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Lunar manicure gel varnish

Lunar manicure gel varnish

Well-groomed female hands are that it is always pleasant to any person to see. One of elements of a manicuring is the regular manicure and a covering of nails is delicious. There is a lot of ideas for design – from a classical service jacket to gradient manicure, with use of magnetic varnishes and various stickers drawings. One of actual ideas of this season is the lunar manicure executed by shellac.

What is it

Lunar manicure – a type of manicure at which the part of a nail at the basis (lunul) becomes covered by the varnish other than primary color, forming a half moon form. For the first time it appeared in the 30th years of the XX century and "the return service jacket" was called then. The second wave of popularity began in 2010 after display of the fashionable house of Christian Dior and proceeds still.

The last some years gain popularity the manicure executed by means of shellac. Dreams of girls of ideal manicure were embodied in this means combining gel for nail extension and a usual varnish. Here one of many advantages of this type of a covering:

  1. It is capable to stick on nails on average to 2-3 weeks and to remain thus attractive;
  2. It is steady against external influences of environment (it isn't erased, it isn't chopped off, it isn't scratched);
  3. Rich palette which includes both the primary basic colors, and the last fashionable novelties that gives a scope for self-expression and experiments;
  4. Also one of its properties is the effect of strengthening that is able to afford to treat the weakened and fragile nails;
  5. Formaldehyde, various pitches and other dangerous substances isn't a part of shellac - it is nontoxical.

The lunar manicure executed by means of shellac will hold on about 3 weeks, will please with a set of color schemes and will help to restore a nail plate.

Design novelties

When such type of design only appeared, to a lunul left not painted over, and on other surface of a nail applied a pink varnish. Then there was fashionable the return lunar manicure when the hole was curved, unlike the execution option accepted today, in the opposite direction. At the moment options of execution both on color scale, and by options of additional ornament much they are also limited, generally only to the imagination of the manicurist or specific girl (at house performance).

As the lunar manicure looks on nails of average length or long better, for short nails there is a decision - semi-lunar manicure. For its performance it is necessary to repeat a nail basis contour – the concave half moon will turn out.

Such design with application of metal shades will look especially stylishly – they are now very popular.

If traditional holes seem boring, it is possible to refresh an image by means of triangular option of manicure – having drawn in the nail bases not a half moon, but a triangle. Such design will also visually extend a nail plate, and use of contrast colors will draw attention and will force to speak about itself.

For evening reception or appointment even a triangular form happens insufficiently – then will help out design with use a paste. When performing manicure in reserved shades pastes will give necessary solemnity and brightness, but won't look superfluous.

For more elegant image designers advise to use pastes not on all nails, and, for example, on one on anonymous or anonymous and average fingers – such light accent looks is very womanly.

Pastes not always look pertinently in everyday life, but there are girls who like to be bright and noticeable even at a campaign in shop and payment of purchases. For them a way to remain such – manicure with spangles. It has some options of execution – for example, to cover only a lunula with spangles, only the main part of a nail or to use a brilliant covering as a top at end of manicure. And as in a case with pastes, it is possible to cover with spangles not all nails, and on one or two on each hand – for moderate accent.

Very gentle option of design with use of a light shade of primary color (for example, beige, pink, white, blue) and gold or silver elements is not painting of a lunula completely, and only designation of border between it and other surface of a nail. It combines the last trend of a season – gloss, and the sderzhnny base allows to carry long such manicure and to combine it with all elements of clothes – from t-shirts and dzhins to evening dresses.

Not to remake the lunar manicure executed by means of shellac it is quite frequent (as process of its drawing and removal though not really difficult, but nevertheless labor-consuming) if, say, color or drawing don't please any more, it is possible to find a way out by means of simple nail varnish. A thin brush with its help it is possible to add already ready manicure with additional elements of design – for example, peas, lines of the different directions, to draw flowers or to decorate manicure border.

Such additions will be erased by simple liquid for removal of a varnish, it won't take a lot of time, and thus it is possible to provide updating though every day.

The tendency of a combination of the styles incompatible is at first sight supported not only in clothes, but also at design of nails. Lunar manicure with a service jacket with use of transfers on some nails, mixture of standard and return lunar manicure, simultaneous application of traditional and triangular registration of a lunula – all this allows to call lunar manicure one of the most universal types of nail design.


Options of color execution of lunar manicure are almost boundless – the main thing that colors nevertheless were combined among themselves. The general recommendation before a campaign to the master in a neyl-art – to analyse a color palette of the clothes. As the manicure executed by shellac keeps about three weeks, it is necessary to carry it long, therefore important that it was in harmony with clothes.

You shouldn't choose too bright neon colors if there is no special need, after a while they can start irritating.

The most natural option of execution – transparent holes and a covering of the main nail in the pink or white color. Pink – close on a shade to color of a nail and therefore such manicure will be relevant and to those who works at office with a strict dresscode, and for a campaign on appointment, and for every day. Hands will look accurately, is pleasant and womanly, thus without drawing to itself excess attention.

If there is a desire to try something more saturated within office, it is possible to use red, blue colors for registration of a hole of a nail.

Gold and black colors - one of the most successful combinations for a solemn event. It will approach practically any dress and will give to an image of luxury.

To create an image in style of the 20-30th years, varnishes of claret, cherry, red and scarlet flowers will be most suitable. It is important that surely same shade there was a lipstick is one of conditions of a fashionable neyl-art of this year.

In this season in a trend bright warm colors – yellow, red, orange and their shades. They will is fresh and as in summer to look in combination with the white – irrespective of the fact which in what color to cover part of a nail. Interestingly also use of one color of different shades - for example, blue and blue looks.

Good addition – brilliant varnishes, gold and silver – a hit of this summer.

How to make in house conditions

One of pluses of lunar manicure – relative simplicity of performance in house conditions. Each girl, irrespective of financial position at desire can try on herself recent trends and correspond to fashion.

It is possible to make lunar manicure shellac in house conditions in three ways: by means of a cliche, by means of a foil or a brush.

Having considered how step by step to make manicure each of the offered ways, it is possible to choose the most optimum for himself.

Will be necessary for house manicure:

  1. For preliminary processing of nails means for removal of a cuticle or special tweezers, nail files of different hardness for processing of edges and a surface of a nail, an obezzhirivatel;
  2. Basic covering;
  3. Two gel varnish of contrast colors;
  4. Top covering;
  5. Means for removal of a sticky layer (isopropyl alcohol will approach, for example);
  6. Lint-free napkins;
  7. Oil for a cuticle;
  8. Cliches, translated foil and glue for it or a brush for manicure depending on the chosen way;
  9. Ultra-violet lamp.

By means of a cliche.

Cliches are a good decision for those who only starts comprehending elements of manikyurny business. They will help beginners to achieve accurate manicure and equal lines. This way is simplest and therefore is widely popular. It consists of the following stages:

  1. If necessary it is necessary to make manicure: to remove an excess cuticle in any convenient way, to file nails, having given them the desirable form, to degrease a nail plate is will provide the best coupling of a varnish with a surface of a nail and it will more long hold on;
  2. To put a basic covering and to dry it in the UF-lamp. Each layer gel varnish demands drying within 2-3 minutes;
  3. We varnish that color which is intended for painting of a hole all surface of a nail and we dry up. If necessary for more saturated color it is possible to apply gel varnish in 2 layers, then everyone dries separately;
  4. We cover with a cliche a place of a hole and we apply gel varnish of primary color in 1-2 layers, we dry;
  5. We fix almost ready manicure by means of a top, we place the last time under a lamp and the fashionable manicure is ready!

With use of a foil

The foil is too option for those who wants accurate manicure, but isn't confident in the forces. A variety of bright, brilliant shades, ease of performance made this equipment attractive. The design a foil becomes as follows:

  1. We repeat points 1-2, as during the work with cliches (manicure base);
  2. We cover nails with primary color of a varnish in 1-2 layers, we dry;
  3. We process a place of a hole special glue (with its help the foil will imprint);
  4. When glue a little dries up, we put to this place a small slice of a translated foil the opaque party down, we hold some minutes;
  5. The sharp movement we remove a foil. If the hole turned out rough, we repeat points 3-4 once again. If drawing turned out, we put the top covering and we dry up.

You watch the detailed guide to performance of this manicure in the following video.


Brush – the tool for more skilled girls. He demands accuracy and a firm hand and is interesting to that unlike a foil and cliches, offers more ample opportunities – for example, to make the return lunar manicure. To make manicure brushes, it is necessary:

  1. To process nails and to cause base;
  2. To put a varnish of primary color in 1-2 layers, to dry up;
  3. By means of a brush to paint over a hole at the nail basis in the desirable color and again to dry up under a lamp;
  4. To put a fixer and to dry the last time.

There is some technician of drawing a varnish when performing manicure by brushes, having considered which it is possible to choose the most suitable and convenient:

  • 1 option – to carry out a brush a hole contour, to paint over it in two layers, having dried everyone within 2 minutes, and then to apply the main covering on the rest of a nail and to dry.

  • 2 option – to use the main covering in 1-2 layers, to dry, then to draw a contour of a hole and to paint over it. This way meets most often and according to girls is most convenient performed by.

  • 3 option – to put the main covering, having left untouched a place of future hole and to dry, and then to paint over it and to dry layers.

Technology of performance and lessons of them of lunar manicure are in many respects similar, but at the same time they are different in complexity level that will allow to learn to carry out manicure shellac in house conditions and gradually to pass to more labor-consuming technologies.


That the manicure looked adequately and professionally, it is necessary to be attentive during its execution and to remember some rules and nuances which will help to avoid mistakes. Correctly executed manicure will serve long if to follow some advice:

  • When performing manicure by means of a cliche before placing a hand under the UF-lamp it is necessary to remove all cliches accurately. If to remove them after drying when the varnish becomes firm, edges will turn out fragmentary, inaccurate.

That the drawing executed by a brush for manicure was equal and accurate, also there are cliches with cut of the necessary form (heart, a star, a drop). It is possible to do them independently, cutting out from usual paper.

  • Optimum power of an ultrafiletovy lamp for drying of a varnish – 36 W. It allows for a short time (about 2 minutes) to dry up a varnish on a surface of nails on all hand.
  • Sometimes happens that the hand under a lamp lies not absolutely exactly, and then gel varnish flows on one party a little. If it happened or other roughnesses on a nail surface in the course of manicure were found – you don't hurry to remove it and to do all over again. It is enough to file roughnesses, and the ugly look will improve with drawing the top covering.
  • One more reason of a rough covering is a drawing layers too thick layer. It is better to apply two thin films, than one dense – color of manicure won't suffer from it, and to look it will be many times more qualitative.
  • After the last, fixing varnish coat dries, it is necessary to wipe all nails the lint-free napkin moistened in liquid for removal of a sticky layer is will add to manicure gloss. You shouldn't save and use a wadded disk – fibers of a disk can remain on a nail surface.
  • It is important to know also how it is correct to delete a varnish. At first nails are slightly processed by a nail file with abrasivity of 180 units. Then each nail needs to be wrapped up the wadded disk moistened in special liquid for removal gel varnish, and from above to wrap up it a foil and to hold about 10-12 minutes. During this time the varnish has to depart independently almost completely, and it is easy to remove its remains with a stick from an orange tree.

You shouldn't replace liquid for removal of shellac with spirit means, liquids for removal of a usual varnish with the content of acetone, vinegar and other solvents – they can overdry skin of fingers and even to leave behind burns.

  • As the ultraviolet dries up the surface of skin of hands and skin close to nails, you shouldn't forget about leaving after performance of manicure. That hands remained well-groomed, it is worth using the moisturizing cream and oil for a cuticle. Also the light massage of the skin close to a nail surface will be useful – inflow of blood will provide additional food, restoration and strengthening.
  • It is recommended from time to time to allow to nails to have a rest from any coverings. What the restoring and strengthening properties wouldn't be possessed by gel varnish, the nail plate needs to receive oxygen for food. Usually on restoration of water-in-oil balance of nails not less than a week is required. The best mode for nails – two cycles of manicure, then 20-25 days of restoration.
  • If the varnish exfoliates ahead of time, you shouldn't blame always for it the manicurist or yourself if the manicure is made in house conditions. Peeling can be caused and specific features of an organism, avitaminosis, application of some types of drugs, violations in hormonal system.
  • Also stability is influenced by the frequency of performance of homeworks – cleaning, washings, washing of ware. Change of temperatures leads to periodic expansion and narrowing of a nail plate owing to what under a covering the microcracks conducting to the subsequent peeling can be formed.

Remembering these simple rules it is possible not to doubt that the covering will please the owner and won't weaken and won't damage a nail plate. These councils for technology of drawing gel varnish and care of nails are suitable for performance of any kind of manicure – lunar, the return, with pastes, with a foil and many others.