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The lunar manicure gel is delicious: equipment secrets + councils to beginners

It is necessary to watch the appearance, after all well-groomed women feel confidently in any life situation. Deserves attention not only clothes and a hairdress, but also manicure. The lunar manicure gel – such covering universally now enjoys a varnish special popularity and keeps on nails long enough.

Gel a varnish – what is it?

For certain each girl, having made up nails in the evening and having waited for their full drying, I went with a clear conscience to sleep. But here an ill luck, since morning manicure look simply disgustingly: the varnish shriveled, on nails sheet prints are visible, and on some fingers the covering disappeared at all.

Classical varnishes really bring a lot of unpleasant trouble: they quickly spoil, long dry, and the covering keeps only some days. For this reason modern gel varnishes are considered as one of the best development of the industry of beauty in recent years.

Advantages of technology

Emergence gel of varnishes caused the real revolution in the sphere of nail service. This substance really has a set of advantages, in comparison with classical varnishes:

  • Simplicity of drawing and removal
  • Hypoallergenicity
  • Durability and stability
  • Rich color scale

Emergence gel of varnishes opened huge opportunities for an embodiment of design ideas: during drawing the varnish lays down thin layers and doesn't roll down, and colors don't mix up.

The structure gel of a varnish allows a nail plate to breathe, and therefore many girls put a covering to grow an own marigold. After removal nails become much stronger and cease to exfoliate.

The lunar manicure gel is delicious: equipment secrets + councils to beginners

  • You don't hurry to delete the nails infected with a fungal infection. The modern varnish from a fungus of nails will be able to solve this problem quickly and effectively.
  • The professional device is suitable all women without exception for performance of manicure and a pedicure, it is more here.

That to expect from procedure?

On performance of procedure about 1,5-2 hours leave (depends on experience of the master). During this time to you will make deep cleaning of cuticles, will give to a marigold the necessary form and will execute directly a covering.

The lunar manicure gel is delicious: equipment secrets + councils to beginners

It is better to register in salon for one and a half - two weeks. Practice shows that at the most skilled masters the schedule is painted constantly. Before going on a session surely take an interest, what firm varnishes are used by the master. For example, production of Shellac, despite of the popularity, suits not all girls.

Varnishes from the ORLY and KODI companies are much more universal and strong.

Recent trends

The design of manicure completely depends on your flavoring preferences. At popularity peak now frэnch and lunar manicure gel is delicious. These coverings suit women irrespective of a shape of nails, doing hands more womanly and gentle.

The lunar manicure returned to you from the thirtieth years of last century. Then only the leading stars of Hollywood were able to afford such covering. They painted all nail, leaving at its basis small "hole". Color was chosen only in tone of an evening dress.

Today there are some various ways how to make lunar manicure gel:

  • The classics – a covering is carried out in the same style as at actresses of Hollywood.
  • The modern – in this case is applied on a nail some varnishes: one on all length, and another in the field of a hole
  • In style Dior – this design appeared absolutely recently, after one of the last displays of the famous French couturier. Dior's designers suggested to cover a tip of a nail and a hole in various flowers, leaving thus a small transparent gap. It is design looks really unusually and simply rivets attention of people around.

We learn to put a covering

Many girls don't know how to do lunar manicure gel is delicious in house conditions. Actually it isn't difficult, but initially it is necessary to buy all necessary for carrying out procedure:

  • Set for cut manicure (or its electric analog)
  • UF-lamp (houses it is most convenient to use portable USB lamps which occupy a minimum of space and dry up a covering in only 10-15 seconds)
  • Baf (a special nail file for polishing)
  • Basis
  • Varnishes of the necessary color
  • Strips for a french (with them your manicure will turn out much more accurately)
  • Fixer
  • Obezzhirivatel
  • Oil for cuticles

The instruction for beginners

On the Internet there is a lot of information how to do lunar manicure gel is delicious. It is necessary to study it with special care – only at the correct performance of all stages of procedure you will be able to reach ideal result.

The lunar manicure gel is delicious: equipment secrets + councils to beginners

It is necessary to begin with classical manicure: remove cuticles and give to nails the form. Then, by means of a baf, it is necessary to cut a brilliant layer of a nail. Better to polish them with the easy movements not to damage a nail plate. It is better to remove all dust a special brush, without touching nails small pillows of fingers.

After that, on all length bases apply a thin film and send nails to a lamp (it is necessary to hold them so much there, how many it is specified in the instruction of your device).

If you want to make womanly and elegant manicure, paste on each of fingers on two strips for a french. One has to settle down closer to a tip, another – at the nail basis. You watch that strips on all nails were pasted at identical distance.

The lunar manicure gel is delicious: equipment secrets + councils to beginners

Further put a varnish. Naturally and at the same time classical white enamel will stylishly look. It is necessary to paint over a marigold a thin layer, without overstepping the bounds of strips. Having dried up the first layer, necessarily put the second and also send hands to a lamp.

At will it is possible to add a covering with various accessories: sliders, bulyonka, pastes. It is better to do it on one - two fingers that the manicure didn't turn out nalyapisty. Having fixed all jewelry, nails cover with a fixer and carefully dry in an ultra-violet lamp.

The manicure already looks ready, but the covering still remains too sticky. For this reason it is necessary to use an obezzhirivatel which many experts replace with spirit solution. In end the area of cuticles is oiled, carefully nourishing skin and promoting the fastest healing after cut manicure.

Ideas of lunar manicure

The lunar manicure gel is delicious looks stylishly but really to be allocated from crowd, it is possible to diversify a covering with various drawings.

The transparent lunar manicure gel is delicious

Most often girls prefer to cause intricate designs on the eve of holidays, whether it be New year or Valentine's day. Depending on a celebration, also the subject of a covering respectively changes.

Closer by St. Valentine's Day many women put so-called transparent lunar manicure. This equipment rather difficult as it is impossible to execute it by means of cliches.

The lunar manicure gel is delicious: equipment secrets + councils to beginners

It is pleasant to many girls when on anonymous and big fingers the master draws in detail a heart (or any other figure), leaving her transparent while other part of a nail becomes covered by the color it is delicious.

Unusual decision

It is possible to make lunar manicure more creative, by means of a black and white varnish. In this case the black varnish is the main: cover with it all nail, excepting the zone "holes" at the basis.

Further, by means of a white varnish and a thin brush, on each of fingers draw two semicircles reminding a shirt collar. After that along the center of a nail put some ends: such nail resembles an amusing shirt superficially. This design looks is rather fresh and at the same time it is amusing.

The lunar manicure gel is delicious: equipment secrets + councils to beginners

  • The laser epilation of armpits will allow quickly, reliably and for a long time to solve a problem of excessive vegetation on a body and to eliminate a sweat smell.
  • To look stylishly and it is modern you can varnish nails black gel, is more detailed in article.

Useful tips to beginners

That gel a varnish lasted really long, it is better to listen to a professional advice of nail service. Masters recommend:

  • To carry out cleaning some days before drawing varnish gel. Before procedure it is worth avoiding long moistening of hands.
  • Right after a covering, it is better not to kill some hours fingers.
  • In day of drawing gel of a varnish it is necessary to refuse visit of a bath and a sauna
  • The bursting covering (it usually occurs after two weeks) is strictly forbidden to tear off and "pick" – you risk to damage a nail plate.

The covering of nails gel will relieve you of a set of efforts which delivered you classical varnishes. You will forever leave the cracked nails and the growing bare paint slices in the past. Besides, with tidy lunar manicure you will feel confidently in any life situation.

How to make magnificent lunar manicure with the help varnish gel: video

This manicure received the name thanks to technology on which means is applied on a nail: for allocation of a lunula similar to a half moon, the contrast varnish is used.