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Manicure in gray tones on short nails

Most often shades of the gray cause associations with gray everyday life and melancholy. But such judgment is incorrect. We will assume, the manicure in gray tones looks beautifully, stylishly and originally. A variety of shades allows to realize the most extraordinary and daring ideas of designs. Manicure in gray tones on short nails

Producers of varnishes offer women of fashion a big palette of gray shades today. This color will ideally look on nails any also forms are long. Its main advantage is that it doesn't draw on itself(himself) all attention, so, the gray varnish won't argue with a dress and a hairdress.

Such covering for nails can be used not only as a basis, it can serve creation of original designs. Ability of a combination of a gray shade with all flowers of a rainbow is especially valuable. Manicure are given in gray tones, which photo below, it demonstrates.

The gray design of nails is capable to add any image, being arranged towards the image and mood of the owner. It will always look in a new way in a tandem with different dresses and accessories. Versatility of gray color reflects a number of shades, beginning from light and finishing deep gray, almost black.

Unusual combinations of flowers

Professionals of nail service allocated five best combinations with a gray shade:

  1. The dark gray covering for nails is ideally combined with gentle-pink color. In addition a shade in a tandem with gray it will be fine to look dark and cowberry, salmon and color of a fuchsia.
  2. Neutral gray color will perfectly emphasize and will make more expressive any color of blue scale (aquamarine, turquoise, mint etc.).
  3. For a combination with gray tones it is possible to use all range of the yellow. Nails will look organically and unusually.
  4. The manicure in gray tones won't look boringly if to add a little green (pistachio, neon etc.).
  5. All scale violet will be suitable for creation of beautiful manicure in gray tones (from gentle lavandovy till the color an eggplant). Near purple it will be especially favorable to look silver enamel.Manicure in gray tones on short nails

Manicure in gray tones with pastes

The manicure in which the soft gray shade is combined with accurate pastes will become an excellent choice. Such design speaks about ease, good taste and refinement of the owner. Manicure in gray tones on short nails

The main plus of such manicure that it looks magnificently and richly. The manicure in gray tones with pastes which photos are given above, clearly demonstrates it. One more plus of this choice – universality. It perfectly will be suitable for an evening campaign in theater, for work or walk with friends.

Manicure in gray tones on short nails

Long marigold looks sexually and is womanly therefore girls love the increased nails. But many women have no opportunity to carry long manicure owing to the profession or because nail plates not rather strong, and nails constantly break. You shouldn't despair of similar cases, after all a short natural marigold today in a trend, care of them is much simpler, besides in everyday life with them it is much more convenient.

The service jacket in non-standard execution will become excellent design for short nails. Gray color is used often as a basis, and free edge of a nail it is possible to varnish colors of an ivory. Manicure in gray tones on short nails

Also on a short marigold it is possible to represent effect of a rain. For this purpose it is necessary to use flickering and opaque texture. Flickering varnish will help to represent illusion of rain drops.

On short nails the combination light gray with a gentle-pink shade will fervently look. On a nail plate it is possible to represent drawing in the form of a strip or peas.

The unique various designs – glitter, bulyonka etc. will help to make gray manicure. By means of decorative beads it is possible to lay out various patterns, bulyonka of silver or gold color best of all will approach.

Not less effectively on short nails the effect an ombr which means smooth transition from light to more dark color looks. The gray palette will be ideally suited for such design, especially in house conditions to execute it it is absolutely simple.

Winter cold weather – not a reason for grief. The winter as holidays and meetings with friends won't manage to come will begin to whirl in New Year's vanity. Girls like everything to think over in advance, and manicure including. Manicure in gray tones on short nails

In order that in the winter to be in a trend, it is necessary to use in manicure noble gray color. There is a bright and unusual neyl-art which will always look actually is a pearl gray covering. Such manicure will become an ideal combination if you wear a white fur coat or a coat. In the winter stylists recommend to use a maximum of gloss which can be reached by means of shimmers or a glossy layer.

Metal manicure

The mirror manicure, both in gray, and in gold execution, looks smartly, it is pertinent at any party. For this reason the mirror manicure in gray tones, which photo can be seen in all glossy editions, so we love stars of world show business. Such design of nails won't allow the owner to remain unnoticed. And if the grandiose celebration is planned, the metal manicure will become the best decision. Manicure in gray tones on short nails

The gray varnish is a symbol of simplicity and laconicism at the expense of what it always remains in a trend. Having made manicure in gray tones, it is possible to be sure that it will be pertinent in any situation and a situation.