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We do by shellac wedding manicure on short nails


We do by shellac wedding manicure on short nails

At a wedding of the girl try to look as the most real princesses that the result turned out excellent, already in advance they select to themselves a wedding image, a hairdress, a dress, a make-up. Well and how to do without manicure? It, of course, has to be obligatory fashionable and gentle. After all guests, first of all, will watch the beauty the bride. And when the groom will put on a wedding ring a finger, all will surely pay attention to the bride's fingers therefore manicure – excellent option to show the taste.

There is a lot of types of manicure therefore the choice depends only on the bride what most of all will be pleasant to her. It is worth sorting in more detail manicure by means of shellac, now it is quite popular among girls, and especially among brides.

We deal with the scary word "shellac"

At first it is worth understanding that such shellac. Many likely already heard about such varnish, but didn't try yet. But those who already tried, for certain very well speak of it.

Shellac contains both a varnish and gel at the same time. It is safe as doesn't incorporate harmful substances. Therefore at once you can reject evil thoughts concerning safety of this substance, it is absolutely harmless. In addition has the mass of advantages. Here some of them.

First, it very positively influences a nail and a nail plate. Thanks to it a marigold will become very strong. Secondly, to work with this varnish rather easily, it doesn't demand professional knowledge therefore it is possible to make manicure by means of shellac and in house cases. It dries in only two minutes, it is only worth taking nails under an ultra-violet lamp. And it is possible to remove it in ten minutes. There is a lot of flowers and shades, it is possible to choose the most different, still shades can be mixed for obtaining new colors. Such manicure of 14 days keeps, then he will need to be cleaned and at desire to make the new.

Such manicure will serve as excellent option on wedding ceremony. For example, you can make this manicure of a wedding, even for couple of days to it slightly earlier. And in important day it will look perfectly.

We do by shellac wedding manicure on short nails


What now it is possible?

In fashion now classical fashion therefore it is one wedding best to do a make-up on short nails, and you shouldn't let grow them. It is possible to execute on them just manicure with shellac use.

If you decided to make on a wedding manicure with short nails, choose colors gentle, pastel, it in particular for at whom light skin, and still if a dress at you any other color, cream or gentle-pink, manicure it is possible to make in color of a dress. If you possess swarty skin, you can make manicure, using bright shades.

On short nails it isn't necessary to do too much jewelry, it is better not to do in general them but if you very much want, make spangles or pastes only on one ring finger on which you will have a wedding ringlet soon.

We do by shellac wedding manicure on short nails


Different types of a make-up on short nails by means of shellac

As it was told above, on short nails the manicure with shellac use will look very fine. For this purpose it is worth choosing any unpretentious and laconic option. On short nails don't do big drawings, or on the contrary the too small. Well on such marigold vertical strips, and the simplest option, this monophonic covering a varnish will look.

It is possible to make on a wedding in style a service jacket shellac. It is classical, will look very fine on short nails, there are many any shades of a covering therefore it is possible to choose any.

On a wedding the bride can make very beautiful, and, above all quite resistant French manicure in style shellac. So, nails at you will look very originally and colourfully.

Shellac the ombra can make manicure in style. It rather simple on performance, and looks very interestingly and beautifully.

You can make such manicure in any beauty shop, and it is possible to make it without problems in house conditions. Only at first it will be necessary to get all necessary materials.

We do by shellac wedding manicure on short nails


A little more on shellac …

To make manicure by means of shellac in house conditions on long nails you should tinker a little therefore if you want to make such manicure of the house, do on a short marigold. Thanks to it you will be able to strengthen the nails, and such manicure of the whole two weeks will hold on.

On short nails the service jacket manicure best of all looks, you also will be able to make it. But you all the same need an ultra-violet lamp because this varnish dries up under the influence of ultraviolet rays.

To achieve permanent and beautiful coloring on nails, it is necessary to follow rules of putting shellac on a nail plate, well and naturally technology. Everything needs to be done step by step. For a start give the beautiful form to your nails, remove a cuticle, it is necessary to make polishing of a nail plate, thanks to it the varnish definitely long keeps on nails.

Short nails will become strong thanks to shellac so there are no reasons to worry about them.

After you processed a marigold, it is necessary to degrease them, for this purpose it is necessary to use special means to degrease manicure, such means are on sale in all shops where sell cosmetics. It is necessary to apply on nails an obezzhirivatel with rags from flax, you shouldn't use wadded disks.

At first we paint nails a basic layer and when it dries, it is possible to apply shellac. Then we hold up hands to an ultra-violet lamp and we wait for a couple of minutes dries so far. So we study each layer.

That color was rather bright, it is necessary to put some layers of shellac and to dry everyone under an ultra-violet lamp.

It is possible to remove manicure by means of acetone. It needs to be applied on a wadded disk and to fix it on a nail by means of a foil for about 10 minutes. When you remove old manicure, it is possible to do the new at once.

We do by shellac wedding manicure on short nails

We do by shellac wedding manicure on short nails


It is a little about short nails

Short nails have enough pluses in comparison with long nails. First, they it is much more healthy long. It is possible not to apply special varnishes which strengthen structure of a nail on them. Secondly, long nails are very often injured during cold weather or after you take a shower. Short nails quite accurately and beautifully look, and for holidays it is best of all to do short nails, it is possible to cover them with any not too bright varnish. Short nails don't demand additional leaving while behind long nails an eye yes an eye is necessary.

In this season dark shades are very popular. They effectively look on short nails, than on the long. You after all don't want that passersby paid attention to your long dark nails.

Still short nails very practical. It is more convenient to work with them at the computer, to cook food. And even if you were going to make short nails for a wedding, to you will be much quieter and it is very convenient. Long nails can distract you, and you simply won't be able to vanish properly.

We do by shellac wedding manicure on short nails  We do by shellac wedding manicure on short nails


What color to choose on wedding manicure?

Wedding manicure on short nails do not such bright. If you decided to use shellac, choose colors correctly. As it was already told above, make manicure in color of a dress, only if it not white, but any other color. The best and very simple option, it to make monophonic manicure, only that it was saturated, make some layers of shellac.