessary subjects: base, 2 multi-colored varnishes, cliches, the fixing varnish.
For nails the tray becomes, the cuticle and excess part of a nail is removed, the file gives the necessary form. It is best of all to make an oval shape of a nail. Thus it is worth meaning that the lunar manicure visually "shortens" a nail.

  • The nail becomes covered by base in one layer, and then - the main varnish.
  • The cliche is applied on a hole.
  • The nail becomes covered by the second varnish.
  • The cliche is removed.
  • The fixing varnish is put.

And what to do if there is no cliche? It is possible to use an adhesive tape, or to draw the same, only instead of a cliche the thin brush is required. We repeat steps 2-3 then accurately we mark with a brush with the second varnish borders of "moon" and we paint over it, without forgetting about a fixer.

Lunar manicure gel varnish. Lunar manicure step by step

Detachable foil

The lunar manicure gel varnish becomes even with application of a foil:

  1. Subjects: base, a zakreplyushchy varnish, gel varnish, a translated foil and glue for it, means for degreasing, a lamp.
  2. Nails are processed, the plate of a nail is degreased.
  3. The basic covering is put and dries by means of a lamp.
  4. Gel varnish is applied and dries. Then the fixer - and again dries.
  5. The foil is cut by small slices.
  6. Glue for a foil which has to dry is applied on a nail.
  7. Slices of a foil are put to places with glue the opaque party.
  8. The foil is smoothed, and then sharply comes off a nail.
  9. We fix a varnish.

Lunar manicure gel varnish. Lunar manicure step by step

Design options

That your nails brought you more joy and drew attention of your friends and acquaintances, it is necessary to decorate variously lunar manicure with a gel varnish, the design thus assumes use of all "embellishments".

Everything is very simple: we will add a few spangles - and voila, already absolutely other look. Becomes covered either all nail, or some of parts, usually a hole. On it it is possible to draw some patterns: florets, asterisks, spider line, fan, Chanel's sign, butterfly etc. Or to paste a decorative acrylic ladybug.

Lunar manicure gel varnish. Lunar manicure step by step

If to allocate both a hole, and edge of a nail, a certain combination will turn out: service jacket +lunny manicure rolled into one. To make similar design, the cliche is imposed on a hole of a nail and on its edge.

The lunar manicure gel varnish represents an extensive field for all experiments, since a combination of various flowers and pumping by a variety of some jewelry. By the way, "moon" can be turned in other party that will look very interestingly.