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Manicure with photo points: 100 ideas of design of nails

Beautiful marigold in the modern world – not something special, and the task which already became daily. Manicure – an important component of an image of the woman of fashion, from what it, will develop opinion of people around on style and character of the person. The manicure with points as is one photo lower, – the checked option for beginners to learn design elements.

Manicure with photo points: 100 ideas of design of nails As assistants at creation of beautiful and qualitative design the set of adaptations was created is:

  • brushes of the different sizes;
  • adhesive tape;
  • stickers;
  • stamps;
  • dots, etc.

Design of nails dotsy: photo

Dots in manikyurny business on the special account as this tool is simple in use and helps to create for the minimum time the image on a marigold only by means of points. In a form he reminds a hook for knitting, only the tip is executed in the form of a ball (steel), from here and the name of the tool.

On nails by means of a dots – design elements, them the teenager will be able to execute drawings even. However rehearsal on the tipsakh or on simple paper won't be superfluous. To begin work, it is enough to ship the tool (ball) in a varnish, then already to put "round prints". After small practice circles will leave accurately, it will begin to turn out to control their parameters. It is possible to look at design of nails by means of a dots at a photo.

Dot manicure: simple drawings

For those who is fans of minimalism, simple patterns on a marigold will approach. Especially it isn't necessary to be zealous, and a marigold will gain irresistible style. Dots will help to create design of nails with the following elements:

  • points;
  • curls;
  • commas;
  • circles of different diameter, etc.

The most simple and beautiful option – drawing dotsy points: from small and on accruing, and vice versa. It is simple to draw geometrical patterns with circles of one diameter.

The most available variations of design with use of the manikyurny tool:

  1. Manicure with photo points: 100 ideas of design of nailsWe carry out a nail covering in the black color, we dry up it, dots we lower in the white color (which is previously prepared on a palette) and we draw circles on nail "smile" (any size). We dry and put a finishing layer. The similar bitmap on nails is on a photo.
  2. The covering of a nail can be carried out light gel (beige or pink). It is necessary to wait until it dries, and to draw a service jacket (in a palette the white varnish needs to be prepared). We dry a service jacket and we draw couple of ranks of circles of white color after "smile". We dry and put a top. It is possible to look at a service jacket with points at a photo below.
  3. It is possible to execute design of nails with a variation of two flowers. For example, to take as a basis red color, to make points white, and by tradition – to allocate a ring finger, it is possible at once two (still big). On them to make a basis white, and points red. Such simple substitution can be made with any two varnishes.
  4. Effectively points of different color, but identical diameter on a monophonic black background look.
  5. It is possible to apply points of smaller diameter on circles of the big size. Beautifully look white on black.

Be not afraid to experiment flowers!

Manicure with points: photo of drawings of flowers

Easy way to decorate a marigold with application of a dots – to draw a flower from circles. It becomes according to the following scheme:

  1. There is a preparation of a covering and causing basic color.
  2. After drying we put five points petals of one tone and one point of other color in the middle. Thus it is possible to draw any quantity of flower drawings with different sizes of petals.
  3. We put a top.

For decoration of the "flower" imagination it is possible to finish curls. The design of nails with circles will turn out as on a photo.

It is possible to use more difficult scheme:

  1. We cause base, we dry.
  2. On "smile" we put multi-colored circles petals. These points need to be drawn so that they blocked each other.
  3. We put the central circle.
  4. We cover with the finish a nail.

Drawings on short nails by means of a dots: photo

For "optical deception" - increases in a nail plate need to be put circles along a nail. Diagonal images too will be by the way. Fat detours don't need to be taken, they will weight already short nails and visually don't give any effect.

Drawings dotsy on nails: choice of shades and councils for creation of special style

The result of manicure is influenced by two factors: placement of points and choice of flowers. Be convinced of it, having looked at patterns points on nails at a photo.

Manicure with photo points: 100 ideas of design of nails If to take three shades, it is possible to execute "transitional" design – from one color in another. For this purpose we decorate tips of a nail with the most dark (from three flowers) points of the large size. Further we reduce the size of points and color we apply lighter. Then at a hole we put two-three rows of the prettiest points of the remained tone.

The list of councils for creation of unique design of nails with a bitmap:

  • If your purpose – creation of reserved option, then simply represent peas (black) on a light (white) background.
  • If the purpose – to be allocated, on a black basis can be drawn points of bright flowers.
  • It is possible to draw on big circles small (the bases coinciding with color), ringlets as a result will turn out.
  • At connection of points by lines the excellent pattern too will leave (direct).

Nails with points: photo

Be not upset if in your set for design of a marigold there is no dots, it is possible to use "home" tools with a similar ball. For these purposes the hairpin will be suitable for hair with a ball on a tip. However, hairpins it can not appear near at hand, but (ball) precisely everyone has a handle. In this laborious business assiduity and patience which will help with creation of style of a marigold with circles are important. The movements have to be smooth and fast. If the dotsy it is conceived to make a comma, it is necessary to put the end and to stretch it until the varnish spread.

Design of nails with points 2017 as on a photo, gel varnish is executed with the help. Modern women of fashion seldom resort to manicure with simple varnishes as they are short-lived, they were succeeded by shellacs long ago.

The space for imagination with application of a dots has no borders, options a set, everything depends on the imagination.